Couples 40-Day HCG Diet Program - Complete Kit

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Couples 40-Day Program: Recommended for Weight Loss of up to 30-40 Pounds Each! 


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  • 2x 40 Day Supply HCG Amino Plus (2x 2oz bottles)
  • 2x 40 Day Supply Sublingual B Total
  • 2x Oral Syringe w/ Tube
  • HCG Diet Manual Book ($24.95 value) - 72 pages include:
    • 17 Helpful Tips for Success
    • Approved Foods, Caloric Values & Shopping List
    • 17 Diet Recipes & Much More
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Dr. Simeons' Original Manuscript eBook 
  • HCG Weight Loss and BMI Tracker ($9.95 value)

Our unique combination of HCG drops with Amino Plus will strengthen your liver, heart and kidneys as you lose weight while boosting your metabolism and energy levels with the B-vitamin. You'll enjoy reading our comprehensive HCG Diet Manual that contains easy-to-follow instructions and delicious recipes along with tips for weight loss success. You'll also be able to track the pounds you lose and the inches that melt away with our HCG Weight Loss and BMI (Body Mass Index) Tracker. We also send you our Quick Start Guide and Dr Simeons' original manuscript 'Pounds & Inches" for you to download and read so you're ready to get started as soon as you get the product!

We are trusted and loved by thousands and you can join our live community on Facebook for free unlimited support and tips. You can also interact with real people that have lost up to 60 lbs with our HCG Amino Plus formula and ask their advice. Tons of happy customers have lost up to 30-40 lbs (click the Testimonials tab above to see them) and we're 100% commited to helping you do the same and kick start your new lifestyle.

No recurring billing - This is a one-time purchase to help two people lose up to 30-40 lbs in six weeks.


      • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
      • Arginine: Strengthens tissues, expedites healing, strengthens immune system and helps release hormones.
      • L-Carnitine: Supports your metabolism by expediting the breakdown of stored fat into energy for the body. It also supports your kidneys, energy levels and improves the disposal of glucose from the body. Supports glandular and metabolic functions.
      • Ornithine: Helps support both the liver and kidneys and increase metabolic functions while burning those fat cells that are hard to get rid of.
      • Glycine: Keeps you healthy and full of nutrients when you aren’t eating as much while on the HCG diet.
      • Tyrosine: Suppress appetite and reduce body fat while increasing alertness and focus. Keeps your mind sharp and your outlook positive.
      • Phenylalanine: Essential Amino Acid that the body cannot synthesize. Suppresses your appetite and minimizes any hunger pains while you're shedding pounds and inches.
      • Phosphorous: Helps maximize efficient energy usage by different body parts and works in association with calcium to provide strong bones.


      • 10 drops three times a day. Place drops under tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
      • Take 20 minutes before meals so that it is completely absorbed through the blood capilaries in your mouth.
HCG Amino Plus is the highest potency HCG Diet Drops available. Formulated to improve the overall effectiveness of the HCG Diet.  A special blend of key amino acids provides optimal tissue and organ support while enhancing overall diet results. Currently there are no known or defined side effects to HCG Amino Drops but as with any diet we recommend that you consult with a doctor before starting this diet.




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HCG diet drops testimonial by (01:09) offers the highest quality hcg with 7 essential amino acids.
  • HCG diet drops... offers the highest quality hcg with 7 essen...

Our custom blend of 7 amino acids were chosen for specific health benefits:

  • Boost your metabolism to burn more fat, support your liver, heart and kidneys
  • Expel the excess ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances from your body
  • Help the way you feel, your energy levels, clarity of thought and stamina
  • Stabilizes your metabolism so that you don't gain the weight back after the diet
  • Maximizes your weight loss and optimizes your diet experience
  • The biggest difference in our product, that you will not find anywhere else, it the custom blend of 7 amino acids. All product based in hcg will help people to lose weight. However, losing weight this quickly and on low calorie diets will place a tremendous amount of stress on your heart, liver, kidneys and system. All of the amino acids that we have blended were chosen for specific health benefits. They help boost your metabolism to burn more fat, support your liver, heart and kidneys and help expel the excess ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances from your body. They also help the way you feel, your energy levels, clarity of thought and stamina. Many of the cravings people get emanate from the deficiencies that their organs are experiencing. Without this support, people have a harder time stabilizing their metabolisms after the diet and some gain it back.

    Having proper support from these amino acids, you will be more successful in not just losing the weight, but in keeping if off long term. It is much easier to do when your body has not been stressed out from lack of proper nutrition.
    We hope that this information helps explain why HCG Amino Plus Drops are the only product that we will carry and sell. There are cheaper brands of hcg out there, but none of them support your organs like HCG Amino Plus. That is how we can offer our 30-day money back guarantee.
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    Product Reviews

    1. Miracle drops The weight just drops off!

      Posted by Rajvinder Kaur on 11th Nov 2013

      If your tired of calorie counting and tired of crazy crash diets,and disheartened with that one measly ib off, then look no further!!! This is an easy calorie controlled diet that really works a few drops alongside the special eating plan and you ate guaranteed a massive weight loss!!! I've lost 12ibs in one week!!! How cool is that? All you need to do is order the drops and get started,What you waiting for?

    2. Fantastico !

      Posted by SASHA on 24th May 2013

      I have been overweight for 10 years following childbirth. I have tried every diet and spent thousands of pounds on pills equipment and diet shakes. Sure I lost weight but it was long and hard and boring. I never got to my goal weight as I lost heart. I am on day 10 of the 40 day course and have already lost 13 lb ! Omg that's almost a stone in just over a week !! I'm not hungry and so happy with constant weight loss every day . It just works don't waste another minute I wish I found this years ago x

    3. 70 pounds gone!!!

      Posted by Lakesha Chinn on 26th Mar 2013

      I have lost almost 70 pounds since starting. People hardly recognize me, I had to buy a whole new wardrobe!

    4. best drops and support here

      Posted by Hillary Rosser on 26th Mar 2013

      These drops and the support provided are unprecedented. I would never buy from anywhere else!!

    5. 200 pounds lost as a family

      Posted by celeste eversole on 14th Mar 2013

      My whole family has used these drops and been successful. We've lost almost 200 pounds altogether!

    6. quick results

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Jan 2013

      in just one week people are already starting to see results!

    7. Lost the final stubborn 15 pounds

      Posted by Ashley C on 28th Dec 2012

      I lost the final 15 pounds in 21 days! I finally reached my goal weight after fighting those last few pounds for over a year. I should've tried HCG so much sooner.

    8. 42 pounds down so far

      Posted by Bonnie K on 13th Nov 2012

      I still have a lot more weight to lose, but I know that I can get there by using your product. I lost 42 pounds in 40 days and will start another round next week!

    9. These drops are the real deal!!!

      Posted by Angela M on 31st Oct 2012

      I was very skeptical about the diet, I thought I would be hungry and mean. To my surprise, I have never felt better. I had so much energy and LOVED getting on the scale each day. I recommend these drops to anyone wanting to lose weight.

    10. I can't believe I lost weight the first day!

      Posted by Austyne H, as posted on Facebook on 28th Sep 2012

      I've already lost 5.6 pounds in 4 days!

    11. The absolute best!

      Posted by Lissy B, as posted on Facebook on 30th Aug 2012

      Thank you so much! Im starting round 3 in about 2 weeks I'm so excited after this round i will have reached my goal! I am more than grateful to this company you guys have really helped me and supported me through this journey and this product is simply amazing. I'm so happy that i found a product that REALLY WORKS and i will definitely be recommending this product to everyone i know that wants to lose and keep off weight. I feel like a brand new person! I'm down a total of 42 pounds!! This stuff is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

    12. Lost 11 lbs in first 6 days!!

      Posted by Karen, From Kambah, Australia on 14th Mar 2012

      Not hungry, but i just want to eat!!! This is confronting. Makes me realize I have food issues!!! Have lost 11lbs in 6 days, feel like peanut butter!!!! Nom Nom Nom Nooooooooooommm!!!

    13. Please read - this diet is the best!

      Posted by Shirley - Sallisaw, OK on 26th Sep 2011

      My husband and I purchased Amino Plus due to the much lower price than typical HCG homeopathic drops other companies we came across with offer. From doing our research beforehand we knew that HCG Amino Plus does work very well. We were able to download all the necessary manuals we needed to succeed at this and all the information we received was more than sufficient. The diet itself went great for both of us resulting in a combined body fat loss of 75 lbs. We are highly satisfied with this company and their products!

    14. Great solution to our weight issues

      Posted by Bradley - St. Charles, MS on 7th Sep 2011

      Well, we bought the program with lots of questions and skepticism but thanks to the great customer service and communication, all of our questions were answered and we quickly became convinced about the drops as we experienced daily weight-loss. It is well worth the price and the efforts one must put into the diet. We are on day 30 and have lost about a pound a day each.

    15. great diet and customer service

      Posted by Karen - Renton, WA on 22nd Aug 2011

      it works!! i have to say i lost 7lbs in 10days...i did struggle w/ some hunger pangs..pretty i did not do as good as i would have if i would have stuck w the program 100%...however i called the customer service and, danny, was great help !few good tips and suggestions on how to be able to do better, and stick to the routine. so now , as everybody is different and reacts different i decided to try the appetite suppressant. i will keep you all posted with how things work. i am sure scale will keep going down!

    16. Great diet that improved my life

      Posted by Therese - Canton, NC on 15th Aug 2011

      Our weight loss hasn't been as dramatic as others (40 days, down 27.5 lbs and my husband lost 37 pounds), but this is expected as Dr. Simeon's protocol indicates that those individuals who have been on thyroid medication for a long period have a lower average loss of weight. My husband and I both fall into this category. But I'm still thrilled by my progress, particularly since I have had mysterious edema in both feet and legs for the past 6-8 years, swelling that my primary care physician couldn't explain and for which she had no cure. About 10 days into the protocol I noticed that the swelling in my toes, feet and legs had subsided, which was totally unexpected. For me, this is nothing short of a miracle. I'm hoping that my hypothalamus will be successfully reset by the end of this treatment, as per Dr. Simeon's indication, and that my edema will be a thing of the past (and I can't help but wonder how skeptical my doc will be)!

    17. Already losing fast!

      Posted by Shannen H. on 5th Aug 2011

      down 3 lbs in 4 days. so exciting.

    18. 25 pounds in 29 days

      Posted by Donna - Van Buren, ME on 4th Aug 2011

      I really loved the results of the program, i purchased a 40 day program and was unable to finish it due to having surgery so i didn't get the results i exactly wanted but they did work for me. In time i would like to try the diet again and be able to finish the full forty days. I loved the way that my body shrank in inches.

    19. My doctor friends approve of HCG

      Posted by Scott - West Creek, NJ on 27th Jul 2011

      Wow, what an amazing program! I have multiple friends who are physicians (pretty smart guys) and they all loved the concept of this HCG diet. My wife and I lost a total of 73 pounds and we are feeling better than ever.

    20. 74 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Mary - Anchorage, AK on 1st Apr 2011

      My husband and I learned a lot about nutrition and healthy living over the course of this diet. 40 days is really not a long time to lose the kind of weight we have lost. We eat much better now and keeping the weight off as promised. We both needed to lose this weight because of our medical conditions and HCG was the perfect solution for us.

    21. We love this diet!

      Posted by Julie - Edmonton, Alberta on 16th Mar 2011

      I am very, very happy with the results so far. I'm still not through as I want to take more weight off. I'm in between right now. It's so positive to see results and know that it works. My husband and both have lost 30-35 lbs. and more people have noticed it. So we tell them about your website and also how good you feel.

    22. Lost 50 inches and 56 lbs!!!

      Posted by Karyl, Montana on 2nd Mar 2011

      7 inches from 2/8/-2/16. and 17.5 inches from 2/16/-2/26. LOST 49.5 inches to date. :) 56 lbs.

    23. already lost 21 lbs

      Posted by Maria, Florida on 2nd Mar 2011

      Lost 21 lbs :) very proud to say :)

    24. Lost 81 pounds combined

      Posted by Weston L. on 25th Feb 2011

      We love this and have told people that we have found our "magic diet". We loved that we didn't have to think about food while dieting. The limited sources actually make it easier. We have recommended it to friends. We were skeptical but desperate to lose weight and beat obesity. It was easy. There was no hunger, real food, and we learned we could say "no" to things we thought we couldn't live without, like white bread or grease.

    25. 75 pound lost

      Posted by Tabitha on 25th Feb 2011

      Jack and I could not be happier with our results. We did the diet together and it was quite a team effort! We lost 75 pounds combined!

    26. Great program! Helps to do it with your significant other!

      Posted by Chris on 27th Jan 2011

      This is the first diet my husband has ever tried! He is down 20 lbs in 21 days and I have lost 10lbs - half way to my goal.

    27. Trustworthy company and diet

      Posted by Dan H. on 25th Jan 2011

      What was amazing to both my wife and I, was losing the inches right along with the pounds. Total inches was 48 - that was dramatic as well as the pounds. I am at a mid point - I am stabilizing right now, letting my body get used to this 'new me'! I will start up again on the drops within about 6 weeks - going for the last 30 to 40 pounds. This has been truly amazing for me. I have gone down 5 sizes in my clothes. I would buy new clothes and within 2 weeks they were baggy. Thank you all so much, this has changed our life.

    28. Already lost 24lbs in 5 days combined!

      Posted by Mike & Janel on 15th Jan 2011

      Day 5 I am down 10lbs and Mike is down 12! :) Our goals are quickly approaching! :)

    29. 75 POUNDS in just 40 days time

      Posted by A.B. on 4th Jan 2011

      We'd like to join other couples here who have seen great results and give this product 5 stars! It helped both of us win against fat and cholesterol and now we live a healthier, happier life. Our combined weight loss amounts to 75 pounds!!!

    30. Very good results in 40 days...

      Posted by Sarah T. on 14th Dec 2010

      We found this program outstanding! It helped both my husband and myself to lose extra pounds we have been carrying way too long. We lost a total of 74 pounds together. We may do a 21 day program after the holidays.

    31. Remarkable diet program for couples

      Posted by Julie F. on 9th Dec 2010

      This is a wonderful couples diet program for the price. We checked at local spas and the same diet program was several hundred dollars more. We thought this can easily be done on our own too and we were right. The manual was super helpful and the drops work!! We lost a total of 34 and 38 pounds! We both feel much younger now.

    32. Superb results and fun-to-do-together diet

      Posted by Jeff D. on 4th Dec 2010

      This should be called 'super diet'! It worked really good for us and it was nice to see results on a daily basis as a couple. The weight we lost does not compare to any other result we have had on other programs... My wife lost 35.4 pounds and 29 inches and I lost 37 pounds. We recommended your company and products to some of our friends who struggle with excess weight as well.

    33. 35 and 36 pounds lost in 40 days

      Posted by Jennifer A. on 29th Nov 2010

      This was such a good value for the money! Saved $50 instantly on this purchase and saw excellent results in weight loss. I did the diet with my sister who lost 35 pounds and I lost 36. We both are very satisfied!

    34. 73 pounds down the chute!!

      Posted by Jennifer P. on 29th Nov 2010

      I could not stand the excess weight me and my husband were carrying around so I convinced him to give HCG a try. The kit was a very good choice as it had everything we needed in it. The diet manual is very helpful for first timers like us. We successfully finished the diet and lost 73 pounds altogether! Our grandkids could barely recognize us :)

    35. We lost 75 pounds and we're very happy:

      Posted by Lynn F. on 25th Nov 2010

      We are an older couple and just wanted to thank your company for selling us a product that worked exceptionally well. We were both overweight but we lost a considerable amount of weight and got a lot of our youthfulness back. We lost 75 pounds altogether! This diet is safe and easy to use; very remarkable! We will send some new customers your way for treating us so well and helping us with our weight loss goals. Thank you!

    36. As a couple we lost 72 LBS

      Posted by James D. on 22nd Nov 2010

      Very good diet! Both me and my wife loved it and saw results from it. She lost 32 pounds and I lost a whopping 40 pounds in 40 days.

    37. About 80 pounds of weight loss.

      Posted by R.B. on 17th Nov 2010

      This is a very effective diet with lots of benefits and good features. We learned about calories, healthy eating habits, we lost weight quick, and now we are maintaining very well. My cousin and I wanted to lose weight together so that's how we ended up ordering the 40 day couples kit. We both lost close to 40 pounds in 40 days. This stuff rocks.

    38. Lost 37 and 39 pounds between us!

      Posted by J.B. on 12th Nov 2010

      We are a couple and we both have had weight issues ever since we've been married. I started developing signs that indicated mild diabetes. That was my breaking point when I realized that something must be done. Both of us are really happy with what we achieved with this diet: I lost 37 pounds and my husband lost 39. I dropped about 5 dress sizes! We strongly recommend this program to couples who want to become healthier together!

    39. Marvelous Diet Program!

      Posted by Julie H. on 9th Nov 2010

      My husband and I are both doing it, he has lost 39 pounds! (He started at 259lbs now weighs 220lbs).
      We are so happy with the product and results. Learning new ways to cook and how to appreciate food. We both love it, thank you!

    40. 78 pounds lost

      Posted by Helen B. on 6th Nov 2010

      What was amazing to both my husband and I was losing the inches right along with the pounds. Total inches was 48; that was dramatic as well as the pounds. This has been truly amazing for me. I have gone down 4 sizes in my clothes. I would buy new clothes and within 2 weeks they were baggy. What a wonderful problem to have!

    41. LOST 26 pounds together in 14 days

      Posted by Jeff D. on 3rd Nov 2010

      It wasn't easy to commit to this diet program but my wife and I have lost about 13 pounds each and we're only on day 14. We hope to lose many more pounds by the time we are done with the 40 day supplies. We both like this program and will stick to it as we're really motivated by the early results!

    42. 75 lbs altogether.

      Posted by Mary B. on 29th Oct 2010

      We just finished the couples program with amazing results. My husband was really skeptical and he didn't want to give up all the foods you can't have on this diet but after a couple days of seeing results, he was really happy too. We lost a total of 75 pounds together! 5 stars for sure!

    43. We lost 26 pounds combined in 2 weeks

      Posted by Jim D. on 20th Oct 2010

      My wife and I try really hard to stay on this protocol which is not easy but is worth it. We already see amazing results and that is definitely motivating. We hope to be able to enjoy the beach after we are done with the diet.

    44. lost 23 lbs combined in 12 days

      Posted by Della R. on 18th Oct 2010

      Day 12 and down 9 pounds! hopoefully I can reach my goal! My husband has lost 14 pounds and I'm a bit jealous but proud! It's been a tough process but I'm a fighter and I can reach my goal!

    45. Lost 66 lbs together

      Posted by Lynne H. on 14th Oct 2010

      Just finnished my first round an Aussie loving it Ive lost 18kgs 39.7 pounds, my husband has lost 12kg 26 pounds after round one...Round two for me in 5 weeks and I CANT WAIT!!!!

    46. 80 POUNDS TOTAL LOST!!!

      Posted by J. G. on 8th Oct 2010

      Very good diet! We loved it and now enjoying looking and feeling healthy again. Obesity runs in our family so we will order this product for our family members too. Thank you!!!

    47. An amazing 75 pounds

      Posted by Kate S. on 8th Oct 2010

      My partner and I decided to give this diet a shot after failing at various other diets and after hearing and learning more about HCG from friends that have had lots of success at this. Both of us are so thrilled to have lost a combined 75 pounds and decreased our size by 3 sizes. We now live a much healthier lifestyle and take pride in our new bodies!

    48. 77 pounds combined weight loss

      Posted by Danielle on 6th Oct 2010

      My husband and I have just finished our diet program and with much success at that. We are very pleased with both our results. Besides weight loss, we are happy to see improvements involving our blood pressure and cholesterol. This diet program is worth every penny.

    49. 81 pounds combined in 40 days

      Posted by Mark L. on 1st Oct 2010

      My wife and I are absolutely thrilled about the large amount of weight we've lost. It is going to help us stay healthier in the long run, too. 5 stars!!

    50. Awesome results already in the first week

      Posted by Julia F. on 1st Oct 2010

      We have lost 11 pounds combined in the first week. We just started this diet program and we are extremely excited to see further results!!

    51. Lost 19 lbs in 17 days so far.....

      Posted by Shirley C. on 29th Sep 2010

      I've lost 19 lbs after 17 days into phase 2. My husband has also lost 25 lbs. Thank you for your help. HCG Rocks!!!

    52. Over 60 and losing weight

      Posted by Barbara S. on 29th Sep 2010

      I'm over 60 and have already lost 8 pounds in 15 days

    53. Very Satisfied with Results - Excellent Way to Diet

      Posted by Diana K. on 29th Sep 2010

      This has been the first diet we have succeeded at in a very long time. We lost a significant amount of weight and are very happy with the results. Our only suggestion to the HCG people would be to create a product that only needs to be taken once a day. It was sometimes a pain to remember to take our drops. 5 stars!!

    54. I've lost 10lbs in 5 days

      Posted by Peggy M. on 24th Sep 2010

      It has worked for us (me and hubby) we are on Phase 2 Day 5 and I've lost 10lbs down and he down like 14lbs. We have the weekend coming up and that kinda scares me LOL

    55. Lost 57.5 lbs combined

      Posted by Lisa S. Arizona on 13th Sep 2010

      I am very pleased with the results. I have less than a week to go on the 40 day and I have lost 25.5 and my husband has lost 32.

    56. worked for the 2 of us!

      Posted by Sarah J. on 10th Sep 2010

      me and my friend work out together and also decided to do this together to save on costs. I love it!!! Its been the only diet that has worked for me, i was 285lbs, in 252lbs now and not even half way through!

    57. Lost a combined 74 lbs!

      Posted by Mary & Steven on 9th Sep 2010

      My husband lost 42 lbs and I lost 32 lbs. Supposedly men lose weight more easily! But i'm still very happy as he had more to lose anyway. I'm now wearing clothes i haven't worn for 5 years!

    58. Me and my friend have lost 21 lbs in our first week!

      Posted by Jamie and Trisha on 26th Jul 2010

      Pretty incredible and really easy. The best part is we're not supposed to do exercise! Losing weight has never been easier.

      We've lost 21 lbs combine in our first week and we're motivating each other.

    59. Combine loss of 30 lbs in 15 days!

      Posted by Colleen on 5th Jul 2010

      My husband and I are doing the 40-day couples plan and are on day 15. He's lost 20 and I've lost 10, which we are both very pleased with.

    60. I lost 32 lbs and my husband 37 lbs

      Posted by Jane & Mark on 18th Jun 2010

      This wasn't easy but losing weight never is. However this was the easiest weight loss diet I have ever done and I have never seen results like this. I lost 32 lbs and my husband 37 lbs. We could now fit in a queen size bed :)

      Thank you also for the recipe and the guide was really helpful.

    61. 45 lbs lost and 42 lbs lost in 40 days

      Posted by H. Coleman on 3rd Jun 2010

      Me and my wife started this program 40 days ago. Very impressed :) We both met our goal of 1 lbs per day. We have ordered our next batch already.

    62. Together we lost 65 lbs!

      Posted by Becky & John on 30th May 2010

      We both needed to lose weight and my husband was very motivational. We stuck to the diet and he lost 37 lbs and I lost 28 lbs. Less wear and tear on the car now :)

      Thanks guys!

    63. Just started and we've already lost about 10 lbs each

      Posted by Tony & Debbie B. on 7th Apr 2010

      Just over one week into it and my husband and I have each lost about 10 lbs. Doing it together is definitely mutually motivating. The recipes are great and a big help.

    64. We lost a combine 63 lbs

      Posted by Tina & Doug R. on 26th Mar 2010

      My husband and I have lost 63 lbs in the last 6 weeks and there's no way we expected to be this successful. We couldn't have done it without the HCG and we couldn't have done it without each other. At times, it wasn't easy but we motivated each other and made sure we stuck to the plan and it was well worth it! thank you!

    65. Both lost over 45lbs

      Posted by D. Hall on 23rd Mar 2010

      So me and my husband both used the HCG weight loss couples kits ready for a vacation.
      We were both impressed, I lost nearly 50lbs and my husband lost about 45lbs. Our vacation was amazing, we were a lot more comfortable with our bodies and loved showing them off :)