“Im 23 pounds lighter now and feel great!” -Hank
Vicci Lost 33 lbs on HCG

An interview with Hank who recently lost 18.8 lbs on the HCG Diet The HCG diet was awesome because it produced results in the way I needed to stay motivated, and it helped me learn about my past eating habits so I could more easily change them. I was on the 21-day program and lost about 23 lbs. Since stopping, I have lost another seven pounds. My current weight is 197.2. I haven't been under 200 in at least eight or nine years. It's great and I'd do the diet again in a heartbeat. In fact, unless I can continue dropping weight, I might do it again for another jump start. Thank you so much for kick starting my new lifestyle HCGWeightDrops! I've tried losing weight before but with quicker results, this really kept me motivated. 

1- Was it harder/easier than you expected? Answer: Honestly both. Overall, I would say that it was easier than I expected. There were a couple days that were really hard, mostly those days that my wife and I went to a party or some other event that was food-centric. However, the drops made an amazing difference. I was usually hungry, but only for about 10-15 minutes, then it would go away and I was fine. Plus, seeing my weight drop everyday provided excellent motivation to keep going. So overall, I would say it was easier than I expected. 

2- What was the hardest part?


Answer: There were two things that were hardest for me. The first was just being around unhealthy food that I really like. For example, one day we had a birthday party for my father-in-law and there was loads of pizza, chips and desserts. Obviously I couldn't eat any of them and they were all things I really liked. But I found if I simply avoided the unhealthy food as much as possible, it wasn't too bad. The second had thing for me was the water. For years I've had everyone from doctors, to family members, to church leaders tell me I needed to drink more water; I never have. I don't ever feel like I need to drink a lot, and so remembering to continue drinking was pretty difficult for me. 3- What kept you going? Answer: The biggest things that kept me going were the scale and the challenge. Each day I looked forward to hopping on the scale to see how much weight I had dropped. Knowing that I wouldn't drop any if I cheated made those hard days a little easier. As for the challenge, I talked to several people at work who started about the same time as me or who had tried the HCG diet before and quit. My competitive nature drove me to make sure I wasn't one of them. Of course, looking at my before pictures helped keep me going as well, ouch.

4- What did you look forward to on the day-to-day? Answer: Honestly, hopping on the scale. I was always excited to see how much I dropped from the previous day. 

5- What were your favorite meals? Answer: The HCG hot wings for sure. I think I ate those more than anything else. I love spicy food and so I would take the Frank's, cover my chicken with it and then add either red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper (or sometimes both). It was tasty.

6- What advice would you recommend to someone starting out? Answer: I think the best advice I could give is to avoid tough situations. The diet wasn't that hard unless I was in a situation where less healthy food was abundant. Having family support is huge in this regard. For example, my wife made cookies one night when I was having a hard time, and I verbalized that I wanted one but was determined to stick to the diet plan. She replied that she was impressed how good I had been doing and encouraged me to keep it up. That encouragement made a huge difference; had I cheated, I would have felt like I let both myself and her down. So avoid tough situations and make sure you have some solid support. 

7- What would you do different? Answer: Two things: First, I would make it a point to get a solid 7 hours of sleep each night. I noticed that sleep made a big difference in weight lost and how I felt overall the next day. Second, I would keep closer count of calories. I did some estimating and best-guessing, but I would have liked to be more precise in my calorie count. 

8- What set you back? Answer: Nothing really. I never cheated, even a little; however, there were days when I didn't lose much if any and I think that was the result of not drinking properly and not getting enough sleep. 

9- How did you overcome a setback? Answer: Made an effort to get more water and more sleep. And I exercised a bit more the following day. 

10- What was your overall experience? Answer: Overall, it was really good. Not only good to lose weight, but informative. Keeping the food journal showed me that before being aware, I was eating a lot, and a lot of stuff that wasn't terribly good for me. It was a good awakening. 

11- Would you do it again? Answer: Absolutely, but hopefully I won't need to. :) 

12- Why do you think some people don't stick it out? Answer: I think that gets back to the support they have and the situations they place themselves in. Like I mentioned, being in a situation where everyone around me was eating junk food made keeping to the diet a lot harder. And I think that if people continually play with fire, so to speak, they will slip up and easily go back to their previous habits. Also, I have a pretty solid competitive streak, so I made it a personal challenge to stick to it no matter what others around me were doing. That helped a lot. 

13- How did you stay motivated halfway through? Answer: The biggest motivator was the scale and the mirror. I saw what I looked like before and didn't like it. Then, when I would get on the scale and see weight coming off, that was really the biggest motivation I needed.

14- Have you ever done any other diets? What have you previously done to lose weight? Answer: I have done one diet previously. It was custom created for my brother-in-law and I just decided to adopt it. It worked well, but the results were a lot slower, so it was harder to maintain enthusiasm. 

15- How did the HCG diet compare? Answer: It was better for what I needed. See, I'm one motivated by results and I'm not super patient. So as I immediately started to see results with this diet, it helped me want to continue it whereas with the previous diet, the results came, but it was much slower and I sort of forgot about it. So I would suggest to anyone who needs to drop some weight quickly to jump on this to get that headstart. It's what I needed and it worked great. 

16- All in all, how would you best describe your experience? Answer: The HCG diet was awesome because it produced results in the way I needed to stay motivated, and it helped me learn about my past eating habits so I could more easily change them. I'm very glad I did it and thank you for the help and support, it was all worth it! --We'd like to thank Hank for taking the time to answer some questions, share his experience and provide valuable feedback that will help other HCG dieters.