“ How I dropped from a size 16 to a 10!” -Leila
Shelby lost 25 lbs on HCG

My name is Leila Im from Essex, UK.

Before starting this diet I had tried so many other diets that did not seem to work. My daughter Vicci introduced this diet to me. At first I didnt think it was going to work but after my daughter did a round I noticed how much she had changed and I wanted to try.

Im only 5ft 1 and weighed 10st 13 lbs after doing this diet I now weigh 9st 13lbs. Ive also dropped from a size 16 to a size 10. I would definalty recommend this diet to anyone looking to lose weight and keep it off. I feel great with the amount of weight I have lost and can't wait to start my second round to get to my goal weight.
1) Was it harder/easier than you expected?
For me I felt it was quite easy as I didnt eat alot to begin with, I did find it hard when I was working as I work 12 hour shifts.

2) What was the hardest part?
The hardest part for me was when I was at work using more energy and got very hungry all the time. In the end I increased my meat to give me more energy.

3) What kept you going?
What kept me going was when I noticed the pounds dropping off, it made me feel good.

4) What did you look forward to on the day-to-day?
What I looked forward to on a day to day was getting on the scales every morning to see what weight I had lost, also trying on my clothes to see if they were getting looser.

5) What were your favorite meals?
My favourite my story meals were chicken & cucumber with lemon juice and also beef burger with lettace.

6) What advice would you recommend to someone starting out?
My advice to someone starting out would be, never say never and give this diet ago because it does work.

7) What would you do different?
I wouldnt of done anything different as Im very happy with the results.

8) What set you back?
The only thing that set me back was cheating on a few days. For example I went to a Jubilee street party and had beer and burgers.

9) How did you overcome a setback?
How I over come a set back I got back on track the next day and carried on as normal.

10 )What was your overall experience?
My overal experience was good, I found it very interesting and was very happy with the results.

11) Would you do it again?
I would do this diet again. Roll on round two!

12) Why do you think some people don't stick it out?
I think maybe some people dont stick it out because the diet is very strict.

13) How did you stay motivated halfway through?
How I stayed motivated half way through was by keep going and talking to my daughter Vicci.

14) Have you ever done any other diets? What have you previously done to lose weight?
I have tried other diets such as slim fast, Jenny craig etc and they didnt seems to work and if they did only a little bit of weight would come off which would be dis- heartning.

15) How did the HCG diet compare?
How the HCG diet compares is that this actually worked and seeing the results kept me going.

16) Overall, how would you best describe your experience? 
My experience had its ups and downs but I got there in the end. Its all worth it as Im very happy.

-Leila, from Essex, UK.