40-Day Supply HCG Amino Plus Diet Drops (2 oz. Bottle)

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40-Day Program: Recommended for Weight Loss of up to 30-40 Pounds! 


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  • 40 Day Supply HCG Amino Plus (2oz bottle)
  • Oral Syringe w/ Tube
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Dr. Simeons' Original Manuscript eBook
  • HCG Weight Loss and BMI Tracker ($9.95 value)

Our unique combination of HCG drops with Amino Plus will strengthen your liver, heart and kidneys as you lose weight while boosting your metabolism. You'll also be able to track the pounds you lose and the inches that melt away with our HCG Weight Loss and BMI (Body Mass Index) Tracker. We also send you our Quick Start Guide and Dr Simeons' original manuscript 'Pounds & Inches" for you to download and read so you're ready to get started as soon as you get the product!

We are trusted and loved by thousands and you can join our live community on Facebook for free unlimited support and tips. You can also interact with real people that have lost up to 60 lbs with our HCG Amino Plus formula and ask their advice. Tons of happy customers have lost up to 30-40 lbs (click the Testimonials tab above to see them) and we're 100% commited to helping you do the same and kick start your new lifestyle.

No recurring billing - This is a one-time purchase to help you lose up to 30-40 lbs in six weeks.


      • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
      • Arginine: Strengthens tissues, expedites healing, strengthens immune system and helps release hormones.
      • L-Carnitine: Supports your metabolism by expediting the breakdown of stored fat into energy for the body. It also supports your kidneys, energy levels and improves the disposal of glucose from the body. Supports glandular and metabolic functions.
      • Ornithine: Helps support both the liver and kidneys and increase metabolic functions while burning those fat cells that are hard to get rid of.
      • Glycine: Keeps you healthy and full of nutrients when you aren’t eating as much while on the HCG diet.
      • Tyrosine: Suppress appetite and reduce body fat while increasing alertness and focus. Keeps your mind sharp and your outlook positive.
      • Phenylalanine: Essential Amino Acid that the body cannot synthesize. Suppresses your appetite and minimizes any hunger pains while you're shedding pounds and inches.
      • Phosphorous: Helps maximize efficient energy usage by different body parts and works in association with calcium to provide strong bones.
      • 10 drops three times a day. Place drops under tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
      • Take 20 minutes before meals so that it is completely absorbed through the blood capilaries in your mouth.
HCG Amino Plus is the highest potency HCG Diet Drops available. Formulated to improve the overall effectiveness of the HCG Diet.  A special blend of key amino acids provides optimal tissue and organ support while enhancing overall diet results. Currently there are no known or defined side effects to HCG Amino Drops but as with any diet we recommend that you consult with a doctor before starting this diet.



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Hcgweightdrops.com offers the highest quality hcg with 7 essential amino acids.
  • HCG diet drops...
    Hcgweightdrops.com offers the highest quality hcg with 7 essen...

Our custom blend of 7 amino acids were chosen for specific health benefits:

  • Boost your metabolism to burn more fat, support your liver, heart and kidneys
  • Expel the excess ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances from your body
  • Help the way you feel, your energy levels, clarity of thought and stamina
  • Stabilizes your metabolism so that you don't gain the weight back after the diet
  • Maximizes your weight loss and optimizes your diet experience
  • The biggest difference in our product, that you will not find anywhere else, it the custom blend of 7 amino acids. All product based in hcg will help people to lose weight. However, losing weight this quickly and on low calorie diets will place a tremendous amount of stress on your heart, liver, kidneys and system. All of the amino acids that we have blended were chosen for specific health benefits. They help boost your metabolism to burn more fat, support your liver, heart and kidneys and help expel the excess ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances from your body. They also help the way you feel, your energy levels, clarity of thought and stamina. Many of the cravings people get emanate from the deficiencies that their organs are experiencing. Without this support, people have a harder time stabilizing their metabolisms after the diet and some gain it back.

    Having proper support from these amino acids, you will be more successful in not just losing the weight, but in keeping if off long term. It is much easier to do when your body has not been stressed out from lack of proper nutrition.
    We hope that this information helps explain why HCG Amino Plus Drops are the only product that we will carry and sell. There are cheaper brands of hcg out there, but none of them support your organs like HCG Amino Plus. That is how we can offer our 30-day money back guarantee.
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    Product Reviews

    1. It's works if you work

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2014

      This is the only product I've found that works for me, but you do have to cut out the carbs - especially sugars - or you will have little success.

    2. Wish I tried this sooner

      Posted by Vicky on 27th Mar 2014

      I saw my roommate do this diet last year. At first I was skeptical because I saw the small portions she ate and I couldn't imagine eating only that amount, especially knowing that I am an emotional eater. I have always been overweight, and I was getting to the point where everything I owned was getting to tight, so when my roommate asked me if I wanted to do the diet with her again, I figured it was worth the shot. The first 2 days were very hard, but after that it was a breeze and I wasn't hungry at all. And seeing the weight come off, without doing any exercise motivated me to go 40 days instead of the 20 days that I initially intended to.

    3. REALLY WORKS!!!

      Posted by Kim on 5th Mar 2014

      This is an easy to follow plan. You have to do exactly what is recommended and you WILL see RESULTS!!!

    4. I recommend to anyone needing to lose fast!

      Posted by lisa on 3rd Jul 2013

      strong alcohol taste and burning sensation, otherwise would give 5 stars

      pay extra to expedite. my order took and entire week to arrive.

    5. 71 lbs in 3 months

      Posted by Florcia on 21st Jun 2013

      It helped me loose 71 lbs in 3 months.Nothing worked better and faster.Along with my weight lose i had so much energy.

    6. 45 pounds in 3 months

      Posted by Donna Sokolik on 26th Mar 2013

      My hubby will be so surprised when he returns from Afghanistan! 45 pounds gone in 3 short months. Maintaining the weight loss has been so easy.

    7. Quick and easy weight loss

      Posted by lea henson on 14th Mar 2013

      I thought the diet would be hard to stick to, but it was so easy. I used many of the recipes from the blog and never got bored with the food. Oh and I lost almost 30 pounds!

    8. Recommend 100%!!

      Posted by Mindy Hoffman on 9th Mar 2013

      I would absolutely recommend HCG!! Stay focused; its worth it in the end and I love getting on the scale in the morning!!

    9. This works GREAT!

      Posted by Jay on 27th Jan 2013

      This is my second round on the 40 day HCG diet. It has worked really well! I lost 30 pounds the last time and have so far lost 7lbs this round.I have a very low thyroid and this has helped tremendously in being able to lose weight.


      Posted by HOLLIE Q, as posted on Facebook on 14th Jan 2013


    11. utilize the support team and resources to ensure success

      Posted by Shirley N on 28th Dec 2012

      The best advice is to load very well, and contact the support team if you need help, they really are there to help you and want to see you be successful. Plan ahead and read the materials and you too can be successful. I lost 20 pounds in 21 days and am keeping it off.

    12. Should've tried this sooner

      Posted by Lori U on 13th Nov 2012

      The diet worked great for me, I couldn't believe how quickly I got to my goal weight. I should've done it a long time ago.

    13. Love this product!

      Posted by Cheryl F, as posted on Facebook on 1st Nov 2012

      I was down 31 pounds and I went on vacation to Disneyland and ate everything!!! I got back on the drops the first day back. Dropped my vacation weight in a few days. Love this product! Been over 300 pounds for 20 years!!! Was at 300 on July 31 and today I weigh 269!! I tell everyone about this product!!!

    14. 40 pounds in 30 days

      Posted by debra s on 31st Oct 2012

      I lost 3 pounds the first day, and over 1 pound almost every day after that. I still have a long way to go, but I lost 40 pounds in 4 weeks. I'm shocked every time I get on the scale.

    15. Maintained wieght loss for over 1 year

      Posted by Sally B, as posted on Facebook on 25th Oct 2012

      i went on the hcg diet 1 year ago and lost a lot of weight and I haven't put it back on since. Phase 3 is really important.

    16. I'm happy with the loss

      Posted by Shantel C, as posted on Facebook on 8th Oct 2012

      ‎After 18 days I'm down 11.8lbs.I've had a few slip up days but I'm happy with the loss so far.

    17. It really works

      Posted by Unknown on 4th Oct 2012

      I have a thyroid condition and have tried everything to lose weight. Until I tried HCG diet nothing worked.

    18. No hunger, fast weight loss

      Posted by Elizabeth T, as posted on Facebook on 3rd Oct 2012

      I have lost almost 10 pounds and just started on Saturday. Not hungry, doing mild walks, and sticking to this diet. Thank you, I can not wait to send you pictures.

    19. Great start

      Posted by Toni G, as posted on Facebook on 1st Oct 2012

      After 2 days I've already lost 2.3 pounds, I only have 12 more pounds to lose.

    20. 15 pounds lost so far

      Posted by Kiu, as posted on Facebook on 28th Sep 2012

      down 15lbs in 3 weeks

    21. This diet is so easy

      Posted by David L, as posted on Facebook on 14th Sep 2012

      I lost 6 kilos in 8 days on the drops which I think is remarkable. I have tried diets before and none have worked or I gave in to hunger. This one you are not hungry so it is much easier to cope.

    22. 14 pounds down in less than a week.

      Posted by Anita C, as posted on Facebook on 5th Sep 2012

      14 pounds down in less than a week.

    23. AMAZING!

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2012

      Love HCG diet! Has changed my life.

    24. 1 pound per day!

      Posted by Janel A, as posted on Facebook on 30th Aug 2012

      Day 30!!!! :) Down 29 pounds! :)

    25. Feeling Great!

      Posted by Sharon on 26th Aug 2012

      Down 11 pounds feel great and have energy. I can't wait to do a second round. Anyone struggling to lose should try it.

    26. 11 pounds in 4 days

      Posted by Donna L, as posted on Facebook on 25th Aug 2012

      I have been on the diet since the for 4 days and have lost 11 pounds .

    27. 8 pounds gone and I just started

      Posted by Marcie M, as posted on Facebook on 14th Aug 2012

      I have already lost 8lbs since I started this diet....I'm so excited!

    28. It works!

      Posted by Lezlie B, as posted on Facebook on 6th Aug 2012

      10.8 pounds down in 5 days. It works. And I feel GREAT!!!

    29. DOWN 98 POUNDS!

      Posted by Carolyn B, as posted on Facebook on 23rd Jul 2012

      Thanks so much for giving me my life back after 4 rounds and I've lost 98 lbs.... thanks again...

    30. 16 lbs lost so far

      Posted by Todd W, as posted on Facebook on 23rd Jul 2012

      I have lost 16 lbs in 19 days!

    31. The inches are melting away!

      Posted by Samantha H, as posted on Facebook on 20th Jul 2012

      19lbs down and 15.5inches melted away after just 19 days!!!!

    32. This diet works!

      Posted by Melissa H, as posted on Facebook on 20th Jul 2012

      I started the diet (26 days ago) and Im ounces away from a loss of 25lbs! Cant wait to see what the final results are! This diet works!

    33. works!

      Posted by shell on 16th Jul 2012

      This really worked for me! 28 lbs down!

    34. Lost 2 lbs a day -- Incredible!!!

      Posted by Jennifer Boksa, as posted on Facebook on 9th Jul 2012


    35. lost 24 lbs in 30 days!

      Posted by Diane H., from Westerville, Ohio on 5th Jul 2012

      This is my 2nd round. I lost 24lbs in 30 days and have kept it off for 2 mos. Now I'm ready to loose 15 more. I have many health problems, but feel so much better since the weight loss. Go for it!

    36. Far better than I thought - unbelieveable!

      Posted by Jennilyn, as posted on Facebook on 28th Jun 2012

      1 Week in and I am down 9.4 lbs!!!

    37. This product is amazing!!!!!

      Posted by Muneca on 1st Jun 2012

      I feel re-energized and re-vitalized and a lot more confidence.

    38. Always struggled losing weight till now!

      Posted by Julie G on 23rd Feb 2012

      I lost 27 lbs in 40days of my first round of HCG, that is great. I have always had a difficult time losing weight but this really works. I am going to start my next round in March and can not wait to get started again.

    39. Losing weight nicely!

      Posted by Mahmoud on 11th Feb 2012

      me and my wife started on the 25th she lost 8 pounds i lost 5 so far

    40. 30.2 pounds

      Posted by Carol, AK on 30th Dec 2011

      I refused to buy new and bigger clothes. Instead, I tried the HCG for $134 which is cheaper than buying new clothes, get a jump start to get back to my healthy lifestyle of eating nutritiously and exercising. My before and after photos are unbelievable!

    41. Losing weight rapidly! Feeling energized!

      Posted by Will, FL on 29th Dec 2011

      I am on my second session of HCG drops on the Simeon's protocol. I lost 30 pounds first session and need to lose 20 more. The manual is EXTREMELY helpful so buy the kit or download it. In addition to explaining everything in easy-to-understand detail, this it clarifies the foods you can eat during the 3-6 weeks following the diet.

    42. Lost weight, gained energy and confidence

      Posted by Vicky, TX on 6th Dec 2011

      I love this product. Not only is my hunger much lower, but I feel great, and I have a much higher level of energy. Only a few drops per day, and I'm never hungry, never tired, and I can keep on track of my diet and exercise at the same time. I can't recommend this any more strongly.

    43. Very awesome drops...

      Posted by Barb, WA on 3rd Dec 2011

      I have been taking these drops for about 4 weeks now and I have already gone from a size 19 to a size 10! With a little bit of exercise and controlling what I eat I have lost a lot of weight! I lost inches before I lost pounds but either way I am VERY SATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT!

    44. I'm very impressed.......

      Posted by Rose, NM on 30th Nov 2011

      I ordered HCG from somewhere else but I got a fake batch... I recently met someone at my job and he told me about HCG Weight Drops, so now that I have been on it I lost over 30 pounds in a month. Mind you, this is without working out. This product is truly awesome and unlike most places that have fake drops, you can bet your money on this one.

    45. 35.2 LBS in just 40

      Posted by Pat, WA on 11th Nov 2011

      I have tried almost EVERY diet pills and potions on the market. These HCG drops are by far the best of them all! If you are serious about changing your appearance and ready to COMMIT to losing weight this is definitely the solution for you. It keeps you motivated because everyday the scale keeps going down. I am now a lifelong customer of HCGWeightDrops.

    46. I've never had such amazing results......

      Posted by Simone, TN on 4th Nov 2011

      I followed the product instructions exactly, did not cheat even once, added some walking 2 to 3 times a week and I lost 34 pounds. I took a month off and during that time I gained about 2 pounds then did the diet again and lost another 31 pounds. I think a lot of it is psychological, once your in the routine it gets easier. Give it a try, what do you have to lose but some extra weight!

    47. 28 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Shelley, Canada on 3rd Nov 2011

      I lost 28lbs in 40 days and I'm getting ready to start another round in a week. I've managed to maintain my weight since completing round 1 and I am hoping for another great round of weight loss. Everyone at work is amazed at my results. This has changed my life. I am sooo happy with my appearance and it got me out of my depression. I am happier with my kids and my boyfriend.

    48. The results are visible!

      Posted by Michelle P. on 31st Oct 2011

      I have lost 15 pounds and Im on phase 2 day 11 day I am happy but I need lose 80 and seems I can barley see a change in my clothes but I am going stick to diet i have get this of........

    49. Just an amazing product

      Posted by Myra - Roswell, GA on 26th Sep 2011

      I lost 6 pound in one week, which is amazing to me! I have a lot of energy, I really love this product! I have had very good results, I can feel I have lost weight; I have only one week of the cycle left and I feel great. I can feel my clothes becoming a little loose on me. What's not to love about it?

    50. Amazing product, losing weight as expected!

      Posted by Jasmine - Safford, AZ on 19th Sep 2011

      I will most definitely will be back to buy more from you guys! I received my drops fast! And it was in good condition! Stuff wrapped around it so nothing would happen to it! I have only taken it for about 8 days but have already lost 5 pounds! STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!

    51. Better than any other diet.

      Posted by Laverne - Bryant, AR on 2nd Sep 2011

      Work great for me, just didn't like the taste of the drops. I am down 26 lbs and still have 11 days to go yet in my 40 day diet. I am very happy with your HCG drops and the results I see.

    52. Lots of support and great results

      Posted by Faye - TX on 30th Aug 2011

      I started this a few weeks ago and have started losing weight right away! The support is great and I found so much information from the website to help me with the diet, unlike the other product I was using before this. The drops also taste good and the bottle is twice the size for half the price I paid for locally from my doctor! Great deal on a great product! I will definitely keep buying this product!

    53. I am walking proof this works

      Posted by Juan - Fillmore, CA on 30th Aug 2011

      When I first heard about people losing all the weight on the HCG diet, I just had to try it! But then soon realize they were spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars going to the doctor... so when I finally found you guys' HCG drops, I had to get them. I have lost 46 pounds in 40 days. I feel great now I am finally eating healthy. It is much easier than it sounds. Try it you will love it.

    54. Most effective diet out there

      Posted by Ramona - Markham, Ontario on 22nd Aug 2011

      I am very satisfied with this company's products. They work and worth trying!

    55. 14 pounds in 13 days. Amazing!

      Posted by Cindy - Santa Rosa, CA on 19th Aug 2011

      I wanted to wait a few days before writing a product review to see how I liked the product. Well it's day 13 already and I've already lost 14 lbs. I have SO much more energy than I ever did before. I find myself doing things around the house that I never had the motivation or energy to do before. The best thing is my cravings are gone and my appetite has decreased significantly. When I do eat, I find myself stopping at one fourth or half of what I used to eat. I feel better and truly hope I continue to keep dropping the weight, but honestly I'm REALLY excited about the energy levels most.

    56. 29 LBS down

      Posted by Rob - Lafayette, IN on 8th Aug 2011

      I like the fact that it came off so quickly and when I measured myself I could actually see where the weight was coming off at. I am happy I chose to go with HCG. I would do it again. If losing weight and being healthy is important to you and your families life this would be the best choice because this is a reputable company.

    57. So far so good :)

      Posted by Cheri B. on 5th Aug 2011

      I started Phase I on Saturday and gained 3.8 lbs. Phase II began on Tuesday and this morning (24 hrs. later) I was 4.8 lbs lighter....so far so good.

    58. Product is great but expensive

      Posted by Nozlen - Sugarland, TX on 5th Aug 2011

      the diet worked for me fairly well but I think the price of just the bottle of HCG should be a little lower. I ended up losing 31 pounds which i am happy about.

    59. My best weight-loss experience ever

      Posted by June - Montana on 4th Aug 2011

      I started losing weight right away and I have lots of energy. HCG is so easy to use, I never feel hungry and the pounds just fall off. I recommend HCG Amino PLus to all my friends!

    60. 36 pounds and 27 inches

      Posted by Erin - Chandler, AZ on 1st Aug 2011

      My local physician was the first person who talked to me about hcg after discovering that all my poor health results are closely the result of being overweight or even obese. I chose the 40 day program because I wanted to lose at least 25 pounds but ended up losing 36 pounds! My doctor could not believe his eyes. HCG basically added many years to my life.

    61. lifechanging results

      Posted by Tracey - Cecilia, KY on 1st Aug 2011

      THe best thing about this diet was the clear and easy application and that I didn't have to rearrange my whole life around the diet but the diet conformed to my lifestyle and schedule. I lost 31 pounds by the end of the program.

    62. Straight forward, effective diet

      Posted by Jessica - Florida on 1st Aug 2011

      I am happy to report that I lost 33 pounds in 40 days. I Felt very tired the first few days, but after reading several messages boards decided to start taking vitamin b and potassium supplement. Can't believe I was able to lose so much weight in such a short time by just altering my diet. No exercise. I have already recommended the diet to several people based of the fabulous results I was seeing. No bars, no shakes, no supplements...just regular food in smaller portions with no hunger associated.

    63. Best success I've ever had!

      Posted by Ana - Washington DC on 7th Jul 2011

      Happy I bought the drops. Hardest part is not caving in to temptations. Even when you have an off day though, you can still lose if you get right back on the program... The best success I have ever had in such a short time period which is all I needed to jump start my weight loss and scratch my bad eating habits for good!

    64. Lost 32 pounds and my diabetes improved

      Posted by Penny - Aurora, CO on 21st Jun 2011

      My doctor approved this program before I started and was prepared to put me on insulin because my blood sugars were in the 400s, but after only a few weeks of doing HCG with no diabetic medications my blood sugars were better than they have been in over a year-so no insulin for me!

    65. 35.1 pounds in a 40 day period

      Posted by Ria - Brownsville, TX on 16th Jun 2011

      I am amazed at the weight loss I've experienced from HCG amino! This weight loss program was easy to stay on because of the rapid weight-loss; I was encouraged from the first day when I saw in the morning I had lost 3 pounds seemingly overnight. I did not cheat because I didn't have to...I didn't have the cravings I usually have while on a diet (which I have been on more than I can count). I highly recommend this!

    66. Pleasantly surprised how well this works!!

      Posted by Kathleen N. on 7th Jun 2011

      Ps2Day2 and I've gotta' say, I'm SHOCKED. I'm not hungry at all!! =)

    67. So good to lose weight, HCG rocks

      Posted by Ryane B. on 7th Jun 2011

      P2D8 I am -10 pounds and I feel it. My boss was being nice and bought me a rubios burrito today thinking I needed lunch. That was sure tough to turn down but I am getting even more motivated as the pounds drop. Yes I know it is now in the office fridge calling my name but I am not listening. Its time for some tea!

    68. 22 pounds, still good results

      Posted by Heidi B. on 7th Jun 2011

      So, I have 4 more days and I will reach my 41 day round, with only loosing 22 pounds?? What the heck, 22 is better than nothing.

    69. 36 LBS in 39 days

      Posted by Lindsay - Kansas on 23rd May 2011

      I am incredibly excited about the results I have seen. I have tried many diets and have not been successful at losing more than a few pounds over the course of a month, but with HCG I have lost 36 pounds in 39 days and hope to lose a few more before the end of the 43 day course. I love it!

    70. HCG Amino drops = dramatic weight-loss

      Posted by Debra - West Yellowstone, MT on 23rd May 2011

      I love the outdoors and exercise but not too long ago I had leg surgery that really threw off my everyday routine. Of course, the result of this was significant weight-gain. These drops and this diet program is amazing because it actually WORKS! And really well at that! I lost 35 pounds in 40 days and slowly getting back to my original physique.

    71. Amazing weight loss here!

      Posted by LInda - Maryland on 18th May 2011

      My sister-in-law suggested I try this diet after she had lost 30 pounds on it. I don't think she ordered from your company but I heard a lot of good about you guys so I took my chances. I am well pleased with your customer service and products!! PS. I lost 20 pounds in 21 days!

    72. Amazing weight loss here!

      Posted by LInda - Maryland on 18th May 2011

      My sister-in-law suggested I try this diet after she had lost 30 pounds on it. I don't think she ordered from your company but I heard a lot of good about you guys so I took my chances. I am well pleased with your customer service and products!! PS. I lost 20 pounds in 21 days!

    73. 39 pounds is what I lost

      Posted by David - Hazelwood, MS on 10th May 2011

      I read the testimonials and saw that there are quite a few men who have had great success on your hCG supplement. I was confident I could lose some weight on it as well. I lost much more than I anticipated and have reached my goal within 40 days.

    74. Work in progress...

      Posted by Sasha - Lacey, WA on 10th May 2011

      Today I put on a pair of jeans I haven't been able to fit into in 3 years! AND I'M ONLY ON DAY 24!! I am so excited: I am down 24 pounds.

    75. pounds and inches melted off

      Posted by Gloria - Rogers, Arkansas on 27th Apr 2011

      I have tried other hcg drops and this hcg with amino acids worked best for me. Very happy and will do another round. I really loved the facebook support I got when I felt stuck.

    76. 9 pounds in 8 days.

      Posted by Linda - Kokomo, IN on 14th Apr 2011

      HCG is my new best friend!! :) It is helping me more than anything to reshape my body and improve my health and overall wellbeing. Highly recommended!

    77. 44 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by William - Tooele, UT on 8th Apr 2011

      great diet and really effective drops... I tried the cheaper stuff but it didn't do much. I think it was just alcohol... Order from this website if you want the good stuff.

    78. 28 pounds in 30 days

      Posted by Jamie - Shell Rock, IW on 8th Apr 2011

      I had 30 pounds to lose so I went with the 40 day supply. I think I used a little too much because I ran out of drops after 30 days but I lost 28 pounds. I am really happy with it and can't stop talking about it.

    79. 37 lbs in 40 days

      Posted by Delia - Miami, FL on 8th Apr 2011

      The same way I spring clean my house, I also spring clean my body and get back into shape. This year, HCG helped me to lose unwanted pounds and slim down for summer. I lost a whopping 37 pounds (much more than I actually wanted) but I love the new, slim 'me'.

    80. 34.6 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Christine - Coral Spgs, FL on 8th Apr 2011

      Really good quality drops, very potent. I will order from this company again!

    81. 30 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Sophia - Florida on 5th Apr 2011

      Mostly, I want to say thank you to the fabulous people you have answering questions and generally being helpful! I only had about 25 pounds that I wanted to lose, and I had more than my share of questions! Every phone call was answered, with no scripts and no sales pitch. I am very impressed and will recommend HCG Weight Drops to others! This has been a positive experience and my results are awesome!

    82. 34 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Debra - West Yellowstone, MT on 1st Apr 2011

      I found out about HCG when a local Med Spa offered the program for $1200. In the meantime, I went online to find out more about the hormone and found hcgweightdrops.com and when I saw the cost difference, I could not believe it. This was my last attempt at losing weight. I tried EVERYTHING except surgery. I was about to give up for good as a local Health Club told me there must be something wrong with my thyroid. Luckily it worked very well and changed my life!!

    83. It's worth every penny

      Posted by Brittany D.D. on 23rd Mar 2011

      R1P2D23, -20.4 lbs and -4 inches around my waist=)

    84. Great diet program

      Posted by Lisa C. on 23rd Mar 2011

      Phase 2, Day 38, 25.2 lbs lost...

    85. 26 pounds in 4 weeks

      Posted by Robin - Wichita Falls, TX on 17th Mar 2011

      One thing I have learned, food is fuel for my body and it is important to take the drops between meals. When I feel a little weak, I eat some fruit. Also, I have occasional been weak, but think it is due to not enough salt. I would strongly recommend the HCG drops.

    86. Enjoying the results!

      Posted by Amanda L. on 15th Mar 2011

      R1p2d5 lost 1lb total of 10.8lbs

    87. 43 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Ken - Rock Springs, WY on 11th Mar 2011

      I am overall pretty satisfied with the diet! I didn't get much information but I guess that's why I should've bought the kit with the manual. I lost weight every single day and my health gradually improved over the 40 days.

    88. 38 poundsand 28 inches lost

      Posted by Ann - Denver, CO on 8th Mar 2011

      I feel this product is well advertised, and represents itself well. I have been very pleased with the results. It does just as the website states. You do need to stick to a strict diet, like it says but you lose weight quickly too. I feel I stepped into using this product knowing everything I needed to know. No surprises.

    89. The pounds just melt off and I'm not even done...

      Posted by Cherissa C. on 8th Mar 2011

      So far down a total of 44.2 pounds!

    90. An effective diet!

      Posted by Christian O. on 8th Mar 2011

      so far i lost over 50pounds and counting : )

    91. 34 lbs in 40 days

      Posted by N.L. - California on 4th Mar 2011

      Now that I am in my maintenance phase prior to doing one more round of the drops, I find it rather hard to increase to the higher calorie levels. Your biggest concern is only 500 Calories per day... and maybe the cost. This diet is so effective it will completely change the way you think and feel about food over the course of 40 days.

    92. 39 pounds in 40 day period

      Posted by Jose, Pleasantville, NJ on 4th Mar 2011

      I needed to lose weight quickly due to my doctor's recommendation. My joints were hurting before and that's gone. My blood pressure was very high before and that's fixed too. Such an amazing product in a tiny bottle.

    93. 35 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Dianna, Olympia, WA on 4th Mar 2011

      While I can't say this will work for everyone, for me I was skeptical about only eating the 500 calories per day. But I can now say I was never hungry during this time. The money for drops may seem kind of high, but I can say within the first 15 days I saved this money and more from just my change in dining habits alone.

    94. 29 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Jennifer, Washington on 4th Mar 2011

      The neat thing about the diet is I honestly never felt hungry the entire time I was on it. I loved trying something new and it was great to see it in action. I lost most of the weight off of my arms, thighs and stomach. My friends are pretty jealous now :)

    95. Lost another 10 lbs - so happy!

      Posted by Gladys, Miami FL on 2nd Mar 2011

      R2P2D4 - down 10 lbs I am so happy! I have been under a lot of stress and dint do well during R1P3 and I gain 10 lbs so they are gone and forever this time!

    96. down 20 pounds already

      Posted by Tyra K. on 2nd Mar 2011

      As of this morning I lost 20lbs!

    97. 37 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Linda S. on 2nd Mar 2011

      I lost 23 inches in my first 6 week phase. I am pleased with this. I wasn't so worried about the pounds since myself and a friend walked daily we were building muscle from our burning fat. I have recommended it to another friend and her daughter who have also had good results so far, they have only been on the drops for a few weeks.

    98. 37 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Donna P. on 1st Mar 2011

      I know the HCG diet works and I do recommend it to others. I had stopped because of a family issue and now I am ready to start again. This diet is worth every penny!

    99. 29 pounds in just 40 days!!

      Posted by Leslie C. on 28th Feb 2011

      I have a low thyroid and am going through menopause ...nothing was working to lose weight. This diet worked for me and I lost 29 pounds!!

    100. 38.2 pounds came off fast

      Posted by G.A. on 25th Feb 2011

      I have to admit I was skeptical upon starting the diet. Even with the encouragement of my co-worker, I truly didn't believe I would be able to function on the 500 calorie diet. Amazingly, I did very well... even to the point where I didn't require all 500 calories. Also worth noting, is that the limited food selection was very satisfying. I am an emotional eater and had no cravings for sweets or fatty foods. In fact, as time goes on, it seems the brain is almost "reprogrammed" to eat the appropriate foods in the appropriate amounts during the diet. I am very happy for the result I had. I would do it again!

    101. A diet that works well...

      Posted by Brandy S. on 25th Feb 2011

      I bought this for my 28 year old son. He has lost 40 lbs. He is in the taper phase now, but he wants to lose some more weight. This is the first diet he's ever stuck to. This was recommended to us by my older son and his wife. They both lost 19 lbs in 3 weeks.

    102. 28 pounds so far

      Posted by Lorie G. on 16th Feb 2011

      I am currently down 19 total inches. Good energy level and not hungry. Looking forward to next phase. I have a friend currently on it who has done approximately 14 days and she has lost 10 pounds and 9 inches already.

    103. 34.3 pounds lost in 40 days

      Posted by S.G. on 16th Feb 2011

      I had various health issues before I did this 40 day diet and now all of them seem to be under control... I am so glad I gave this a try!

    104. Lost 49 lbs in 40 days

      Posted by Teresa G. on 3rd Feb 2011

      I started phase one on December 21. My family and friends thought I was crazy to start right before Christmas. I started at 344lbs. and 40 days later I was down to 295lbs. I have lost 49lbs. and over 18 total inches. I would highly recommend this HCG diet. I made it through Christmas and all of January without any problems at all. It was very easy to stay on the 500 calorie diet and I really never felt deprived.

    105. 38 Pounds in 40 Days

      Posted by Barbara B. on 3rd Feb 2011

      I had heard of the HCG diet but wasn't sure about how it worked. I knew a person that had lost a large amount of weight on the HCG diet. The appeal of using drops over expensive shots was a big selling point. The website provided an good amount of information that made me feel comfortable in ordering the product.

    106. 32.7 lbs in 40 days.

      Posted by Cathie B. on 3rd Feb 2011

      I am happy about the result I have lost 35 inches all over. Five people have ordered because of my recommendation. They are very happy to start and motivated because of my success.

    107. It's worked like a charm

      Posted by Penny S. on 3rd Feb 2011

      I had about 45 pounds to lose and the 40 day protocol helped me lose 38 of that. It was a bit difficult to remember to take the drops 3 times a day, always at the same time, but I got used to it and enjoyed seeing the fat melt off. Two thumbs up and keep up the good work!

    108. Best Weight Loss Option So Far

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jan 2011

      I couldn't be happier about my results. I have lost 30 pounds and feel so much better.

    109. Almost finished; 33 pounds lost so far...

      Posted by Lea H. on 15th Jan 2011

      My friend and I are doing this 40 day protocol and have already lost over 30 pounds. Once I'm done, I will be looking forward to keeping the weight off. My blood pressure has already lowered because of the outlined diet regimen and HCG itself.

    110. 38 lbs melted off in 40 days

      Posted by Rashida M. on 15th Jan 2011

      I had over 30 pounds to lose so I decided to bite the bullet and commit to the 40 day program. I was shocked by the results after a few days when I saw pounds coming off on a daily basis. The end score was 38 pounds; more than what I could even dream about.

    111. Lost 37 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Nichole R. on 12th Jan 2011

      Best diet I have ever tried! Now that I experienced amazing weight loss, I am a total believer and I support everyone that wants to try HCG. I used the bottle in 2 segments but I lost a total of 37 pounds and still haven't gained an ounce back.

    112. Halfway to my goal of losing 35 lbs

      Posted by C.C. on 8th Jan 2011

      I started my first round on Christmas eve and I have lost 15.6 pounds so far. My goal for this round is another 20 pounds, and my over all goal is to drop an additional 50 pounds by summer.

    113. 35 pounds - just like magic

      Posted by Jennifer A. on 7th Jan 2011

      Really awesome diet that actually works for the first time and the results are permanent. 35 pounds lost here! I recommend this to people who have been struggling with extra pounds for years and have given up hope like I did. It is worth the price: it is an investment anyone should make for their health.

    114. 38 pounds on the 40 day program

      Posted by Jane K. on 3rd Jan 2011

      I am super satisfied with the results, I feel great, healthy and rejuvenated. There is just one problem, now I need new clothes but I guess it is a good problem to have. I highly recommend HCG Weight Drops to anyone who wants to lose weight. Just follow the simple instruction and you will be fine.

    115. I lost 38.9 pounds on these drops

      Posted by Jamy C. on 3rd Jan 2011

      I love love love the results. I feel great and love the way I look in clothes! My self esteem is sky high right now. HCG worked wonders for me. I'm so glad I chose to purchase it. I will probably be purchasing another bottle soon (in about 6 weeks or so - want to rest my body for a bit so I don't become immune to HCG).

    116. Amazing Weight-loss Drops:

      Posted by A.D. on 3rd Jan 2011

      My wife and I order on a regular basis and I can say that we have always had a good experience with your company. The drops are great, they work very well and nothing can beat free shipping and great customer care.

    117. 41 lbs lost in 40 days

      Posted by Vickie on 30th Dec 2010

      I am now on the maintenance diet and am doing well. I have lost 2 more pounds which makes a total of 41 pounds. I am so happy that I made the decision to go on the HCG diet because I am eating more healthy and feeling so much better. Leg pains that I had before have disappeared and I have started a walking program that really makes me feel invigorated. I would certainly recommend this diet to anyone wanting to lose weight and lose it fast with very little trouble and little hunger pangs involved. I know I am much healthier with the weight off.

    118. 39 lbs on 40 day protocol

      Posted by R.G. on 16th Dec 2010

      The 40 day diet was very helpful in helping me lose the baby fat I've had for ages... I lost 39 pounds with ease. I wouldn't describe the diet as difficult but it requires commitment and close attention. The recipes I used were really good and mostly I didn't even feel like I was on a diet... Can't wait to shop for new spring dresses next year.

    119. 22 pounds less now!

      Posted by Christine D. on 16th Dec 2010

      I must admit I couldn't finish the entire bottle, only half of it. I basically turned it into a 21 day program and I am planning on doing the other 21 days next year after all the parties and family get togethers go down. I did lose 22 pounds so far and about 25 inches from various places on my body. It definitely deserves 5 stars.

    120. Lost 46 lbs!

      Posted by Jamie W. on 15th Dec 2010

      Day 41 and down 46lbs!!! Hoping to lose 4 more in the next 4 days. Excited for P3 and than another round of P2 in January.

    121. Lost 51 lbs - I'm a new man!

      Posted by Austyne H. on 15th Dec 2010

      Starting weight was 258.0 and ive lost 51lbs!!! Would like to lose 15lbs more. Love both HCG and Now HGH!! AMAZING

    122. 31 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by S.O. on 14th Dec 2010

      I feel wonderful since purchasing and starting the HCG diet. I did have a small glitch in my program: on day 4 I was hospitalized for 19 hrs. Unfortunately, I had to take pain pills and I wonder if that kept me from losing more weight than I did. I feel renewed and re-focused toward a new lifestyle. Follow the program as directed and you will be on your way to a new you.

    123. 37 pounds came off quick

      Posted by Randy B. on 14th Dec 2010

      I lost 37 pounds! I like the fact that it came off so quickly and when I measured myself I could actually see where the weight was coming off at. I am happy I chose to go with your HCG. I would do it again. If losing weight and being healthy is important to you and your family, this is the best choice.

    124. Lost 19 kilogramms in 40 days

      Posted by Kate S. on 9th Dec 2010

      We don't have access to such good weight loss products in Australia so I did my little research and came across this company. I read all the good reviews and decided to go with the 40 day programme as I had about 20 kgs to lose. I lost 19 kgs which is the equivalent of almost 40 US pounds. I am very very pleased with this result. Cheers!

    125. Lost almost 35 pounds in 40 days!!!

      Posted by Loise B. on 8th Dec 2010

      HCG weight drops is amazing. On most diets you lose in certain areas, but with HCG I lost all over. My stomach is flat, I feel great, and look so much healthier. I melted away all over. It was quick and effective and the results are proof. I lost 34.8 lbs in 40 days! This was through Thanksgiving when you normally gain pounds. This diet is amazing. The most important thing on a diet is to see results quickly to stay motivated. Thanks to our doctor for recommending this and I am recommending this to all our friends.

    126. 38 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Kelly M. on 6th Dec 2010

      I couldn't be more pleased. It is the fastest way to lose weight. I will be starting another round in January and I plan on ordering from hcgweightdrops again! I have recommended this diet to my mom and mother in-law. My mom has already lost 18 LBS in 21 days. My mother in-law is planning on starting it after the new year.

    127. 37.2 pounds in 40 days!

      Posted by G.A. on 4th Dec 2010

      The diet went very well and the results are out of this world. I did not believe in the drops until I finally tried them myself. I lost 37.2 pounds and couldn't be happier.

    128. Lost 30 lbs!

      Posted by Sara S. on 2nd Dec 2010

      Update: lost .5 lbs this morning so that makes a solid total of 30 pounds so far out of that lost five lbs on P3. I feel good about myself and my determination to stay focus...Have a great week ladies!!!

    129. Lost 38 pounds

      Posted by Mark H. on 2nd Dec 2010

      Pretty good diet really; I lost 38 pounds on it. My only complaint is that I got pretty bad headaches while I was still dieting. I'm not sure how common of a problem it is but it's something you should be aware of. Other than that, great diet - it worked well.

    130. 36.5 pounds down

      Posted by Linda M. on 2nd Dec 2010

      I successfully finished this 40 day program and I am down 36.5 pounds. I was concerned that my cravings would overtake my efforts as they have on other diets in the past, but I have been surprised to find it is much easier to stick to the 500 calories than I had thought. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is dedicated to lose weight in a short period of time.

    131. Great diet for the money!

      Posted by Joseph S. on 2nd Dec 2010

      I have never been so impressed with any other diet in my life. I've always looked at diets as a way to make women feel better even though they don't work. I lost 37 pounds in 40 days and am now convinced that the HCG diet is perfectly suitable for men as well. I'm happy to have finally lost my belly and now I can fit in size 34 pants instead of 38 or 40.

    132. 37 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Sam B. on 29th Nov 2010

      This is a pretty intense diet protocol but it's not impossible to get through it without cheating. I lost more pounds than I anticipated. Of course, most of my friends noticed the 37 pound drop.

    133. 40 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Tim M. on 29th Nov 2010

      Just as promised: I lost 40 pounds on this diet. I sit behind the desk a lot and work all the time so finding time to exercise is nearly impossible. HCG helped me lose so much weight I can't believe it. My wife loves it! Thanks.

    134. Good diet for men. Lost 39 pounds.

      Posted by Mark R. on 25th Nov 2010

      This was a diet my wife's friends have been talking about for months now and I couldn't help but think to myself that I want to lose weight on this too. I lost 39 pounds basically. My wife is more attracted to me and my doctor is pleased with my latest cholesterol result.

    135. 38 POUNDS in 40 DAYS!!

      Posted by N.L. on 19th Nov 2010

      Literally everyone is doing this diet at my work place so of course I had to try it as well! I had about 30 pounds to lose so I thought I would really put these drops to the test. I ended up losing 38 pounds and I could not be happier!!

    136. Lost 39.2 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Jessica F. on 19th Nov 2010

      The results are priceless; at least the ones I've seen when I finished my 40 day diet. Until now it was unheard of to be able to lose 20, 30, 40 pounds so quickly but these HCG drops are evidence of the opposite! I lost 39.2 pounds by day 40 and I haven't gained any of it back! I'm planning on taking it easy on the cakes this Thanksgiving but it's nice that I can eat normal foods again and still not gain.

    137. 34 pounds lost in the end.

      Posted by Amanda W. on 11th Nov 2010

      I am very pleased with the results. I was worried about such a rapid weight loss in a short period of time, but I have had no side effects. I would be happy with losing another 20 pounds! But currently I'm happy with the 34 pounds I lost. The results are very good and I feel great.

    138. Lost 36.5 on the 40 day supply

      Posted by J. G. on 11th Nov 2010

      Surprisingly I still maintained a good energy level on 500 calories a day. To the point that I started a light workout routine 6 days a week, that mixed up light cardio and light circuit training. Saw dramatic improvements in weight lost, inches lost, increased energy and reduced blood pressure. It does take willpower to stick to the diet and the 500 calories. I am 36.5 LBS lighter now.

    139. Losing 2 lbs a day!

      Posted by Tina S. on 10th Nov 2010

      2 more pounds dropped,, even with my cake and ice cream? How did that happen, the day before I was 100% loyal and didnt lose any.. Down 12 pounds in 6 days now!! YAY!!

    140. 9 pounds in 9 days

      Posted by Erin G. on 9th Nov 2010

      I just began with the diet not too long ago. I heard about HCG for the first time from one of my friends who has done it before and it seemed like a reasonable diet program. I will update my results after I complete the program. So far I love it!

    141. Lost an incredible 39 pounds

      Posted by Donna P. on 9th Nov 2010

      I am very impressed with how quickly and easily the first 10 pounds came off! The rest came off almost as easily. I totaled 39 pounds in the end which is very nice! This is what you need to jump start your diet and change in lifestyle.

    142. down 12 pounds -losing a pound a day!

      Posted by Desiree P. on 4th Nov 2010

      UPDATE: Day #11, 12 pounds down!!!! Amazing!

    143. Love this diet! 38 pounds in 40 days.

      Posted by Vanessa S. on 4th Nov 2010

      I am very pleased with this product; it truly works (38 pounds in 40 days). In my opinion it is easy to follow and the results are out of this world!

    144. HCG melted 35 pounds off!

      Posted by Nancy B. on 4th Nov 2010

      I was amazed with the results! After trying several diets, I was ready to give up. Then I heard about these HCG drops and tried them. This truly is the one and only diet that has worked for me and I lost 35 pounds. If you have sincerely devoted yourself to any diets and have not had any success then you should consider the HCG diet. The results are fast and amazing!

    145. 30 lbs lost on 40 day program

      Posted by Francine L. on 3rd Nov 2010

      I have noticed that I have lost more inches than weight. I was going to stop on day 30 but I wanted to reach my goal of 30 lbs, therefore, continued. I am really disappointed that I have stayed at the same weight for 3-4 days at a time. Although the results differ, it is really worth doing the HCG diet. It really works.

    146. 36 pounds in 40 day time

      Posted by S.T. on 3rd Nov 2010

      The 36 pounds loss is amazing and I am happy that I committed to the program. I encourage anyone who wants a fresh start at a healthy lifestyle, this is the way to go. At first I thought I wouldn't make the whole 40 days but as I kept seeing the pounds come off it really inspired me to go further. I would recommend the product to anyone who is really ready for change.

    147. Lost 11.4 lbs already! Easy!

      Posted by Jamie W. on 3rd Nov 2010

      Day 6: Gained 5 lbs in my load days. But lost that plus 11.4 lbs. I love this. It's so easy when the lbs seem to melt off.

    148. 37 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Paula R. on 2nd Nov 2010

      I have lost an incredible 37 pounds and 18 inches so far on the HCG diet plan. My goal was about 40 pounds. I am now wearing size 8 jeans and medium tops! I am most amazed at how easy this has been and have given the website information to several of my friends and co-workers. I feel very energetic and my family says I look great.

    149. 35 pounds down!

      Posted by Linda H. on 2nd Nov 2010

      I was a skeptic when my sister first told me about this diet, then I saw her results and high energy levels. I have an upcoming wedding, so I thought I would try it too. The results have been amazing. I've lost 35 pounds and 18 inches in 40 days!

    150. Amazing

      Posted by AUSTYNE on 2nd Nov 2010

      Myself and my freind both went on lost 51lbs in total did two cycles and i was never more AMAZED in my life with how easy it is. I am 6'2 was 258 NOW 207!!!! really cant weight for the HGH NOW~!

    151. lost 10 lbs in 8 days so far!!!

      Posted by Desiree P. on 1st Nov 2010

      Day#8, 10 pounds down this it's amazing!!!! I'm in love with this product... Today I will add 25 to 30 minutes on cardie (waking).... So far so good!!

    152. Lost 5 lbs already - AMAZING!

      Posted by Desiree P. on 30th Oct 2010

      Day#6, five pounds down AMAZING!!!! I feel great.... I'm only having a strawberry smoothie (strawberries, stevia & water) or small apple. Lunch & dinner I have chicken or fish with vegetables. I'm drinking more than 100 ounces of water everyday!!! I'm so happy about my results so far!!!!

    153. 14 pounds in 14 days

      Posted by Joe S. on 30th Oct 2010

      Lost about 14 pounds so far, especially from the belly area. Sweet diet even for men.

    154. 36 pounds lost over 40 days

      Posted by Devin P. on 30th Oct 2010

      Very very satisfied with the results and overall with this diet program. I lost 36 pounds on the 40 day program. This diet must help so many people get in shape; it's amazing!

    155. 38 pounds lost on 40 day program

      Posted by Cindy S. on 29th Oct 2010

      Really great diet - I just finished it a couple days ago and I'm really glad I followed through with it. The 38 pounds I lost is definitely visible to everyone around me!

    156. 39 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Linda S. on 27th Oct 2010

      I'm very happy with the results I got after completing this 40 day cycle. I lost 39 pounds so just about 1 pound a day just like I've heard from many other people before when I was a skeptic. It's nice to have a slim body again as we live right by the beach and now I'm not afraid to go. Amazing product!!

    157. 37 pounds just melted off!

      Posted by Deborah H. on 27th Oct 2010

      Overall I had a great experience with this diet and the results I've gotten are unbeatable. My body is completely transformed and now I look a few years younger. Awesome!

    158. 35 pounds lost this time

      Posted by Diane D. on 26th Oct 2010

      This was my second time using HCG drops and now I finally reached my goal. This time I lost 35 pounds and the first time I lost about 36. Now I am 71 pounds lighter!!! I may post my pictures on facebook.

    159. amazing results!!!!

      Posted by Erin K. on 23rd Oct 2010

      I've lost 13 pounds! yay the results are amazing!

    160. 35 Pounds in 40 Days

      Posted by B.B. on 22nd Oct 2010

      I am returning customer. This was my second time using HCG for weightloss and it worked just as great as the first time. I am now 72 pounds lighter after 2 cycles of 40 day drops.

    161. 14 lbs in 14 days

      Posted by Julian J. on 21st Oct 2010

      My wife and I need to lose some weight and I decided to give the HCG diet a try first. She can barely believe the progress I am making. We're definitely ordering her drops from you guys. I have already gone down 3 pants sizes.

    162. YES to 40 Pounds in 40 Days

      Posted by J.L. on 21st Oct 2010

      I was amazed every single day when I stepped on the scale to weight myself. I don't quite understand how but I lost 40 pounds and everyone around me is shocked. I am finally close to having a beach body again.

    163. 36 pounds in 40 days (second round)

      Posted by Amy S. on 21st Oct 2010

      HCG never disappoints. This was my second time using HCG to lose weight and I got rid of 36 unwanted pounds in 40 days. I couldn't be happier with these results.

    164. 14 lbs in 14 days

      Posted by Debrah B. on 20th Oct 2010

      Okay, maybe I only lost 13 and a half but it's still amazing and I'm still shedding pounds. I give this program 5 stars as it actually works well unlike other products out there.

    165. 13 pounds in 14 days

      Posted by Jessica F. on 19th Oct 2010

      I am not even half way through this 40 day program and I have already lost 13 pounds! I can already fit into some of my new clothes. It's so exciting :)

    166. Lost 9 lbs easy!

      Posted by Tangi P. on 18th Oct 2010

      Day 5 ~ Going Good.. I did eat out last night but didn't gain.. I am down 9lbs..

    167. Already losing pounds

      Posted by Lori K. on 18th Oct 2010

      I am on Round 1, Phase 2, day 6. I have lost 13 pounds so far on the Hcg diet.

    168. 34 Pounds in 40 Days

      Posted by Susan F. on 16th Oct 2010

      I really liked everything about this diet except I wish I ordered the kit with more information. Nevertheless, the HCG product itself works like a charm!! Money well spent!

    169. down 23 pounds

      Posted by Michele K. on 14th Oct 2010

      Day 32 and down 23 pounds

    170. So far lost 22lbs

      Posted by Angie T. on 14th Oct 2010

      22lbs so far have not measured yet this week but last time was 5 inches in total!

    171. Lost 18lbs and 11 inches

      Posted by Tane C. on 14th Oct 2010

      Day 14, 18lbs gone baby gone... 11 inches dropped...

    172. Excellent product - excellent service

      Posted by d. d. on 14th Oct 2010

      I am very happy with this diet and the company. They are always helpful and give useful information to help me to succeed at this. I have only been on the diet for 4 days but I've already lost 5 pounds which is amazing. I know my friends will be jealous once I've lost all the weight I wanted.

    173. Lost 4.8 lbs in 3 days already!!

      Posted by Felicia C. on 13th Oct 2010

      Day 3 down 4.8 pounds! I think that's pretty good!

    174. down 20.5 lbs in 25 days so far!

      Posted by Angie K. on 13th Oct 2010

      20.5lbs down on day 25! I have not ate out or had pop for 4 weeks!

    175. lost 18 lbs and 16 inches

      Posted by Tami M. on 12th Oct 2010

      Day 22 and lost 18 lbs and 16 inches

    176. 35 pounds lost TOTAL

      Posted by Julie B. on 12th Oct 2010

      This is the only diet that truly works! I lost about 35 pounds and I could not be happier. Everyone should try this.

    177. Losing a pound a day

      Posted by Michelle D. on 12th Oct 2010

      Day 7 and Down 8 pounds!

    178. Lost 10 lbs in 13 days so far

      Posted by PMS on 12th Oct 2010

      Already lost 10 lbs! Awesome!!!!!

    179. 36 lbs - 40 day program

      Posted by Jennifer H. on 11th Oct 2010

      I just finished with the program and am very happy with the 36 pounds I lost!! This has seemed impossible for years after my pregnancy but finally I did it with the help of HCG Amino.

    180. 15 pounds in just 14 day and still counting!

      Posted by Judith G. on 11th Oct 2010

      I have been averaging a little over a pound a day even with a little cheating here and there!! I have not had so much success with weight-loss ever since Ephedrine was removed from the supplement market. HCG ROCKS!!!

    181. 40 pounds GONE!

      Posted by Elizabeth G. on 8th Oct 2010

      I lost 40 pounds in 40 some days! I am living evidence that it can be done and HCG really does work if used properly.

    182. 40 day and 35 pounds later...

      Posted by Donna K. on 8th Oct 2010

      Excellent way to diet and it really does work! Wish I could give it 6 stars!

    183. 38 pounds "happier"

      Posted by Angela on 8th Oct 2010

      The 38 pounds just MELTED OFF during the 40 day period! I could not believe that finally there is a diet that works. Now I'm back into fitness to tone up a little. I will recommend this to all my friends at the gym!

    184. Better than shots! Lost 36 LBS!

      Posted by Jessica F on 8th Oct 2010

      I absolutely loved this diet! It wasn't always easy to stay on track but it really worked and now I am 36 pounds lighter just after 40some days!

    185. Weight stays off

      Posted by John on 7th Oct 2010

      Amazing how the weight really does stay off at the end. Loved finding a product that really does do what it says it does!

    186. Lost 15.2 in 17 days so far!!!

      Posted by Stacey G. on 6th Oct 2010

      day 17 and lost 15.2 lbs!!!!!! 20 more to go!!!!!!!!

    187. Lost 16 lbs so far!

      Posted by Angie T-K. on 5th Oct 2010

      16 lbs in 21 days!

    188. Lost 14 lbs and 8 inches!

      Posted by Tami M. on 5th Oct 2010

      14 lbs and 8 inches this diet is great It has controled my cravings for sugar> Have baked cookies all weekend and have not tasted even one. Amazing Thanks HCG

    189. Ready for the beach! 36 pounds gone in 40 days

      Posted by Helene N. on 4th Oct 2010

      It took me a while to decide on this diet but I'm very glad I did!! Just over a month of time it helped me reach my goals I have not been able to reach in years... Wonderful program!

    190. 10 pounds in 20 days

      Posted by Vanessa on 4th Oct 2010

      This is a very good and comprehensive diet and I am satisfied with the results so far. I expected to lose a little more but I am sure it will come. Over all a very good program!

    191. I have lost 7 pounds in 7 days and it hasn't stopped there...

      Posted by Nancy B on 4th Oct 2010

      I am very very happy with this product and therefore I will give it 5 stars! I will recommend your HCG product to all my girlfriends.

    192. Already down 11.8 lbs

      Posted by Andrea W. on 4th Oct 2010

      down 11.8 and today i had a piece of roast and side of collards with pork hoping i havent messed up to bad

    193. Lost 5 lbs in first 5 days

      Posted by Mily N. on 28th Sep 2010

      I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days!!!

    194. Lost 4 lbs in 2 days!

      Posted by Kayla G. on 25th Sep 2010

      I've lost 4 pounds in two days

    195. Lost 7.7 lbs in 4 days

      Posted by Tami M. on 25th Sep 2010

      I have lost 7.7 lbs in 4 days and it has not been that hard I am amazed at this diet.

    196. Lost 30 lbs

      Posted by Robin D. on 25th Sep 2010

      I have lost 30 lbs in about 45 days and am starting my 2 nd dose and only have 10 lbs to hit my goal weight. Yeah. I love these drops.

    197. Lost 10.1 lbs so far

      Posted by Earlene G. on 18th Sep 2010

      Down 10.1 Its working.....Awesome!!!!!

    198. Already lost 3.5 lbs!

      Posted by Irene P. on 17th Sep 2010

      I'm new at this so I don't know the language that well, including loading days this is my 4th day and I lost 3.5 can't wait to weigh my self in the morning. That bloated feeling is gone and I already feel better. Can't wait to see the end results.

    199. Down another 4lbs, 29 lbs total

      Posted by Mary T. on 16th Sep 2010

      I've lost another 4 lbs this week, which puts me at 29 lbs total. Thank you for all the support!

    200. Lost 18.4 lbs in 12 days

      Posted by Jennifer H. on 15th Sep 2010

      I have struggled with weight loss my whole life and this is the first thing that has worked for me. I've already lost 18.4 lbs in just under two weeks and my sisters and friends are all wanting to do the diet!

    201. 1st diet I've stuck with

      Posted by cendy on 14th Sep 2010

      This is the 1st time I've ever stuck with a diet. I have not had much hunger. My blood pressure is lower, I am feeling so good and lost 32 lbs.

    202. It works!

      Posted by Emily P. on 10th Sep 2010

      So my friend lost weight, I asked her how and she gave me this website. Took me about a month to decide to purchase, but after reading the reviews and doing a little research i decided to do it. Very glad I did! the 'lose 40lb in 40 days' slogan is real!!

    203. Lost 43 lbs and 30 inches

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      I can't believe how good i look. When I lose another 10 lbs i will be less than when i graduated high school! wow!

    204. great results

      Posted by Teresa P. on 29th Jul 2010

      I've always had difficulty losing weight but i am seeing great results with hcg drops. My only regret is i wish i had found them sooner.

    205. Wasn't easy, but well worth it!

      Posted by Katharine on 7th Jul 2010

      HCG Drops far exceeded my expectations. I lost nearly 30 lbs and I have a health condition. I have purchased a third and time to do another round and now my friends are buying from you guys.

    206. No painful injections

      Posted by Bradley J. on 5th Jul 2010

      I did not feel anxious. There were no painful injections to worry about.

    207. 20 pounds off

      Posted by Linda on 16th Jun 2010

      Today I hit 20 pounds down. Feels so wonderful. Getting ready to go on maintenance. I am so encouraged with the results of HCG. I know that I will continue to eat well while on maintenance!

    208. Did Use Before

      Posted by Y. Reed on 1st Jun 2010

      I once used HCG before from another site. Didn't have much success as I was so hungry. Saw this with Amino Plus so gave a try. Amino really helps keeps the hunger down! I strongly recommend even if you have tried HCG before.

    209. Lost 34 lbs and never felt this good!

      Posted by Terry S. on 31st May 2010

      I decided not to tell anyone that I was starting 'another' diet program, but when I had lost 20 lbs three weeks in, everyone was asking me! I'm so glad I came across this site. Awesome stuff!

    210. Lost 38 lbs in 6 weeks!

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      So slim now, I could be on one of those TV commercials with the before and after shots and no-one would believe me! I've lost 38 lbs in 40 days. Just stick to the diet and it's money!

    211. Had to start somewhere

      Posted by Molly on 10th May 2010

      I can't wait to see the results of HCG!

    212. Was very skeptical but seeing great results

      Posted by Jeni A. on 18th Mar 2010

      I had tried everything else and was very skeptical. I had lots of questions and called a few times to get questions answered.

      I'm halfway through and have lost 22lbs.

      Thank you so much.

    213. Wonderful!

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      If you want to lose weight use these, inexpensive and very effective. I recommend the 40 day program as the 21 day gets you excited, you see how much weight you lose, and you want to do more! Just go straight to the 40 day and you will not regret it!

    214. Drops better than injections

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      I can’t believe it’s so cheap! I am mad that I spent $875 last year on injections and I have had better results on these drops.