Hello, my name is Sian. I am 26 years old and from the UK. I was over weight from a young age and in my teenage and early 20's years, I tried so many diets and none worked for me. I would end up giving in, especially if I tried really hard all week and then only loose 1 lb. So I went back to my old eating habbits. Then I saw the HCG on facebook and resheached it alot before I ordered. Its the best thing I've ever done. I've done two rounds and lost a total of 38 lbs! I feel great and my life is very different now. I've got so much confidence and I'm loving life again.

I've just finished my second round on the HCG diet. In my first round I lost 22 lbs and this time I've lost around 16 lbs with cheating. In the past I've tried many diets and none worked for me... untill HCG. It has changed my life, I feel amazing and much healthier. I'm going to do 1 more round to meet my target.

1.Was it harder/easier than you expected? For me, I found the diet a lot easier than I first thought it would be.

2.What was the hardest part? The hardest part for me was the first few days, I got headaches but they were not unbearable. Also, being around people that were eating food where I was, but that got easier as the pounds dropped off.

3.What kept you going? What kept me going were the scales going down each morning and looking better each morning in the mirror.

4.What did you look forward to on the day-to-day? I looked forward to weighing myself the next morning and seeing how much I had lost.

5.What were your favorite meals? My favourite meals on the HCG were chicken salad and apple with cinamon.

6.What advice would you recommend to someone starting out? To someone about to start the HCG, I'd say stay positive because it really does work. I think everyone must want to cheat a little, but try not too.

7.What would you do different? On my next round, I'm gonna try extra hard not to cheat.

8.What set you back? My set backs were sometimes when I was out and I didn't have my food with me, so I'd have to try find food that suited the diet and protocol.

9.How did you overcome a setback? To overcome this, I made sure if I knew I would be out at meal times, I would prepare it before hand.

10.What was your overall experience? My overall experience was brilliant! I feel loads better. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to loose weight.

11.Would you do it again? Yes, I will definitely do the HCG diet again :).

12.Why do you think some people don't stick it out? I'm unsure why people don't stick at it, because it really works.

13.How did you stay motivated halfway through? What kept me motivated half way through was seeing how good I looked and felt.

14.Have you ever done any other diets? What have you previously done to lose weight? This is the only diet that has worked for me and in the past I've tried many!

15.Overall, how would you best describe your experience? Overall, the HCG diet has changed my life and the way I look at food now. I'm looking forward to doing one more round and leading a healthier lifestyle felling so good! Thank you HCGWeightDrops and your facebook site as you have helped me stay positive through my diet and answered any questions I had. -Sian, from Leicester, England

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