“ I Lost 20 lbs & Feel Sexy Again!” -Majlinda

I was always a pretty healthy girl but after getting pregnant and having my daughter i gained about 30 lb. I tried other diets and excersising but i wasnt getting any results. Finally I found HCGWeightDrops on facebook and I saw how other people were getting amazing results so i decided to try it. I did the 21 day round and lost 20 lb. I was so excited now i have started another round and i cant wait to get to my goal weight, im especially excited because my husband is coming home from afghanistan and he hasnt seen me since our daughter was born!!

1- Was it harder/easier than you expected? It was hard the first 2 days until i got used to the dosage.

2- What was the hardest part? The hardest part was going from eating what ever i wanted to staying away from temptation.

3- What kept you going? My husband and my daughter.

4- What did you look forward to on the day-to-day? I loved getting up and seeing 2 lbs gone or 1.5 gone.

5- What were your favorite meals? My favorite meal was strawberries, steemed asparagus, and grilled Tilapia

6- What advice would you recommend to someone starting out? Don't do it alone, much better to have a friend do it with you.

7- What would you do different? I would probably drink more water, The days i drank less i lost less.

8- What set you back? My family and i went on a river trip and it was hard to stick to my diet so i gained a bit.

9- How did you overcome a setback? I did a steak day, and tried to stay focused

10- What was your overall experience? My experience is one that i would repeat, it went exactly how i hoped.

11- Would you do it again? Absolutely.

12- Why do you think some people don't stick it out? It does get frustrating to see others eat what they want but you have to be strict with your diet.

13- How did you stay motivated halfway through? I was told that my husband booked a vacation for us In the Dominican Republic and i knew i had to be ready.

14- Have you ever done any other diets? What have you previously done to lose weight? I tried that Sensa diet, it didnt work, And i have tried excersizing and i would lose a pound or two then stop.

15- How did the HCG diet compare? It was simple, and its was seeing the improvments everyday that kept me motivated.

16- Overall, how would you best describe your experience? My experiance was amazing and it really helped me to feel sexy again! -Majlinda, from Goldthwaite, Texas