sams story
“ My weight loss has changed my life and I feel great!" - Sam
HCG has really changed my life and made me look at my diet going forward more than anything, this is obviously important as to me loosing weight this time was about becoming fit and healthy for life, not just some quick fix. I was very skeptical about this product as like many others would/will be, i kept seeing it advertised on Facebook and ended up liking your page to begin with, i then kept seeing people's results and questions etc on your page, it wasn't until a friend of mine had said that she had actually tried this and also her friend has tried it and it was brilliant and they had lost x amount of weight in only 3 weeks......i was then drawn further in and began to do my research as i felt more comfortable knowing that people i knew had actually tried this product with 100% success, so after weeks of research and making notes i decided to bite the bullet and just go for it, i was in the right frame of mind to concentrate on a life long healthy eating plan, i had tried many diets in the past with success, the most common one being Weight Watchers, but i have had lots of emotional things going on in my life this past year and was not thinking about my weight as my mind was elsewhere, i had to be ready in my self before staring this diet, anyway the time had come as i knew i had gained almost 3 stone in a year due to this, but i was finally ready to get back on track, i ordered the drops which was extremely easy and they came in about 6 days which was brilliant, i was very nervous to start taking them but excited to, i thought to my self i really hope this works for me as it has others as i needed this to work to help me reach my ''happy weight'' again, i remember LOVING the loading days for about a couple of hours, it was great eating what ever you wanted when ever until you could not eat no more, but i can happily say come my second loading day i could not wait for the third day to arrive when i could eat much less and also healthy foods, very strange but that's how i felt, I found my first week very easy, i thought id struggle but i think the key is defiantly in the loading days, the second week came and i started to feel a little hungry so i topped up my drops to 15 per day and that did the trick. It was so amazing stepping onto the scales each morning and seeing it had gone down, even if it was 3/4 or 1/8th, it was just great and motivating to see the numbers slowly going down every morning, it keeps you going. I had no side effects what so ever, in fact i felt fantastic, I had no headaches, no tiredness, no weakness or anything, in fact i had lots of energy and had no problem sleeping, i felt better than ever and so happy, i made sure every day i drank as much water as possible and also made sure i took my vitamin B12 supplement for an energy boost, after 3 weeks of doing this i was down by 19lbs (1st 5lbs) in total and 15.5 inches had just gone, i cant even explain how excited and happy i was with my results, i am now in phase 3 (maintenance stage), i have to say i am finding this the hardest as i actually miss just having what i was having in phase 2, i had a little rhythm going and my body had got so used to it, but i'm sure i will get used to phase 3 in no time, since starting phase 3 i am down a further 3lbs totaling a huge loss of 22lbs (1st 8lbs), i am planning on doing my next round already in a couple of weeks and cant wait to start it again, so i'm hopefully going to be at my goal in no time thanks to this brilliant diet, and id also like to thank coach Jeni for been there to answer my endless amount of questions, this diet really is the best i have ever done and i would recommend it to anyone, it really does work and certainly makes you reevaluate your food choices, i'm so excited for the next few months as i'm getting closer to been nice and slim again :-).


1- Was it harder/easier than you expected? I thought phase 1 was going to be really easy as who wouldn't, you get to eat what ever as much as you want when ever, i thought phase 2 would be hard and phase 3 a doddle, i actually found phase 1 hard as i was soooo stuffed full i couldn't eat any more, i found phase 2 extremely easy, and phase 3 slightly harder as mu body is getting used to normal foods again.

2- What was the hardest part? Id say the hardest part would be phase 3, just because your body is getting used to the certain foods been added back in, also phase 1 as you think you will be able to eat like you never have before but i actually felt so full i struggled to eat.....never thought id be saying that :-)

3- What kept you going? Seeing the scales go down each day, even if it was a tiny amount, it was still less then the previous day and i knew i was getting closer to goal each day, also looking at how horrible i looked in my ''before'' photo, its the biggest I've ever been.

4- What did you look forward to on the day-to-day? Seeing what i weighed each morning and also my lunch time meal which consisted of chicken breast which i would have either cooked in lemon,paprika or garlic, then i'd either have chopped tomatoes, Red onions or lettuce.

5- What were your favorite meals? Id have to say my chicken, this diet has opened up many cooking ideas to me, i loved adding spices to my chicken, i also loved the home made burgers topped with one of my spices, it was lovely to have a change, oh and not forgetting hot apples with cinnamon on....yummy sweet treat.

6- What advice would you recommend to someone starting out? Stick to it 100% as its only 21days and it really does fly by, don't cheat because it really is not worth it and it will mess the whole process up and will be a waste of well spent money, make sure you load properly and drink plenty of water.

7- What would you do different? Nothing, i can happily say i followed this diet 100% and I'm very happy with everything i put into it as it has paid off...oh maybe i would have done it sooner hehe!

8- What set you back? Nothing, i was raring to go each day and i think it really helped that i felt brilliant in fact i felt the best i have ever felt in a long long time.

9- How did you overcome a setback? I didn't have any set backs but if i did i would have ensured that i got right back on track the very next day without delay.

10- What was your overall experience? I love this product and can't compliment it enough, I am so glad i took the chance to try it as i am now very much looking forward to starting my next round in a few weeks time.

11- Would you do it again? 1 million percent.....for me it's the best diet i have ever done, i know you have to buy the drops but it's just like if you went to a weight watchers club, you have to pay for membership and then each week after you have to pay, so its no different really money wise apart from cheaper and faster and your gaining nutrition information along the way.

12- Why do you think some people don't stick it out? Maybe because they are not 100% ready to start, or they don't have much weight to loose, not enough will power or they are doing it for the wrong reasons, maybe they don't have enough variety either, if you do enough research you will see there is plenty of meal choices out there and they are all nutritious and lovely...experiment its great fun.

13- How did you stay motivated halfway through? To be honest it was all over so quick but i do remember in my last week feeling like i could just eat something naughty, but i knew it was so not worth it, so i was and still am looking forward to my next round as i get to load again and have the foods i have missed towards the end, so knowing that my loading days are just around the corner has kept me going.

14- Have you ever done any other diets? What have you previously done to lose weight? Yes i have probably tried them all, Slim fast, Atkins, you name it I've probably done it, my favorite before HCG was weight watchers, i still do love weight watchers but HCG has now topped it.

15- How did the HCG diet compare? It was better all round, to get to eat what you like at the start, then eat healthy and then maintain and then load again...what more could a girl ask will be nice though when i'm at my goal and can set out a complete new diet for life buy using all the foods and advice i have had through HCG.

16- Overall, how would you best describe your experience? I have loved my experience and it was so much better than i expected, i was so sure it wouldn't work for me but here i am nearly done and i am now another success from the use of HCG and could not be happier.

17) What motivated you to lose weight? I wanted to get my body back in shape for health reasons and for when we start a family i didnt want to be over weight.

18). What tools/techniques did you use when eating out at restaurants? I stayed clear from eating out at restraunts, if we did eat out i made sure it was on my loading days.

19) What tools/techniques did you use at parties or gatherings with food & drinks? I made sure i either had my food before attending a party, or i asked for them to put food on that i could eat, i made the effort to drink only water or diet coke depending on which phase i was on, if you really want to Loose the weight and stay motivated then you will stick to it no matter what. Oh and I would always keep an apple on me incase i got hungry, and some times a couple of melba toasts.

20) Was staying on track in social situations easier or more difficult than you expected and how? It was a bit of both id say, it depends if ypour having a good day or a bad day, i have had a few slip ups where i just gave in, but then i got straight back on it and i am back to been moltivated now, i think when you get close to your goal it is easier to make slip ups because you know your not far away, but it really isnt worth it at all, once your in that frame of mind of to stick to it there is no distractions but when you are close to giving in you just have to remember how far you have come and for what reasons.

21) How did you stay on track when temptations arose? I just held off for 30minutes and drank some water, the temptation soon passes and you feel brilliant afterwards because you have not given in and wont be seeing a gain in weight in the morning because you have stayed strong and stuck to it.

22) What tips do you have for transitioning into Phase 3 Maintenance? Start slowly and gradually introduce things, especially if its your first time as your tummy wont be used to the milk and extra things you are now allowed. I love Phase 3 because it is more about the foods i will be eating on daily basis going forward for a healthy lifestyle, and the best part is about phase 3 i still lost weight and was loving the extra food i could i eat if and when hungry.

-Sam Leicester England