Hello, my name is Alicia Ramos and I lost 67 pounds using the HCG drops. I was overweight my entire life. I was made fun of in grade-school, my nickname was “gordita” which means chubby girl in Spanish. I tried endless diets and exercise plans, spent lots of money, and many tears. Sometimes I would lose a few pounds, but the weight always came right back on.

I fell in love with an amazing man who loved me for me, he didn’t care that I was overweight. We eventually were engaged to be married, which is supposed to be the happiest time in a girls life. I was so scared to have a wedding, because I didn’t want to look like a huge whale in a white wedding dress, of course the bride is the center of attention. I went wedding dress shopping alone and cried for days afterward. The “big girl” dresses were hideous, and made me look even bigger. There were so many beautiful dresses for normal sized girls, but there were only five dresses in size 24, my size, and I hated them all. All I wanted was to be a beautiful bride on my big day. I contemplated eloping, but I knew that my traditional family would never forgive me, and it wasn’t what I truly wanted either.

A few days after dress shopping, a friend of mine posted on Facebook about how she had lost weight so quickly and easily using the HCG diet. She posted before and after photos, and I was amazed! I started my research at that very moment, and placed my first order for the drops the next day. My drops arrived a few days later and I started immediately. The pounds melted off before my eyes. I couldn’t believe the transformation on the scale and in the mirror. I would wake up in the morning and my mom would tell me almost everyday that I looked thinner than the day before, and it was true! My first round was 40 days long, and I lost 38 pounds. I took a three week break, ordered more drops, and lost another 29 pounds in 34 days, and had reached my goal weight. I had lost 67 pounds in 3 months! I bought a fabulous dress (size FOUR!), five months before my wedding date. I was so afraid that I would start gaining weight, so I even bought an emergency bottle of HCG, just in case. But, I never needed it.

My wedding day truly was the most wonderful day of my life, and I felt gorgeous. Our wedding guests were shocked at my transformation. On my one year wedding anniversary, my emergency bottle of HCG still sits in my closet as a reminder of how far I’ve come. Keeping the weight off has been so easy, I know that my body is burning calories more efficiently than before, so I’m able to eat normally without gaining weight.

1) Was it harder/easier than you expected? Losing weight was so much easier than I ever imagined possible. After struggling with my weight my entire life, I thought I was doomed to be overweight forever. All I had to do was take the drops and follow the food plan. It was just that easy.

2) What was the hardest part? Coming from a traditional Hispanic family, there is always amazing food around, and it is actually offensive to not eat it when offered. So I had to offend a few people, but it was totally worth it. And now, they understand too. Learning the power of the word “no” was enormously empowering.

3) What kept you going? Seeing the numbers on the scale and tape measure drop constantly was so motivating. I always kept in mind my goal of being beautiful on my wedding day, and remembered that it was more important than a tamale or piece of cake.

4) What did you look forward to on the day-to-day? I knew that every single day I was getting closer to my goal. Every healthy meal I ate, every unhealthy meal I turned down, was one step closer to fitting in my size four wedding gown.

5) What were your favorite meals? At first I made a variety of fancy recipes because I was afraid I would feel deprived otherwise. But after a week or two, I realized that I didn’t need the fancy meals to feel satisfied. From then on I just ate simple meals, grilled chicken and asparagus, or ground beef with onions covered with mustard.

6) What advice would you recommend to someone starting out? First, do your homework. You can’t jump into this diet without knowing exactly what you should, or should not be doing. All you need to do is read over all of the materials that are provided to you. And if you have questions, ask.

7) What would you do differently? Nothing. I have no regrets.

8) What set you back? I wouldn’t allow any setbacks. I was a woman on a mission!

9) How did you overcome a setback? For someone who experiences a setback, my advice would be to dust yourself off and move on. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, just continue on full spead ahead.

10) What was your overall experience? My experience was life changing! No longer am I the “gordita” that I was my entire life. I am now healthy, confident, and happier than I’ve ever been. My weight no longer defines who I am, I do.

11) Would you do it again? Absolutely, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to lose a little, or a lot of weight.

12) Why do you think some people don’t stick it out? I think that people who don’t do their homework and read everything over are less likely to stick it out. Those who prepare themselves by reading all of the material and planning ahead are much more likely to be successful and see it through to the end.

13) How did you stay motivated halfway through? I stayed motivated by looking at the success I had already had, and knowing that it was just a matter of time before I reached my goal.

14) Have you ever done any other diets? What have you previously done to lose weight? I feel like I had tried everything to lose weight. Some diet and exersize plans would work slowly and temporarily, but those that did work were not permanent. I would gain weight again as soon as I started to eat normally.

15) How did the HCG diet compare? HCG is hands down the best. I reached my goal wieght easily, and in 3 months. And even better, I’ve kept it off for almost 2 years without any trouble.

16) Overall, how would you best describe your experience? Completing the HCG diet was one of the best choices I ever made. I had so much energy, motivation, and felt great while losing weight. The weight came off so quickly and easily, and has stayed off. What more could you ask for?

-Alicia Ramos