21-Day HCG Diet Program - Complete Kit

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21-Day Program: Recommended for Weight Loss of up to 15-25 Pounds! 

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  • 21 Day Supply HCG Amino Plus (1oz bottle)
  • 21 Day Supply Sublingual B Total
  • Oral Syringe w/ Tube
  • HCG Diet Manual Book ($24.95 value) - 72 pages include:
    • 17 Helpful Tips for Success
    • Approved Foods, Caloric Values & Shopping List
    • 17 Diet Recipes & Much More
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Dr. Simeons' Original Manuscript eBook
  • HCG Weight Loss and BMI Tracker ($9.95 value)

Our unique combination of HCG drops with Amino Plus will strengthen your liver, heart and kidneys as you lose weight while boosting your metabolism and energy levels with the B-vitamin. You'll enjoy reading our comprehensive HCG Diet Manual that contains easy-to-follow instructions and delicious recipes along with tips for weight loss success. You'll also be able to track the pounds you lose and the inches that melt away with our HCG Weight Loss and BMI (Body Mass Index) Tracker. We also send you our Quick Start Guide and Dr Simeons' original manuscript 'Pounds & Inches" for you to download and read so you're ready to get started as soon as you get the product!

We are trusted and loved by thousands and you can join our live community on Facebook for free unlimited support and tips. You can also interact with real people that have lost up to 60 lbs with our HCG Amino Plus formula and ask their advice. Tons of happy customers have lost up to 30-40 lbs (click the Testimonials tab above to see them) and we're 100% commited to helping you do the same and kick start your new lifestyle.

No recurring billing - This is a one-time purchase to help you lose up to 15-20 lbs in three weeks.


      • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
      • Arginine: Strengthens tissues, expedites healing, strengthens immune system and helps release hormones.
      • L-Carnitine: Supports your metabolism by expediting the breakdown of stored fat into energy for the body. It also supports your kidneys, energy levels and improves the disposal of glucose from the body. Supports glandular and metabolic functions.
      • Ornithine: Helps support both the liver and kidneys and increase metabolic functions while burning those fat cells that are hard to get rid of.
      • Glycine: Keeps you healthy and full of nutrients when you aren’t eating as much while on the HCG diet.
      • Tyrosine: Suppress appetite and reduce body fat while increasing alertness and focus. Keeps your mind sharp and your outlook positive.
      • Phenylalanine: Essential Amino Acid that the body cannot synthesize. Suppresses your appetite and minimizes any hunger pains while you're shedding pounds and inches.
      • Phosphorous: Helps maximize efficient energy usage by different body parts and works in association with calcium to provide strong bones.
      • 10 drops three times a day. Place drops under tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
      • Take 20 minutes before meals so that it is completely absorbed through the blood capilaries in your mouth.
HCG Amino Plus is the highest potency HCG Diet Drops available. Formulated to improve the overall effectiveness of the HCG Diet.  A special blend of key amino acids provides optimal tissue and organ support while enhancing overall diet results. Currently there are no known or defined side effects to HCG Amino Drops but as with any diet we recommend that you consult with a doctor before starting this diet.

No Risk - Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be thrilled with your results that if you're not satisfied, you can send everything back, used or unopened within 30 days for a refund (see terms)




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Hcgweightdrops.com offers the highest quality hcg with 7 essential amino acids.
  • HCG diet drops...
    Hcgweightdrops.com offers the highest quality hcg with 7 essen...

Our custom blend of 7 amino acids were chosen for specific health benefits:

  • Boost your metabolism to burn more fat, support your liver, heart and kidneys
  • Expel the excess ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances from your body
  • Help the way you feel, your energy levels, clarity of thought and stamina
  • Stabilizes your metabolism so that you don't gain the weight back after the diet
  • Maximizes your weight loss and optimizes your diet experience
  • The biggest difference in our product, that you will not find anywhere else, it the custom blend of 7 amino acids. All product based in hcg will help people to lose weight. However, losing weight this quickly and on low calorie diets will place a tremendous amount of stress on your heart, liver, kidneys and system. All of the amino acids that we have blended were chosen for specific health benefits. They help boost your metabolism to burn more fat, support your liver, heart and kidneys and help expel the excess ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances from your body. They also help the way you feel, your energy levels, clarity of thought and stamina. Many of the cravings people get emanate from the deficiencies that their organs are experiencing. Without this support, people have a harder time stabilizing their metabolisms after the diet and some gain it back.

    Having proper support from these amino acids, you will be more successful in not just losing the weight, but in keeping if off long term. It is much easier to do when your body has not been stressed out from lack of proper nutrition.
    We hope that this information helps explain why HCG Amino Plus Drops are the only product that we will carry and sell. There are cheaper brands of hcg out there, but none of them support your organs like HCG Amino Plus. That is how we can offer our 30-day money back guarantee.
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    Product Reviews

    1. Wonderful Product

      Posted by Jennifer on 21st Feb 2015

      I am 6 days into the drops and diet and I have lost 8 pounds. The diet is difficult but if you can stick to it, you will see the pounds fall off!! Best diet I have ever tried! Highly recommended! Thanks HCG!

    2. Good results so far

      Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2015

      I am 9 days into the diet and drops...and have lost 11lbs. Diet is difficult but I have done it before and I know what to expect. I have used other HCG products and they have not worked near as well at curbing my appetite.

    3. Quickest Weight loss Ever

      Posted by Unknown on 21st Oct 2014

      I have tried many things,pills juices,powders etc and never felt like this! At first when read about the diet and what each phase did I doubted it seriously. I am week 2 into it and I have lost nearly 7 pounds! I will definitely keep going and will be getting more for my next cycle!

    4. great product

      Posted by Tiffany Alger on 25th Jan 2014

      Amazing!!! Highly recommended!

    5. Lost another 11 lbs on second round!

      Posted by Maryam P on 23rd Jul 2013

      Down 11.2 in 14 days. No questions. This is my second round on the of 21 day program . thanks .


      Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jul 2013

      I was very skeptical about this diet as I have never been able to lose those last 10 lbs. After 10 days, I was down 8lbs consistantly. I will probably continue this following my vacation as well.

    7. It's working!

      Posted by Unknown on 10th May 2013

      I have always been able to lose weight until i hit 42... then nothing. Starve starve starve and 1 pound a wk. Not very motivating. I tried this and i have already lost 7 pounds in one wk. Now it takes will power... but it works if you stick to it. Cant wait to see what day 21 brings.

    8. Amazing

      Posted by Amy.B on 7th May 2013

      This product has helped me so just.
      In 10 days I have lost almost 6kg.
      I will continue to use this product and I definitely reccomend it to those who have had trouble with their weight like me!!

    9. the pounds are dropping off

      Posted by Laura Freeman on 26th Mar 2013

      So far; so good! Not hungry; have more energy and the pounds are dropping.

    10. round 2 here I come

      Posted by Tamara Mayer on 14th Mar 2013

      I lost 29 pounds last month and am getting ready to start round 2!

    11. 60 lbs lost, I'm a different person

      Posted by Shari Miller on 9th Mar 2013

      HCG helped me lose 60 lbs and make me a different person! Thanks HCG!

    12. Down 15 pounds in 17 days

      Posted by Marissa, as posted on Facebook on 28th Jan 2013

      I'm 10 pounds away from my goal weight and have lost 15 pounds in 17 days.

    13. It works!

      Posted by Vicky B, as posted on Facebook on 14th Jan 2013

      Have taken HCG in the past and yes it works! I'm excited to start again, to try to lose a few more pounds!

    14. This Really Works!!

      Posted by Melissa on 14th Jan 2013

      I have been on tons of diets but this one really worked for me.Just follow the directions and you will loose weight too!

    15. Best web support ever

      Posted by Andrea Y on 28th Dec 2012

      Many thanks for your excellent support. You are the best web support that I have so far. Keep up the fantastic job! Bravo!

    16. 7 pounds lost on day 1

      Posted by Natasha D on 3rd Dec 2012

      Starting my second day of the HCG diet and already lost 7lbs!

    17. Very good product

      Posted by Melissa on 17th Nov 2012

      I'm 5 days in to the VLCD portion of the diet and have lost 10 pounds. I'm very excited and motivated to keep going because it's 21 days, anyone can do this for 21 days! I have felt very little hunger, and it was nothing drinking water couldn't solve.
      I'm very happy with this product, as I have tried different drops one time before and was feeling starved on them. Plus I only lost 11 pounds on those in 3 weeks time.
      Thanks for a great and trustworthy product.

    18. Lost 18 pounds without being hungry

      Posted by Jamie B on 13th Nov 2012

      I Loved the diet, I was never hungry, had lots of energy, and lost 18 pounds!

    19. Down 14 pounds in 4 days!

      Posted by Amanda C, as posted on Facebook on 12th Nov 2012

      Well i am down 14 lbs since Wednesday (today is Saturday) yay and feeling great woo hoo!!!

    20. 25 lbs down - 75 more to go!!

      Posted by Alisha as posted on Facebook on 8th Nov 2012

      I am so excited to have found the HCG diet! I have lost 25lbs since October 3rd!!! I am about to go on my maininance weeks!!! I have 75lbs more to go! But I know I can do it!!!!!

    21. Losing fast!

      Posted by Mindy H, as posted on Facebook on 8th Nov 2012

      Lost 10 pounds in 14 days

    22. Week 1 - down 12 lbs

      Posted by Pamela as posted on Facebook on 8th Nov 2012

      I lost 12 pounds in one week on hcg!

    23. Reached my goal weight in 3 weeks

      Posted by Becky B on 31st Oct 2012

      I lost 19 pounds in 21 days and reached my goal weight.

    24. Anyone can do it

      Posted by Maria X, as posted on Facebook on 30th Oct 2012

      I lost 5 pounds in 3 days if can do it...anyone can do it too!

    25. no trouble maintaining

      Posted by Jessica G, as posted on Facebook on 25th Oct 2012

      I've just started my second round and have lost 32.8lbs since starting two months ago. I haven't had any trouble maintaining my weight loss, in fact I continued to lose weight after stopping the drops.

    26. I feel so much better

      Posted by Connie C, as posted on Facebook on 12th Oct 2012

      I tried these and feel so so much better

    27. round 2 is off to a great start

      Posted by Leslie D, as posted on Facebook on 5th Oct 2012

      ok so first I did it for a little less than 30 days lost and 40 lbs. Started again yesterday and lost 2 pounds yesterday.

    28. dropping pounds quickly

      Posted by Elizabeth T, as posted on Facebook on 3rd Oct 2012

      Wow this is so great! I went from 223 on Saturday to 214 on Tuesday! can't wait to get out of the 200's, by next week for sure.

    29. Still losing AFTER!

      Posted by Tawny C, as posted on Facebook on 1st Oct 2012

      I lost 18 pounds in 25 days!! Not even taking the drops anymore but still losing!

    30. Just starting

      Posted by Tara C, as posted on Facebook on 28th Sep 2012

      ‎2nd day on phase 2 and already down 3 lbs.. yay!

    31. Hoping 3rd times the charm and stays off

      Posted by Candace B on 15th Sep 2012

      Third go around with hcg. First time with this product. Started at 170, after second time and the few pounds gained back I started at 150, on day 12 and only down 10.5 which also includes the 4 I gained on splurge days. Not too sure only limited to 10 drops a time is helping as fast as other brands that give 2 oz and take up to 20 drops a day. Third time is definitely a test of will power. Hoping I can stick out another 12 days

    32. 5 sizes and 36 pounds in 26 days

      Posted by Leslie D, as posted on Facebook on 10th Sep 2012

      from a size 22 to 17 in less than a month. 36 pounds in 26 days

    33. Feels great

      Posted by Anita C, as posted on Facebook on 5th Sep 2012

      I'm already down 9 pounds!!!! Feels great.

    34. Feels Great

      Posted by Violetta C, as posted on Facebook on 25th Aug 2012

      So far I have lost 25lbs on HCG feeling great.

    35. it is so worth it

      Posted by Lezlie B, as posted on Facebook on 14th Aug 2012

      I was scared to death to start - but once you get going, it truly is easy!! My biggest problem now is getting enough calories in because I am typically not hungry until meal times and then I can't eat everything...save my fruit for later and sometimes need to make myself eat it just to get my calories in. 12 pounds in 9 days - it is sooo worth it!!!

    36. I Love HCG

      Posted by Nikki T, as posted on Facebook on 6th Aug 2012

      Down 14 pounds in 2 weeks and still going. Cheated twice on my diet but kept going... I love HCG!!!

    37. Lost 1 pound per day

      Posted by Todd W, as posted on Facebook on 30th Jul 2012

      Very satisfied with hcg drops, lost 22 lbs in 21 days.

    38. I'm keeping it off!

      Posted by Kathy S on 23rd Jul 2012

      "I completed the protocol a while ago. I lost 20 pounds and am keeping it off! And I'm at my goal weight!"


      Posted by Jennifer G, as posted on Facebook on 23rd Jul 2012

      Speaking from experience I used the drops from our natural foods store on my first round and have found that since switching to these I am seeing much better results then when I was using the other ones.

    40. I couldn't be happier

      Posted by Melissa, as posted on Facebook on 20th Jul 2012

      Phase 2 day 9 and Im down 14 pounds. I couldnt be happier!

    41. Very Happy!

      Posted by Shelly , as posted on Facebook on 20th Jul 2012

      Phase 2 VLCD day 8 I have lost 9lbs and 2 inches on my waist... It feels so good to have my clothes get loose on me. Very happy with the diet.

    42. It works!!

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Jul 2012

      I was a bit skeptical about this but i gave it a try because the person who recommended it to me lost over 60lbs on 2 rounds. Im on day 4 and have lost 10lbs...7 if i minus the 3 i gained on the loading days. excited to see the outcome by day 21.

    43. It's working!

      Posted by Rebekah on 4th Jul 2012

      I've been on the diet 14 days and I've lost 11 pounds so far.

    44. I lost 23 lbs but should have done better

      Posted by Gena, As posted on Facebook on 27th Jun 2012

      Today I'm starting a second round of hcg drops. I lost 23lbs from jan-mid February. I did well maintaining until we went on a cruise in April. I gained back 5lbs. I was doing great maintaining that until the first week school let out. Now I'm up a total of 9lbs. I started at 163 lost down to 140. I'm now at 149. Hoping it wound be so hard to maintain this time. I'll admit. I started eating more junk. Regular bacon instead if turkey. I really think it is important to stick to the healthier choice. I WILL be more cautious this time.

    45. Already down 10 lbs!

      Posted by Sahri, from Tooele, Utah on 27th Jun 2012

      OK I have been really good and have lost 10 lbs in 10 days.

    46. Down 9lbs in 8 days - Very Happy!

      Posted by Shelly, as posted on Facebook on 27th Jun 2012

      Phase 2 VLCD day 8 I have lost 9lbs and 2 inches on my waist, TOM came 3 days ago so far no affect. It feels so good to have my clothes get loose on me..very happy with the diet...

    47. Easy with great results!

      Posted by Berenice, as posted on Facebook on 19th Jun 2012

      I've lost 20 lbs in 23 days :)

    48. Lost 14 lbs in 6 days ~~ Amazing!

      Posted by Stormy Dawn, as posted on Facebook on 19th Jun 2012

      I was able to get my hands on some hcg for my birthday not counting the two load days I've dropped 14 lbs in 6 days but it's that TOM so it's starting to slow down not too worried about it though :)

    49. Lost 41 lbs in total - HCG has changed my life!!

      Posted by Majlinda, from Goldthwaite, Texas on 14th Jun 2012

      I have to tell you HCG is the life saver, is started at 160 and couldnt lose anything then i started hcg, and now im at 139 and i still have 2 weeks left on it!!! My goal is 130!!
      I also lost 20 lbs on my first round too!

    50. Lost 11 lbs in first 8 days

      Posted by Melanie W. on 11th Jun 2012

      I'm rd1p2d8, lost 11 lb. I am finding this phase pretty easy because its so restricting and the only challenge is how to pep up the food.

    51. Hard start - but worth it!

      Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun 2012

      I've almost completed my 5th day. The HCG drops and recommended diet are both working. I've already lost 8 lbs! Just don't give up! When I have a hard time, I wait until the next day to decide if I want to continue - and always do. It's getting easier now. The hardest part(for me)is not snacking on my normal junk food.

    52. lost nearly 30 pounds!!

      Posted by SH from the UK on 1st Jun 2012

      day 17, down 29lbs :)

    53. Lost 2kgs in first week

      Posted by Kim from South Africa on 1st Jun 2012

      What I like the most is that I'm not hungry I've lost 2kgs in a week

    54. Haven't been this weight for 15 years

      Posted by Jaime S. on 1st Jun 2012

      I am starting my third week and have lost 17 pounds. I found quite a few recipes to help with the monotony of foods. I have seen many great success stories on here and its all just neat! I can't wait to be done with mine and go onto maintenance..

    55. Consistent Progress - Feel great!

      Posted by Anon. on 1st Jun 2012

      12.8 pounds after 14 complete days. A bit less than I'd hoped after 2 weeks. I have not cheated, no once...I'm only staying on 7 more days and pretty darn scared to add anything new to my diet.

    56. too good to be true

      Posted by tina on 18th May 2012

      i feel good every time i take hcg drops.. after a 3 week break im going to buy the 40 day programme and bring my dream figure back very soon!

    57. Already 12 lbs down in a week!

      Posted by Vicci, as posted on Facebook on 19th Mar 2012

      I've only been using my drops for a week and already 12 lbs down. The help and support you get from these guy is just great. Have alook at the website and see for yourself :-)

    58. Lost 11 lbs in first 5 days!!

      Posted by Kristin G. From Facebook on 17th Mar 2012

      Day 5 of P2 DOWN 10.8 LBS...

    59. These drops absolutely works!

      Posted by M. Abbas on 15th Mar 2012

      Aisha, I am on HCG drops for last two weeks and lost about 17 pounds.
      Most of the homeopathic phobia is a conspiracy. These drops absolutely works!

    60. Lost 26 lbs in 21 days!

      Posted by Hans, Dominican Republic on 2nd Mar 2012

      I started this diet expecting to lose some weight, but had no idea of the great surprise I was going to get when it actually worked the way it was said was suppose to.
      I lost 26 pounds in a 21 days period and I have keep them off for 9 months.
      My wife was not as successful at her first try, but then before going for the second try she did a leaver cleans and lost 15 pounds in 21 days program.
      Now she is going to start the 21 days cycle and I hope she does well.

    61. Lost 6 kgs!!

      Posted by Claudia Ricart on 2nd Mar 2012

      I have done a 21 day program and lowered my weight from 86 to 72 kg. I have been fighting my weight more or less my whole life and so far this has been the only product that has been able to help me loose weight and keep my weight where it is. Today I feel more healthy and happy.

    62. Great start - this really works

      Posted by Diane form Cedar Park, Texas on 17th Feb 2012

      My name is Diane and I'm 55 years old. I am an ex body builder and had back surgery 5 years ago, between that and my advancing age, I have lost a lot of the tone and muscle I had and it has been replaced with fat!!! Yuck!!! I am able to work out but seem to be stuck at 130 pounds, which for my tiny frame, is about 15 pounds too much, and I just don't have the energy or desire to work out I feel like a cow. I did HCG a couple years ago and did well but failed to do the maintenance part correctly so gained it all back rather quickly.

      I haven't been on HCG this time for very long, this is the start of day 3 of the diet and so far I've lost all that I gained on the load days. It has been a breeze!! I drink about 3/4 of a gallon of water every day and I use psyllium husks in 12oz of water in the morning to keep things moving. I have noticed already that I have more energy and my thinking is clearer. I even did a light workout this morning so I'm excited about that.

    63. HCG is great - losing up to 2lbs a day

      Posted by Natalie W. on 11th Feb 2012

      I know that this definitely works. I was losing up to 2 lbs a day and I was loving it! To naysayers about wanting to lose the weight that's ok but don't come on the page and discourage people. for some people they just don't want to go to the gym being soheavy. you think people want to be overweight? can't walk to long bc your lungs start to burn? I think HCG is great and I can't wait to reorder mine!

    64. pounds melting off and still have energy

      Posted by Nancy H. on 11th Feb 2012

      I started the drops this past Monday, 11/28/11, it is now 12/2/11... I have loss 10 lbs.... I can't believe that I am not hungry and the weight is just melting off... I also have a lot of energy.....

    65. Better than expected!

      Posted by Tiff on 1st Feb 2012

      R1P2D4 and almost 3lbs down... I was expecting to lose about half a pound a day, so I was pleasantly surprised. Though I know it may slow down, its still nice! :)

    66. Losing more than a lbs a day!

      Posted by Gloria from Corral Springs, Florida on 27th Jan 2012

      Hey All! Day 6 down 7 pounds! SUPER HAPPY!

    67. Down 5 lbs already!

      Posted by Olga V. on 27th Jan 2012

      I love it!! I been doing it for a week and I lost 5 pound already...

    68. Wonder in a little bottle

      Posted by Brandon, CA on 28th Dec 2011

      This product is a deal, good price and really effective in a short amount of time. First, I was skeptical and thought to myself that it is too good to be true but I still gave it a whirl as I have been having a real hard time getting lean. I'm on my 3rd week now and I already lost approx. 18 pounds! I'm planning on telling all my workout buddies all about this!!

    69. These drops are HOT, others are NOT

      Posted by Scarlett, CA on 26th Dec 2011

      I was skeptical at first about ordering these drops because the price was too good to be true. Received them an opened them up and I look forward to losing a lot of weight. I have purchased a few of these like products on other websites with no luck.

    70. Simple and straight forward success..

      Posted by Kelly, NV on 6th Dec 2011

      I have used the HCG amino loss drops along with low sugar, no fat diet and in 20 days I have lost over 20 pounds. I love the product. I have energy. I am so happy.

    71. Difficult start but AMAZING results

      Posted by Mirandaa, PA on 6th Dec 2011

      Arrived really quickly as promised and I have been using for a week now. Lost 7 pounds!! I have been working out even though it's not necessary and been eating right which was hard in the beginning but I got used to smaller portions and less sugar. So far a good product. Would recommend to others.

    72. Goodbye junk food and 23 pounds!

      Posted by Kristin, ND on 6th Dec 2011

      I have been using HCG for several years now. These drops have been working amazingly! I don't feel hungry in the slightest so long as I keep up with eating all the meals per day. I am feeling great. Getting rid of all the excess sugar and starch has made a big difference for me. Now I exercise every day and loving my new appearance!

    73. total body transformation in a little bottle

      Posted by Terry, AZ on 3rd Dec 2011

      Arrived really quickly! After using it for a week, I lost 7 pounds :) After finishing the entire program, I was down 21 pounds. Since then, I have been working out and eating right. Good product. Would recommend to others.

    74. Good diet, good value for money

      Posted by Jackie, NY on 3rd Dec 2011

      My package arrived on time. I can say the product has worked pretty well for me; sticking to the instructions I have lost 10 LBS in a 14 days... excited looking forward to losing more.

    75. Losing a pound a day keeps the doctor away!

      Posted by Tatanisha, CA on 3rd Dec 2011

      If you are serious about losing weight, I'm here to tell you that this really works! I was told about the HCG diet and these drops by a friend. She lost 38.2 pounds in 40 days and convinced me to try it. Even though I had tried every diet imaginable with little success, I committed to following this plan. After 20 days, I lost 22 pounds! I'm not gonna lie, the diet is hard core but losing an average of a pound a day makes it totally worth it.

    76. It was totally worth my money and time

      Posted by Donna, OK on 27th Nov 2011

      After trying this diet, I decided to drop a few lines. It was a total success!! I definitely have recommended this to others and will continue to do so. I did not follow the diet to a tea and eat slightly more calories than recommended (approximately 650) and still have had wonderful success! I have not had any issues with hunger either. My end result was 20 pounds.

    77. Works as advertised...

      Posted by Danielle, WA on 27th Nov 2011

      I'll admit I was worried that this diet would not work, I hit a plateau in my weight loss and I have been stuck there for the last 3 months, so I purchased the drops and I have been taking them as directed and following the eating plan and I have lost 10 lbs in a week and I have lost a full pant size already. I am starting to feel hope again because I want to get under 200 lbs again like I was in 2007. So far so good and I am ready to purchase another bottle. You must follow the diet and yes you can get through the day on 500 calories, just remember that drinking lots of water is the key.


      Posted by Connie, NV on 18th Nov 2011

      First off let me say, this is AMAZING! I have tried it all: Weight Watchers, Atkins, Nutrisystem, and none of them worked. They were pretty difficult to follow and stick to as well! I'm so happy that finally someone has come up with a weight-loss supplement that can help you lose weight and keep the pounds off!! I lost 20 pounds in 21 days thanks to HCG Amino.

    79. More than 25 pounds...

      Posted by Samuel, WA on 18th Nov 2011

      I can only say I am blown away by the results. I have had problems with being overweight since I was a kid and nothing really worked for me... With lots of exercise I lost a lot of the weight but I could not lose the last 30-40 pounds. I went with the HCG diet and in 21 days I lost over 25 pounds! I don't even want to believe it but it's true!! This will give hope to so many people...

    80. Easy 22 pounds down

      Posted by Cristal, SC on 16th Nov 2011

      I can confidently say that this is the best diet I have ever tried. No doubt about it the HCG is a tough diet and if your not fully committed from day one don't even try it. One does still feel hunger pangs but with a little will power you can push through them just fine; try spacing out your fruit or melba that helps. I would still recommend Kevin Trudeau's pounds and inches book because it has some super great info in it that helps a bunch as well as helpful charts to keep track of food and weight. In conclusion this diet is perfect if you need to lose a few pounds and get back on track or if you need to lose quite a few pounds and want to see results that make a difference.

    81. 18.7 pounds sweated off

      Posted by Julie, Indiana on 9th Nov 2011

      The diet went without any hiccups. I haven't had any headaches from the drops or hunger and absolutely no side effects. It is amazing and I can't wait to do another cycle. The only thing I do not like so much is that the HCG does not curb your appetite very well but it could just be my body. Other than that, drink water!!

    82. 19.2 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Kathleen, IL on 9th Nov 2011

      This was my first time using a weight loss product because I love doing things naturally, but I was very impressed. If you are interested in losing weight without being hungry all the time, take this product, you will not regret it. I am feeling and looking good, but I know I have to buy a whole new wardrobe :)

    83. One of a kind weight-loss product

      Posted by Sara, AZ on 9th Nov 2011

      I had a friend that used the HCG product she was 214 lbs. I worked with her everyday and noticed she was dropping the weight, and she looked good, she is now 125 lbs. I am on the heavyside also and made a decision to lose the weight, I went from 187 lbs to 179 by myself. I got down to 179 by exercising and eating right but I became impatient, so I decided to try these HCG drops and I lost 17 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks, I ate according to the protocol, I never cheated, I exercised as usual and I lost the weight. My co-workers were looking at me and all I heard constantly is " you look great!" I love this HCG diet because it really works.

    84. I've tried them all!

      Posted by Karel, MT on 5th Nov 2011

      I have had lap band surgery and lost 115 pounds, then the band slipped and had to be taken off. I gained back 40 pounds. I had a dismal outlook on dieting again because I've been doing it for 35 years and am just tired of it. Then a friend told me about HCG. I'm on my third day of the 500 calorie diet and have lost 10 pounds. Fabulous.No ill effects, fluttering heart, buzzing head, sleeplessness, or jitters. It's great. But make sure you get the Kit with the liquid B12. On day 3...my energy crashed. Needed the B12 to pick it back up.

    85. An effective way to get rid of weight

      Posted by Ashley, NC on 3rd Nov 2011

      I started this diet on August 15, 2011 and I lost 18.6 pounds in 3 weeks. This product is truly amazing in so many ways, and the best part is there are no side affects. Not only am I losing weight but it's taught me to eat healthy and most importantly I've gained my will power back. I have even learned to love myself again!

    86. Dropping pounds rapidly.........

      Posted by Pam, TX on 3rd Nov 2011

      I took these drops three times per day and I already have lost 9.5 lbs and 2 inches from my waist! I would've given it 5 stars but it doesn't curb my appetite as much as I thought it would but that is probably my body's fault. But, it says it will help you lose excess fat fast and it has been doing that so far so, 2 thumbs up!

    87. My solution to a new body

      Posted by Paula, CA on 3rd Nov 2011

      I am pretty overweight (198 lbs) but this 3 week long round of HCG helped me shed 18 pounds which is unbelievable for me. This diet has killed all desire for sweets and overeating. I recommend it!

    88. Worked great for me.

      Posted by Jessica, NJ on 3rd Nov 2011

      I took this as a supplement to help get me over the hump to lose the last ten pounds. I cannot follow a 500 calorie diet due my high activity level. I took in about 1,500-2,000 calories a day, continued my regular work out routine and followed the basic recommendations for allowable foods. Doing so, I was able to lose those ten stubborn pounds I had been trying to lose for months with one bottle of HCG amino.

    89. Lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Nicole, WA on 3rd Nov 2011

      The only thing I know is that I didn't do anything except take the drops daily during the week... I even cheated and skipped weekends and still lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks... I did not even exercise. Now I feel like a new person and started to go to the local gym to tone up and maintain my health. This diet really gave me a boost and inspired me to live a healthier life style.

    90. Easy way to jumpstart a lifestyle change

      Posted by Mary, Empire state beauty School on 2nd Nov 2011

      So far I like this diet.I started this without knowing what it was all about, I went by hearsay.This is the only diet I ever lost on.I love it.It explains so you understand what and how to lose weight.

    91. AMAZING - i lost 20 lbs in 21 days!

      Posted by Ashley, Forsyth Technical Community College on 2nd Nov 2011

      This product is AMAZING and it really does work I lost 20 pounds in 21 days! 2 pants sizes and countless inches all over my body I see alot of people are kind of skeptical about it.. I was too but now I can truly say I'm a big fan this changed my life and I def.. going to do another round.

    92. HCG Amino works great!

      Posted by Laura, TX on 1st Nov 2011

      I was skeptical about using HCG Amino Plus and sticking to a 500 calorie a day diet but it's been working great. I started ten days ago and have lost 10 lbs already and continue to lose. Very happy with this product.

    93. I am a walking billboard for HCG Amino

      Posted by Suella - TX on 1st Nov 2011

      I am a female who weighed 178lbs. I had lower back problems, high cholesterol and I was edging close to obese. I did not have the energy nor did I have a strong enough back to do strenuous exercise. I needed to lose weight quickly and HCG Amino Plus was my only option! As I lost 20 lbs (with 15 more lbs to go), I received numerous compliments from my co-workers! It makes me feel so good to show off my new body!

    94. Lost 10 lbs already

      Posted by Katrina Hudson on 28th Oct 2011

      Day 6 - lost 10 lbs!!!

    95. still losing wight fast - down 27 lbs!

      Posted by M. Hartford on 26th Oct 2011

      Starting second round of phase 2 in a few days I'm down 27 pounds hope to be almost 50 down by the end if the next round.

    96. Not felt this good for 12 years!!

      Posted by Anne H, Moses Lake, WA on 26th Oct 2011

      R2P2 day16 down 8.8 pounds all together I'm down 32.2 pounds, I feel great. Haven't been this weight in over 12 years!!!

    97. Lost 20 lbs in 21 days!

      Posted by Donna H. on 3rd Oct 2011

      Today is my last day for phase 2.....this was my first round and I lost 20 pounds on the 21 day program!! I am pumped but have alot more to go! I am so excited but nervous about phase 3....any words of wisdom? :)

    98. Very pleased with this product.

      Posted by Deanna - Granbury, TX on 27th Sep 2011

      I have used several different versions of HCG. I was very pleased with HCG Weight Drops' homeopathic drops because: 1) They delivered the product very quickly, 2) It was just as effective as higher-priced injections I've used in the past, and 3) They included online access to diet plan eBooks, including a fabulous recipe book. The HCG diet seems really difficult at first, but with all this support it becomes very doable. Give it a shot!

    99. Get this product!!!

      Posted by Lori - Belvidere, IL on 26th Sep 2011

      I will be honest, I was very worried that this was going to be another one of those failed diets. I even contacted the company with my concerns. They got back to me quickly and reassured me. I am now on Day 8 and have lost 10 pounds!!!!!! I am so glad that I did not cancel my order. It was hard the first week with hunger and feeling weak. But right after the 5th day I feel great, no hunger at all. I feel full before finishing a meal. It is hard to get 500 calories into one day. My husband is so impressed that he is going to start the diet. All I can say is TRY IT don't give up the first week; you can do it.

    100. My new body on its way!

      Posted by Tammy - New York on 26th Sep 2011

      The product arrived quickly. I had already been on this diet so I continued with this product and it is working. I am not hungry, and I have lost a pound a day for a week now.

    101. this hcg works

      Posted by Yamilia - Miami, FL on 21st Sep 2011

      HCGweightdrops wasted no time in filling my order for the kit. I've been using it for less than a week and have lost 6 lbs already! Thanks for a great product.

    102. SUPER happy with losing 20 lbs and 2 pant sizes!

      Posted by Ashley on 14th Sep 2011

      I finished my 21 day round about a week ago and I lost 20 pounds.. 2 pant sizes, 1 shirt size, and several inches all over my body. I'm super happy with the results of this product. So if anyone is thinking about trying it I say do it its life changing.. Also I'm in phase III watching what and when I eat and I often find myself craving my 500 cal diet. I haven't lost anymore weight but haven't gained any. Planing on starting another round in like 2-3 weeks

    103. It Really Works!!!!!

      Posted by Sheila - Hanover, MA on 12th Sep 2011

      Amazing product! I lost 2 lbs the first day. I'm on day 17 and I have lost a total of 18 lbs. This product works with no side affects. I'm not hungry and my energy is not to bad. I suggest taking vitamin B12 complex and a multivitamin. I received the drops in 4 days. Give this product a try!

    104. Amazing results... fast!

      Posted by Jennifer - Tulsa, OK on 12th Sep 2011

      I started the amino diet drops 10 days ago with the Dr. Simeons VLCD diet, I have already lost 11.8 pounds. I feel amazing. I cannot wait to see what the remainder of my supply holds. The ebooks are so helpful and the support is amazing. I have not felt alone. Thanks for making such a great product...

    105. Lost 18.5 lbs - AMAZING!!!!

      Posted by Anne H. on 12th Sep 2011

      I did my measurements, I'm down
      Waist 4 inches
      Hips 3.5 inches
      Chest 2 inches
      Thighs both down 2 inches
      Arms both down 1 inch
      So AMAZING!!!!!
      Total weight loss is 18.5 pounds

    106. Great success! Lost 19 pounds!

      Posted by Chaka - Miami, FL on 7th Sep 2011

      I am currently on day 21 of the VLCD and I have not experienced ANY severe hunger using the drops and lost 19 pounds. It's kind of an extreme diet and it's not easy, but the drops definitely do what they say and make it possible. I will definitely be purchasing these again!

    107. Surprisingly effective!

      Posted by Laura - West Hills, CA on 7th Sep 2011

      This product is quite good. I experienced greatly reduced hunger, a lot more energy and an overall sense of well being. I found that slightly lower dosages worked better for me as I got a little to amped up with a full dose. I also noticed that I had a growth hormone release when working out even at a mild pace. This usually doesn't happen unless I'm doing an intense weight training session which is great! I would think bodybuilders would really love this product. I didn't really use the Simeon's diet plan as I have already done two rounds of HCG and only wanted to lose five more pounds, keeping my calories between a 1,000 to 1,800 a day (cycling calories low-medium-high days) and carbs around 20 grams. Thanks for such a great product! It has given me the edge I needed and my husband really likes it too, for the energy and the mental clarity it gives him. I have recommended it to several friends.

    108. 18.5 pounds and 14 inches in 21 days

      Posted by Romma - NC on 7th Sep 2011

      I've heard about this from a co worker who had lost 58 lbs, and I thought this will never work for me. Wow was I wrong one to two lbs a day the lower your carbs and alcohol you intake the more you'll drop. I believe this might just cure the obesity problem that this world is in today.

    109. 14 pounds in 14 days

      Posted by Perisha - Sweetwater, OK on 7th Sep 2011

      I have been reading a lot about HCG and was happy to find this homeopathic alternative. I was skeptical of whether or not it would really work. I am on day 14 of the plan, 2 days loading and 12 days of VLCD and have already lost 14 pounds. I am a little hungry, but not nearly as much as I thought I would be. Drinking lots of water helps. I am looking forward to continuing to lose more weight on these drops and recommend them for anyone who has a substantial amount of weight to lose.

    110. So far, it is amazing!

      Posted by Carrie - Ojai, CA on 6th Sep 2011

      The shipping was super fast (and free), I got the drops quicker than I expected. Somehow I even managed to lose weight on my load days. I have been using the product for about two weeks and have lost 12.4 lbs; even though I have not been very strict with the VLCD. I do plan to be more strict because I want to reach my goal of losing 30 lbs... with this product I feel that is definitely possible.

    111. 20 pounds dropped with ease

      Posted by Shelley - WestLake, CA on 6th Sep 2011

      This product has giving me more energy than I ever had! I mean I've tried diet pills but they really make me sick. When I take diet pills, I get nervous, jittery, and I feel like I'm about to throw up but with you guys' HCG, I feel nothing but energy. It also helps ME have a regular bowel movement. I don't know how it effects everybody but this is a product you have to try. I also eat less because I don't have the appetite to eat like I use to. This product works different on everybody so don't let the bad reviews (if any...) stop you from trying this awesome product.

    112. I'm happy as can be

      Posted by Patrice - Miami, FL on 6th Sep 2011

      This is my third round using HCG. I've bought the product from other websites and while I achieved okay success with their products, I'm achieving better results with these Amino Plus drops. I'm now recommending these drops to family and friends because they work. I've been seriously overweight for years and with my doctor's approval, I started on the homeopathic HCG drops. While the 500 calorie a day diet takes some getting used to, the hunger pains ended on the 3rd or 4th day. Since I started the HCG diet rounds, I've lost 105 pounds and am very happy to be 30 pounds from my goal weight. I'm not experiencing any side effects from the drops, feel fantastic and am losing 1 to 2 pounds a day.

    113. True quality

      Posted by Jennifer - La Mesa, CA on 6th Sep 2011

      Love love love it!! Tastes a tad funny, but works great! Down 16lbs in 15 days. Not really hungry, have to force myself to eat. When I do eat and I'm full, I'm totally done eating! Works great! Increased energy after 2 days, started taking B-12 right away just in case after reading the other reviews! Zero side effects! Will purchase again for sure!

    114. 19.8 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Bonnie - Kitchener, Ontario on 6th Sep 2011

      I love this product. It works and helped me lose weight. Highly recommend to everyone.

    115. Product works!

      Posted by Daiva - Northridge, CA on 2nd Sep 2011

      The shipping was super fast. This is my second round of HCG, but my first time trying this amino kind. I was very skeptical at first. I have been using the product for about a week and have lost 9 lbs (in the first two days I lost 4). I must say I was very surprised, these drops are just as good if not better than the expensive shots. I will for sure purchase these again as I more weight to lose.

    116. Remarkable Results

      Posted by Ania - Rochester, NY on 2nd Sep 2011

      This round I've lost 20 in 21 days and I'm very pleased. I've found that if I use slightly less than the recommended dosage, I do better. I think finding the correct dosage for your body is a big part of the solution to reducing hunger and weakness. Don't be afraid to experiment a little. It's worth it to get it right. Love the product and will order again since I've got another 40 to lose!

    117. 14.8 pounds successfully lost

      Posted by Michelle - Corona, CA on 2nd Sep 2011

      Today is the end of day 18 of the diet for me. All in all, including the weight that i gained from the loading days, 1 lost 14.8 lbs! I used to be happy losing 2 lbs per week. One thing I really do recommend is REALLY taking advantage of your loading days, because you need that food to keep you from starving the next few days! I was not overly stuffed, but well above satisfied, and I ended up really hungry the first couple of days. It has calmed down and I found out that drinking water while your hungry helps. If the results continue I will be very pleased.

    118. I feel so much better and more confident :)

      Posted by Anne - Moses Lake, WA on 1st Sep 2011

      I love the diet, I love how much better I feel and look! I'm on day 6 lost and have lost 12.5 pounds total so far.

    119. 18 in 14 days

      Posted by Mike - Olympia, WA on 31st Aug 2011

      I was skeptical at first but then the pounds started to come off. You just have to find out what dosage works for you. Personally I would take a half a dropper and it could curb the appetite especially in the evening when I get hungry the most. You need to keep all tempting foods out of sight and you're good. Discipline and willpower. You'll be weak the first few days with only 500 calorie intake but then it's normal. I recommend these drops.

    120. HCG has changed my life

      Posted by Senaida - San Jose, CA on 30th Aug 2011

      I'm doing the diet with my sister she's like my best friend! She introduced me to it & i've losted 45 pounds so far...I feel so wonderful!!!! :) Thank you hcg you have changed my life!!! :)

    121. Works if you follow the directions

      Posted by Julie - Washington on 30th Aug 2011

      This product works very well if you follow the diet as recommended. I lost 5 or 6 pounds the first week and only gained or plateaued when I went off the diet plan.

      I had a couple of questions for customer service. They were very friendly, helpful and prompt. Some of the best customer service I've received in recent years.

    122. 9 pounds down, more to go

      Posted by Rosemary - Riverside, CA on 25th Aug 2011

      I lost 9 pounds in just 1 week. I feel lighter and great but I miss eating my favorite foods. Works as advertised. I'll definitely be getting another bottle as well as a bottle of HGH I always wanted to try.

    123. Not as hard as I thought it would be.

      Posted by Mitzi - Jacksonville, AR on 25th Aug 2011

      I realize these drops don't contain the same ingredients as injections because they are homeopathic, but they work the same and are so much cheaper! Why spend hundreds of dollars on something that you can get for a fraction of the price? Do your research and decide what's best for you, but I highly recommend these drops. Especially after losing 17 pounds in just 3 weeks.

    124. Wow 19 pounds in 21 days :)

      Posted by Nora - Reseda, CA on 23rd Aug 2011

      I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone serious about losing serious weight! I lost almost 19 pounds on it and loved the program!

    125. Say GoodBye to fat pants

      Posted by Sandra - Louisiana on 15th Aug 2011

      I'm not a big fan of ingesting things that I'm not completely certain of what composes them. I was not familiar with the ingredients in this product, but I took a risk due to the amazing reviews and I'm glad I did! Within the first few days my hunger and cravings were gone. I found that if I started to get hungry and placed these drops under my tongue, those hunger pangs would disappear within 10 minutes (which I'm sure has something to do with the instructions not to eat within 15 minutes of taking this product). It is amazing! My weight problem has always been due to portion control, because I would wait too long to eat and then would over eat. Not a good habit, obviously. This product has totally solved that problem! Hunger pangs gone! Pants bigger! What more could I ask for?! Thank you!!

    126. Does what's promised...

      Posted by Victoria - Montclair, NJ on 15th Aug 2011

      I was skeptical about this product at first. On the first two days I felt a lot of energy right away. My mind was clear, no mood problems. But after a week on it I felt different sensations, mood swings, emotional eating, craving and even nightmares which are expected since this is what we call "sugar withdrawal". It was hard for me at first. Maybe my fat load days were not that satisfactory that is why I have felt this. I used to drink in large portions, eat and do not exercise as much as I did before. I smoke too. Although this product does not necessarily mean that it could drive it away. I still smoke but the cravings were slowly tapered and the withdrawal was slowly taken off. I lost 13 lbs on the two weeks I am on it. And I will be working on for more. This past few days I have been cheating like crazy even though I am in absolute control of my diet. Just try your best not to be tempted. And you shall be successful! That I can guarantee.

    127. Effective diet that doesn't taste that good

      Posted by Gary - Sunnyvale, CA on 15th Aug 2011

      The diet itself worked very well for me and I lost 22 pounds but I have to give this 4 stars because of the taste. I expected something that tasted a little better. After all, you are already miserable because you aren't able to eat a lot of things and then the drops themselves don't taste very good either. Cottoncandy or bubble gum flavors would be nice!

    128. Not as difficult as it sounds

      Posted by Ursula - Sunnyvale, CA on 11th Aug 2011

      I was skeptical about this product, but I had many friends who swore by it and decided to give it a try. Shipping on this product was incredible, came two days after I purchased this from the website. This stuff is pretty amazing! Lost 5 1/2 Lbs in the first two days alone, and there's no adverse side affects... no shaking or feeling light headed unlike some other weight loss products on the market. And you are really not hungry at all to the point where you might want to leave yourself some notes to remind yourself to eat lol.

    129. The diet that could!

      Posted by Rona - Montana on 11th Aug 2011

      I love this product! I received it and started right away I am already down 10 pounds in 6 days!!

    130. Down 4 dress sizes and 22 pounds

      Posted by Lisa - Nashville, TN on 11th Aug 2011

      This is my second round of HCG, and also my first time trying these amino enhanced drops. I was very skeptical at first since these drops were much less than the price of drops you can buy from doctors. Wow I must say I was very pleasantly surprised, these drops are just as good if not better than the more expensive brand. I will for sure purchase these again as I have 1 more round of HCG.

    131. Wow this is amazing!

      Posted by Jennifer - Brighton, MI on 10th Aug 2011

      I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I have tried just about every diet out there including the weight loss clinics. A friend who had lost a lot of weight recommended the HCG diet to me. She told me to get the drops from hcgweightdrops.com. I works so well. I am on day 19 of my first course and have already lost 17 pounds. So easy, 10 drops under your tongue three times a day and follow Dr Simeons diet to a T. If you deviate you will regret it. I had one lapse which cost me weight loss for 3 days. I have no hunger and awesome energy. People are starting to notice that I am looking better and have more energy. I still have another 20 pounds to go, so HCG Amino Plus are going to be part of my new thinner family. Anyone who wants to know my secret, I tell them HCG Amino Plus. Thanks for making such an awesome product.

    132. 10 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Danielle - Winfield, KS on 10th Aug 2011

      Great results considering the fact that I did cheat a little. But I'm ready to give it another try and I believe I will have a better success story this time around. Before starting the program pray for success. Follow the plan and you will lose the weight. I loved that I did not have to use appetite suppressants unlike on other diets.

    133. Life changing weight-loss

      Posted by Alice - Crowley, LA on 10th Aug 2011

      I have so much more confidence and it has literally changed my life on how I feel about myself and carry myself. I recommend this to anyone who will listen. It is truly worth every penny. It is very easy to follow and the results are amazing!!!! This is a life changing experience. I have even lost weight since quitting the drops.

    134. 20.6 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Lori - Sioux Falls, SD on 8th Aug 2011

      I think this stuff is great, it killed my appetite, especially for snacks, and I have lost about 1 lb per day which I think is super, I'm still going and feeling good. I have and I know 2 of them have started and are doing good.

    135. 18.6 LBS in 21 days

      Posted by Karen - Yorkshire, United Kingdom on 5th Aug 2011

      I liked the diet very much. The support materials give you lots of healthy recipes to test out and try. Even my husband was amazed at the how fast the numbers dropped on the scale and when he did my measurements he was amazed at the results! Unfortunately this is not available in the UK but we will be returning customers of this lovely company.

    136. losing 2lbs a day!

      Posted by Tammy from New York on 5th Aug 2011

      i am down 5.7 lbs in 3 days :-) GO ME!!

    137. 15 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Martha - Madison, MS on 4th Aug 2011

      It was the best decision I made. No, I didn't lose as much as I had wanted ... but I am very satisfied and will most definitely try another round. I have already had at least 2 of my friends order the drops because they saw what it did for me.

    138. Perfect 5 star diet

      Posted by Dasha - IL on 4th Aug 2011

      I was very satisfied with my results and so excited to see my weight go down after struggling for so long to get to my goal. My self confidence and self esteem are way up now that I lost 18 LBS, and I am excited to go into spring and summer at my new weight. I was very satisfied with my purchase from HCG Weight Drops. I got my package in three days with all of the instructions needed, and felt they were a trustworthy source to order from. If you are serious about losing the weight you want, and are ready to make a commitment to a lifestyle change, HCG is the way to lose the weight you want and acquire a healthy way of eating while breaking the addictions to sugar and flour.

    139. already down 12 lbs

      Posted by Steve M. on 4th Aug 2011

      So far in 2 weeks I'm down 12 pounds! I haven't been at this weight in over 2 years, and I"m excited!

    140. Not perfect but the best thing out there!

      Posted by Annette - Casper, WY on 3rd Aug 2011

      I have followed the protocol totally, and completed three weeks (21 days) yesterday. The weight loss has slowed down over the past 10 days, losing only 3 lbs. I have read the plateau busters and tried adding more water and tried an Apple day with 3 apples. I have not experienced "hunger", but maybe a couple of mornings - but nothing I couldn't handle. I believe this to be a very healthy way to lose weight and turn my metabolism around. I feel great and have learned to eat before meeting friends. The customer support has been wonderful and quick when I asked for it.

    141. The wonder of HCG...

      Posted by Alec - Carbondale, AZ on 2nd Aug 2011

      I have been struggling with my weight since I was in middle school. Most of the time I was watching my calories and what I ate but I could not get my body to shed pounds. Starving wasn't a viable solution either as it was ineffective and depressive. I ordered the 21 kit just to try it out if it really worked. I can't even express how glad I am I tried it and about the 25 pounds I lost. I have a lot more weight to lose so my next round is going to be the 40 day program. This diet should be a no-brainer for anyone!

    142. my family loves this

      Posted by Audre - Santa Fe, NM on 1st Aug 2011

      I have already motivated a few people to give it a try after they saw my success. If in the future I lose control of my weight (I really don't expect that to happen) I will definitely be ordering again.

    143. I feel like a new person after this

      Posted by Sue - Fresno, CA on 1st Aug 2011

      This is the best diet plan ever! Prior to hcg I was dieting and exercising and still going up in weight. Not only did I get instant results, I found it very easy to follow and plan my meals which were very satisfying. I am currently in the maintenance phase and feel wonderful!

    144. Whats not to love about this diet?

      Posted by Joanna - El Paso, TX on 1st Aug 2011

      This is such a great diet, I actually told most of my friends and family members about it. Typically women don't talk about diets positively but this diet was a pleasure to do and the daily weightloss kept me motivated and excited until the end. Now I am in shape again!

    145. Very happy!

      Posted by Angelica - Plains, TX on 29th Jul 2011

      It is truly unbelievable . I did this first through a Doctor and paid $500 for the program. I lost 25 pounds. I have a total 45 pounds to lose. I am saving lots of money and seeing the same results with this product. I have dropped 4 clothing sizes!!

    146. Lost 18 pounds AND became healthy

      Posted by Dawn - Yuma, AZ on 28th Jul 2011

      I loved it! Did not feel hungry. Easy foods to purchase. The most amazing thing is that my cholesterol and triglycerides were dangerously high for ten years. I tried different diets but nothing helped. I never took medications because my body didn't do well on them. Then after much research I tried the HCG program for 21 days. My blood work results turned out perfectly normal! I'm ecstatic!!!

    147. Good diet for men too.

      Posted by Gregory - Chandler, AZ on 28th Jul 2011

      This is a great diet for guys too! I lost a little more than 25 pounds although some it may have been a small amount of muscle. Overall it worked and helped me achieve my goals.

    148. HCG does work!

      Posted by Kenisha - Beaufort, South Carolina on 28th Jul 2011

      Let me just say that I lost almost 20 lbs in 21 days!! I know that HCG works, but more importantly I know the the bottle from HCG Weight Drops works. I know at least 5 women that lost 20-50 pounds from this website. You could find it cheaper online, but it's not worth the risk of it not working. It's not super hard...but it's not the easiest thing I have ever done either. This is not a time to be worried about saving a couple bucks.

    149. Total success!

      Posted by Tamara - Atlanta, GA on 27th Jul 2011

      Not only have I lost over 19 pounds but this program allowed me to realize what healthy portions look and feel like and taught me to eat a reasonable amount of proteins at every meal. I'm continuing to eat 4 ounce servings of lean meat and healthy fish daily. My veggie and fruit intake are high and my skin is still glowing. I have 3 family members that are on it now and enjoying great success.

    150. Lost 9lbs and Happy!

      Posted by Dasha, Chicago, IL on 1st Jul 2011

      At first I thought i would have to starve myself to lose weight...But the drops actually work! i really see a difference so far I have lost 9lbs and I'm happy with the progress I've made. As long as i keep finding new things to cook i will continue to stick to the diet and drink plenty of water I'll be happy with my results. I'm excited to get to phase 3 so I can start working out again.

    151. 18 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Mindy - North Carolina on 28th Jun 2011

      My biggest concern was overcoming the "I can't live off of 500 calories a day." You can! When ever you feel the urge to eat something that is not on your diet, drink a bottle of water or a serving of fruit. All in all, it is a wonderful diet and worked like a charm for me!

    152. Changed our family's outlook

      Posted by Ryan - Oceanside, CA on 28th Jun 2011

      My wife and I completed 21 days together. We each lost 20 lbs and we found it quite a learning experience about our overall health and exercise program. Our daughters have seen us achieving a healthier lifestyle and we are becoming more active as a family.

    153. No cravings on the diet

      Posted by Lisette, FL on 16th Jun 2011

      Total success! The fact that I didn't crave the foods I usually crave during other diets kept me from eating foods between meals or eating foods not on the diet because there was no desire-driven cheating. You cannot help but lose weight and inches if you are true to the HCG program. You have nothing to lose if you give this a try (except your love handles:)

    154. My expectations greatly exceeded

      Posted by Ross - New York Mills, MN on 16th Jun 2011

      Let me say first and foremost that this is a great company with an exceptional product. I would not even waste my time with other fly-by overnight companies. I ordered the 21 day complete program as I only had about 16-17 pounds to lose. The package came quickly and the transaction wend down smoothly. An electronic version of the diet manual was also emailed to me so I could read up on the diet before it even got to me. It is straight forward and a simple concept anyone can follow. I am now on day 16 and have lost 20 pounds which exceeded my expectations by far.

    155. 18 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Ann, Montana on 13th Jun 2011

      I am so glad I purchased the HCG. I am overwhelmed at how it has worked. It is truly amazing. If everything else you have tried has failed, I strong urge you to try HCG. It really works if you stick to it.

    156. Lost 19 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Gina - Edmond, OK on 9th Jun 2011

      The drops are easy to take, and work like magic. Although, I understand that exercise is important in our daily routines, I did nothing above and beyond on this phase and saw wonderful results. My clothes starting fitting looser and blouses that I had not been able to wear for years were finally fitting me.

    157. The results are out of this worldd

      Posted by Karina - New York on 8th Jun 2011

      I wish I would have done this years ago! After having lost 20+ pounds, I am excited to move on to the rest of my life and maintaining my healthy weight. I was the biggest skeptic and thought this would not work. I only tried it because it had the money back guarantee. I was going to put their guarantee to my test and they better give me my money back when it doesn't work. Well I am glad they proved me wrong.

    158. Losing weight!!

      Posted by Joanna M. on 7th Jun 2011

      I lost 4 lbs on day 1 OMG I can't believe it! It was a little hard but with this weight loss I got the motivation to keep going

    159. Right on track!

      Posted by Joanna M. on 7th Jun 2011

      On Day 2 I lost 2 lbs. Total of 6 lbs Yeah!

    160. Worked great, lost 20.2 pounds

      Posted by Annie - Lake Worth, FL on 6th Jun 2011

      What an amazing diet program... I absolutely love the results and even though these past 3 weeks weren't easy, I would not trade it for anything! Most products out there make so many promises but very few of them actually work. HCG isn't one of them. I loved it.

    161. Jumpstarted my health and new lifestyle

      Posted by Indira - Oswego, IL on 6th Jun 2011

      The fact that I saw results quickly helped a lot. It wasn't as hard as I thought, although I did have an issue with the fact that I could not use body lotion. My skin became very dry, but overall it was good. I would recommend it. It gives you that jump start once you see the results happen quickly. I for one look at my food choices more carefully now that I ever did on all the other diets I was on.

    162. Working so far!!

      Posted by Steve on 30th May 2011

      I'm a 44 year old male who quit smoking 3 years ago. My metabolism slowed down, and my hunger cravings increased. Thus, I put on over 30 pounds and have had no success in losing it. I've been on this program for just over a week, and I've dropped 8 lbs already. Get yourself psyched up, and follow this program and it WILL work!

    163. Going going gone

      Posted by Kim on 26th May 2011

      I lost 35 pounds my first time on the program and am about to start a second round. I have tried the hcg drops from local vendors and they were not very effective. I have had great success with the hcg weight drops from this website and can't wait to see what I lose this time.

    164. Wish I knew about this years ago

      Posted by Michelle - Manitoba, Canada on 26th May 2011

      What an amazing company and products that are just fantastic.... I am so happy with my purchase and my weight-loss results that I would love to see everyone experience this! It wasn't necessarily way easy but it definitely wasn't difficult to use the drops and lose the weight. I am very happy!

    165. This is the best

      Posted by Angelene - Chromo, CO on 26th May 2011

      My clothes don't fit anymore and everyone has noticed a change in my shape. I have recommended it to many other people, some of whom are purchasing it now.

    166. 20.6 pounds in 21 days. Great product!

      Posted by Krista - Layton, UT on 26th May 2011

      These drops are sweet! They worked very well for me and my needs. A few years back I was diagnosed with a mild form of diabetes which of course scared me greatly. I felt the urgency of taking matters in my own hands and losing weight. HCG Amino Plus made it possible for me to lose over 20 pounds conveniently and thus improve my health!

    167. From skeptic to believer in hcg

      Posted by Paula - Vista, CA on 22nd May 2011

      Results have been nothing short of astonishing. I'm doing the 21 day program with 6 days to go and hopefully that will put me at losing 20+ lbs! I haven't felt this good in 15 years. I was the biggest skeptic of this product in the world when a good friend told me about it as he was finishing his program up. I researched every scrap of info on HCG that I could and decided to give it a try. I'm sorry I waited a month to get on this program!

    168. 20 1/2 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Christy - Williamsport, OH on 22nd May 2011

      I've seen wonderful results. I feel like a new person just bursting with energy. I recommend this diet to anyone who is having trouble losing weight. It takes some getting used to but is totally worth it in the end.

    169. Self-confidence drops

      Posted by Kimberly - Priest River, ID on 22nd May 2011

      Besides the 19-20 pounds I lost, the diet taught me portion control and boosted my self-confidence. I may need to do another round but now I know how well it works for me and have no doubts about the diet.

    170. Post menopause and looking great after 20 pound loss

      Posted by Cathleen - Tucson, AZ on 19th May 2011

      I was never hungry on HCG, even the first few days. I loaded with "healthy" fats like avocados, peanut butter, whole milk, EFA's that I normally take, but 3x as many, and ice cream. I put on 3 pounds the first two load days and took off 3.5 pounds the first 500 calorie day. My hair was sleek and shiny, my skin looked gorgeous, and I was in a GREAT mood all of the time. I am a post menopausal 58 year old woman, and my husband is begging me to get back on the drops! But, I'm still in a good mood - especially when I look in the mirror.

    171. Boxed dinner diets are horrible. HCG works!

      Posted by Karen - Kent, WA on 19th May 2011

      I have never done anything for myself that was so easy, inexpensive and effective. Last year, I spent nearly $1000 for two months of boxed dinners, shipped to my door. I lost a whopping two pounds, and the food was awful. So, I'm glad it worked for Marie Osmond... On the hcg diet I lost 22 pounds.

    172. easy 3 weeks, lost 26 pounds

      Posted by Jose - Fall River, MA on 18th May 2011

      This is one awesome supplement!! I used to be into body building but neglected it and now felt like I had to lost some weight and get back to the gym. Not all supplements do what they say they do but HCG Amino WORKS!

    173. 20.8 pounds down

      Posted by Aracely - Arlington, TX on 16th May 2011

      My weightloss has been right about a pound a day! I love this product and recommend it to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

    174. Worked really well just as expected

      Posted by Tracy - Arlington, TX on 16th May 2011

      I know the emphasis is on the hcg drops but I have to say I am so impressed with the B vitamins! It gave me so much energy and vitality I cannot believe it! The drops lasted me actually a little longer than 21 days and I lost just about 19 pounds. Most of it came off my waist and arms. I love your company!

    175. Amazing hcg product

      Posted by Semica - Southfield, MI on 16th May 2011

      eating healthy again, feeling better over all, lower blood pressure, lost inches , but be ready this is a diet for only the people who really want to lose weight, it's very demanding on the mind just the fact that you can eat healthy, the menu's that come along with the hcg diet plan are very good, surprisingly,to see that you can be full and eat lite, is great!

    176. 17.2LBS is what I lost

      Posted by Rene - Indian Harbour Beach, FL on 9th May 2011

      The most exciting thing for me was the ability to not drink any alcohol and not miss it. I've always had a few glasses of wine in the evening when I get home from work and had thoughts that maybe I could be an alcoholic. On other diets the hardest parts of the diet was not having the wine to drink. I though about it all of the time. With this diet I was able to not drink the wine but it didn't matter to me and I still loved the diet and lost 17.2LBS. It is phenomenal.

    177. 21.7 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Kristin - Vincennes, IN on 9th May 2011

      You guys have been fair and helpful and i love the referral program you have. Thanks for making a difference in my life :) I have refereed a few friends and will continue to do so. All i have to say is look at my results... its worth it, give it a try :) YOU'LL LOVE IT!

    178. Total Success

      Posted by Brandie - Jacksonville, FL on 9th May 2011

      It's been one of the easiest diets I've ever been on. I really have not felt hungry with the exception of a little in the mornings. An orange in the morning helped with that crave but it wasn't anything unbearable. I stayed motivated because I was seeing such fast results. The first week I lost 8 pounds. The second week I lost 6. Tackling the 3rd week now.

    179. 22 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Daniel - Erie, CO on 9th May 2011

      Heard about this diet from a coworker of mine who had health problems and simply had to lose weight. I thought I may as well try this out and get my old body in better shape. It's a good product that works!

    180. Reputable company, even better product!

      Posted by Darlene - La Verne, CA on 9th May 2011

      I am on day 15 and the diet is a success! I am investing in my health, both present and long term and wanted a product I felt was safe and a company I felt was reputable and knowledgeable. HCGweightdrops.com didn't disappoint!

    181. My doctor approved of it

      Posted by Tina - St. Louis, MS on 9th May 2011

      I discussed the product with my doctor (after beginning the program) and he advocated and supported the product. As an informed consumer and a nurse, I really did my homework before committing to the HCG plan and I'm glad I did since it helped me lose 19 pounds!

    182. best diet on earth

      Posted by Nora - Miami Beach, FL on 5th May 2011

      loved the diet and lost 22 pounds! maintenance is going good

    183. 20.5 pounds came off easy

      Posted by Karen - Ocala, FL on 5th May 2011

      I wish everyone who needed to lose weight would try this. I'm a believer. After my stabilization and maintenance, I plan to do it again and try for 15 more pounds. Excited!!!!

    184. 37 pounds in 40 days

      Posted by Krystal - Whitmore Lake, MI on 4th May 2011

      Wonderful outcome and a diet that wasn't torturing me finally. I love how hCg worked for me and changed my body for the good. Never have I had such results with any diets I have tried. Thanks hcg weight drops.

    185. 39 LBS in 40 days

      Posted by Steve - Tustin, CA on 4th May 2011

      My name is Steve and I loved using this program for the first time. It is second to none! I lost all the weight I needed to. My physician is really satisfied with my health improvement.

    186. I succeeded at this!

      Posted by Danette - Wolf Pointe, MT on 30th Apr 2011

      I like this diet because there are no side effects and it is fairly simple and easy to follow. At times I got a bit hungry but it was bearable. I lost a total of 21 pounds!

    187. Works quickly and is painless

      Posted by Michelle - Florida on 26th Apr 2011

      I am thrilled with my results so far!! (16 pounds in 18 days) I recommend this diet to all of my friends and family who are unhappy with their weight.

    188. very happy customer here!

      Posted by April - Omaha, NE on 26th Apr 2011

      The diet went just as planned, nothing short of what it claimed. I thought it was too good to be true but after reading the diet manual and understanding the diet, I had much more confidence to successfully complete this cycle. I finished with my drops about 3 weeks ago and have not gained an ounce back!

    189. Mother of 3 lost 19 pounds

      Posted by Kim - TX on 26th Apr 2011

      It was amazingly easy to stay the course and finish the diet. I really loved that I could call in anytime when I had questions about the diet. Very satisfied with your company!

    190. Would buy again!!

      Posted by Emilio - San Antonio, TX on 26th Apr 2011

      Awesome diet with awesome results!! I lost 25 pounds in just 3 weeks.

    191. great diet but i was a little hungry

      Posted by Debra - Cedar Park, TX on 26th Apr 2011

      Really not a bad diet but I personally got hungry a lot despite the claim that the drops curb appetite... I am still really happy with the 17 pounds I lost and I still tell my friends about this as it was probably just my body that experienced hunger time to time.

    192. down 19 LBS!!!

      Posted by JoAnne - Cape Coral, FL on 26th Apr 2011

      Best decision of my life :) Despite the horror stories, the truth is that this diet is safe and it works for just about anyone who knows how to follow directions. What this takes is self-discipline.

    193. I lost 20 pounds fast

      Posted by Jackie - Columbia, SC on 26th Apr 2011

      I was amazed at how quickly I lost weight, more of losing inches especially. I am now down 3 dress sizes! I actually had a baby 6 months ago and can now fit the clothes I first wore before I was pregnant. Makes me so happy!!

    194. 21 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Shari - Wolf Pointe, MT on 26th Apr 2011

      I am very happy I found out about this product. I have completed the first 21 days and in six weeks will be starting the diet again. My friends at work love your product as well!

    195. 22 pounds down after R1

      Posted by Aly - Rock Springs, WY on 14th Apr 2011

      I couldn't possibly lose weight after my pregnancy even though I tried very hard, believe me. I just didn't feel myself after I packed on all that weight. HCG was my solution that helped me tons. I feel beautiful again!

    196. 16.5 pounds in 18 days, almost finished!

      Posted by Jeri - Anaheim, CA on 14th Apr 2011

      I am just finishing my first round and am highly pleased!! I think it makes every woman happy to lose weight and fit into their old jeans. I am sending many of my friends to this site to order after they have seen how my body has improved.

    197. Super results!! 21 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Candace - Ridgefield, WA on 14th Apr 2011

      Hcg must be invention of the century... It worked for me like a charm and my husband just loves the new me. This is a supplement that is worth every penny!

    198. 24 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Tim - San Francisco, CA on 12th Apr 2011

      I wanted to say thanks for the great diet program and all your assistance. It worked for me better than anything.

    199. 19.6 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Luddie - Carrolton, TX on 12th Apr 2011

      Though I found the restrictions hard at times, the daily weight loss was a motivation to stay on the program. I began the diet because I had stalled in my weight loss and needed to jump start it again. This program worked exactly how I hoped it would.

    200. 19 pounds in 21 days.

      Posted by Roxanne - Arkansas City on 8th Apr 2011

      My favorite part of the diet was the loading days and the the last few days when I knew how much I have accomplished. The 19 pounds that melted off isn't only a number, it is very noticeable!

    201. 22 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Kiarra - Illinois on 8th Apr 2011

      I am just amazed! I cannot believe I lost this much weight in such a short time and still feel good. I have tried to lose before, but could not! I am most grateful! I have recommended this diet to several people when they asked me how I lost all the weight. I will recommend it to anyone I can think might benefit from this product.

    202. 25 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Tim - Gering, NE on 8th Apr 2011

      I heard about HCG on Dr. Oz and thought I would experiment with this and see how it works out. I am astounded how well this supplement works. You won't regret putting effort into this diet!

    203. 19 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Marisha - Fairbanks, AK on 8th Apr 2011

      Ohhh the diet helped me so much and it was great. I don't think I could've done the 40 day program but 3 weeks was just perfect for me and I lost about 19 pounds!!!

    204. 21 pounds and 4 dress sizes!!!

      Posted by Jasmin - Houston, TX on 5th Apr 2011

      This diet definitely did not disappoint unlike many other programs I've tried. Always, always, always did I gain the lost weight back but not on hcg. The weight seems to stay off very well and my health has even improved... A lot of my friends will order from your company now that they saw my results.

    205. 18.7 pounds and 16 inches lost

      Posted by Shannon - Princeton, Kansas on 5th Apr 2011

      Sweet diet plan, great diet drops, great support team!! I'd do this diet all over again!

    206. 19 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Peggy - Gilbert, AZ on 5th Apr 2011

      Just like so many others here, I, too, can tell you that you can be confident about your weight-loss program with hCG. I like this diet a lot as it is straight forward and simple!

    207. 19 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Peggy - Gilbert, AZ on 5th Apr 2011

      Just like so many others here, I, too, can tell you that you can be confident about your weight-loss program with hCG. I like this diet a lot as it is straight forward and simple!

    208. 20.8 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Shari - Belton, TX on 5th Apr 2011

      My daughters recommended HCG drops in October 2010. My oldest daughter informed me of this website so I looked you up. For the first time I understand what happens to a body! Presently, I am on maintenance. I have maintained within 2 lbs of weight-loss. I have lost 20.8 lbs. I have one more round to go. My children and coworkers tell me I look younger and healthier than I had before.

    209. 18 pounds in 15 days

      Posted by Lisa - Calgary, Alberta on 31st Mar 2011

      I knew I had extra pounds to lose but I didn't know where to start or what to do. Then, I heard about HCG but I wasn't sure if I could order since I'm from Canada but it was not a problem at all. No problem with shipping. I got it pretty quickly and in perfect condition. The first day was the worst but it got better really fast. I don't feel like eating all the time. I'm starting my 3rd week today and so far I lost 18 pounds. I can't wait to see the final result.

    210. 15.5 pounds in 12 days!!

      Posted by Christina - Las Vegas, NV on 31st Mar 2011

      After I learned about this diet I placed my order and couldn't wait to get on it! I lost 15.5 pounds in 12 days! I’ve never lost like this, EVER! My friends are considering doing it as well.

    211. Fast weight-loss

      Posted by Karrie - Wichita, KS on 31st Mar 2011

      I have lost 20.3 pounds in 21 days. I took 15 drops 3 times a day. That seemed to work best for me.

    212. 18.7 pounds lost

      Posted by Sharon - Chandler, AZ on 28th Mar 2011

      I love HCG amino! I have lost easy pounds that I was not able to get away with on any other diets. I was never really hungry and I have been sleeping better since I've finished the drops.

    213. Losing exactly a pound a day!

      Posted by Cecilia - Naugatuck, CT on 28th Mar 2011

      Started February 10th and have lost 18 pounds so far!! My blood sugar on February 11th was 298 and is now 150! I have done it by the book with NO cheating!

    214. Lost over a pound a day

      Posted by Amanda R.L. on 23rd Mar 2011

      R1p2d15 down 16.6lbs

    215. Diet going really well...

      Posted by Kelly D. M. on 23rd Mar 2011

      R1P2D17 down 14lbs

    216. LOst 21 Lbs alrady

      Posted by Brittany H. on 23rd Mar 2011

      R1P2D17 , down 21lbs!!

    217. Great diet - it worked for me!

      Posted by Angela S. on 23rd Mar 2011

      phase 3, 18 pounds cant wait to do it agian

    218. 19 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Claudia - Alton, TX on 23rd Mar 2011

      I went online and was really overwhelmed with the amount of HCG information there was out there, I made one phone call to HCG Weight Drops and spoke with Dan who put my mind at ease and now I truly believe it was the best phone call I ever made. I have struggled with so many diets and I was on the verge of looking into surgery and I thank God I didn’t do that. I did this round of the HCG diet program along with the natural appetite suppressants and B-12 and I am so proud to say I have now lost 19 Pounds, my goal is to lose 50 pounds and I know I will be there soon.

    219. It couldn't be any easier

      Posted by D Dunwell on 22nd Mar 2011

      I find that the HGC weightloss program is very doable. I have 5 friends that have lost anywhere from 17 all the way up to 60. I watched as they have been able to keep their off several months later. So I decided to give it a try myself. To date I am down 25 pounds! I am back into being able to wear all the clothes in my closet and I feel so much better about myself. It has really helped lift my 45 year old self esteem.

    220. 21 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Kelsey - Carrolton, TX on 22nd Mar 2011

      This can definitely be a great diet for the right person. It does however take discipline. You have to make sure that you have what you need on hand. You don't want to allow yourself to get too hungry without having the right foods available. Overall, I loved the diet and the weight I lost, of course!

    221. 19.4 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Sasha - Florida on 16th Mar 2011

      My experience has been one of complete success, and I could not feel more encouraged. After a year of failed attempts to lose weight, despite very true and consistent effort, these hcg drops have obviously motivated something new in me and helped me reach a healthy weight.

    222. 18 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Carman - Boise, ID on 16th Mar 2011

      Amazingly, I lost 18 pounds on the diet! Once I’ve completed the program to get to my targeted weight (12 more pounds), I’m confident that I can keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
      I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight quickly.

    223. 25 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by David - Parland, TX on 16th Mar 2011

      Great diet that's worth writing a review on. I give this 5 stars as it worked very well just as promised! I am in the military and my colleagues are amazed by the quick transformation.

    224. 20.2 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Jennifer - Prior Lake, MN on 16th Mar 2011

      I have lost 20.2 pounds. I had given up hope of losing that much weight, but this diet truly is a safe, healthy way to lose that much weight. It has also adjusted my way of thinking about food and diet.

    225. 17.9 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Teri - Newbury Park, CA on 16th Mar 2011

      It is a very easy diet to follow. Since you are limited to what you can eat and the time goes so fast, it is not hard to follow. It's very exciting to get up in the morning to weigh myself and see quick results. I also feel like I'm eating healthier! It is superb!

    226. 15 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Nilsa - North Bergen, NJ on 16th Mar 2011

      15 pounds may not seem like a whole lot but people notice and I notice my clothes fitting looser. I love it. I have already recommended your website to 2 people. Any one can do this diet easily!

    227. lost 21 pounds round!

      Posted by Erica - Fairbanks, AK on 16th Mar 2011

      What an amazing little program! I could not believe my eyes as I watched my body shed pounds of fat and become slimmer and more toned. I lost most of the fat from the two main problem areas: my thighs and my stomach.

    228. Making progress...

      Posted by Kelly M. on 15th Mar 2011

      R1P2D7 and i am down 9 lbs!!!! i was so skeptical after all the information i have read everywhere on the net!! but everyone here was so helpful and positive!!! i can't thank you all enough!! i have so much information that i am keeping track of everything if anyone needs! a little help to get started with simple stuff or support. THANKS HCG weight Drops. Good Luck to everyone!!!!!

    229. It's working great!

      Posted by Sydni W. on 15th Mar 2011

      R1P2D6- down 5.2lbs :) on the 21 day

    230. Lost 10 pounds so far...

      Posted by Brittany H. on 15th Mar 2011

      R1P2D8 = I've lost 10lbs!!!

    231. Work in progress - 13 lbs lost so far

      Posted by Michelle - New York on 12th Mar 2011

      I have lost 13 pounds since starting your HCG program. I still have 8 days to go and I am super excited about the end results. The amazing thing is that I feel great and have not been hungry.

    232. Unbelieveable results!

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2011

      After some hesitation that anything that claims to work this well with little or no effort, I decided to try this with a friend. I am just about ready to start round 2, and lost of total of 32 pounds in the first round. I have some back issues that restrict a lot of exercise and had gone up 4 sizes in 3 years. I am looking forward to getting back to where I was before the back issues and am happy to say that the pain I have been suffering with my back is improving as I go. Thank you HCG!!!

    233. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Yoandra - Miami, FL on 11th Mar 2011

      I now weigh 156LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is 20 pounds less than when I weighed in at 176!!!! AND I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to force myself to eat dinner last night for I was so not hungry.

    234. 20 lbs lost in 21 days

      Posted by Amy - Rock Hill, SC on 11th Mar 2011

      I feel truly energized when I take the supplements daily and I lost inches first then the weight. It's the best thing I ever did to lose weight quickly and safely and eating very healthy. Most of all, so many people said I looked great!

    235. 17.8 pounds lost

      Posted by Kimberly - Ft. Worth, TX on 9th Mar 2011

      All that is required is a little bit of will power, some organization, and preparation. But that's required for any diet. The difference is you can see immediate results on the HCG protocol, and lose about seven pounds in a week, not in a month (which is considered pretty good for other diets).

    236. Very quick results

      Posted by Carol - Bristol, TN on 9th Mar 2011

      The hcg diet isn't as popular in the area I live in so it took me a while to figure out how people are dropping pounds so fast. I learned about Hcg through the internet and then a friend who explained to me how exactly it works. I was amazed that a small bottle of drops can have such a positive impact on the body. Sure enough, I started dropping pounds quickly and my overall health has gotten better too. I am really looking forward to fitting into some of my favorite dresses I couldn't wear for years.

    237. 18.5 pouds in 21 days

      Posted by Michelle - Indiana on 9th Mar 2011

      Wow... I can't believe how much my appearance has changed! I feel better about myself and my body feels much better as well. The results were quick which I needed or I wouldn't have been able to stick with the diet. It was good motivation! I was willing to "suffer" if I could literally see the pounds falling off, and they did. My daughter is next in our family to go on the HCG diet and reshape her body. I am so excited for her.

    238. 18 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Tina, Louisiana on 4th Mar 2011

      I think the best thing about these drops is that there are absolutely NO side effects. I also like the fact that HGC Weight Drops bills you one time when you order the drops and that's it. There are no hidden or monthly fees. Try this if you are desperate to lose weight!

    239. 15.1 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Cheryl, St. Louis, Missouri on 4th Mar 2011

      I would totally recommend this product. I have honestly tried most every diet out there and this is the one that worked for me. I still have ways to go but I am so confident that this will take me there in time. I did not crave the sweet treats at all when I was on the drops and believe me, I have a sweet tooth!

    240. 10.4 LBS lost in 3 weeks

      Posted by Maria, Crystal Lake, IL on 4th Mar 2011

      I know that me losing only 10 pounds does not seem like a lot to most people however even though I weighed 151 pounds, my height is 5'6'' so I really do not have a huge amount of weight to lose in the first place. I do plan on doing a second round of the drops and will hopefully be where I want to be after my second round.

    241. 21.6 pounds down in 3 weeks

      Posted by Jessica, Scottsdale, AZ on 4th Mar 2011

      Greatest decision I ever made for my health. I had to lose weight. My dad died from diabetes complications and I was told I was pre-diabetic. I am currently about to begin my second round on the HCG plan and know I will be as successful. I will absolutely recommend it to my friends. My sister-in-law is on the diet now as well. It's amazing.

    242. 18.2 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Kim, Missouri on 2nd Mar 2011

      I have not only lost 18.2 lbs in 22 days but I have lost almost 18 inches overall. It truly is reprogramming my mind and body on how to eat now. Although my husband has about the same amount of weight to lose as I do, he didn't feel like he could do the HCG diet, however by cooking for me and cooking healthy he has already started dropping weight on his own. Maybe I can get him to try it for 3 weeks and see for himself how fast the weight will drop.

    243. Lost 17 pounds!!

      Posted by Melanie C. on 2nd Mar 2011

      I lost 17 and proud of it.

    244. Lost 9 lbs in two weeks

      Posted by Pamela V. on 2nd Mar 2011

      I started my diet on feb 15 & so far lost 9 lbs & counting!

    245. Lost 8 lbs so far

      Posted by Brayden W. on 2nd Mar 2011

      Day 19 and only down 8 lbs! No cheating!!! Still working though.

    246. 23.4 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Gabriel C. on 1st Mar 2011

      My results were out of this world and I loved doing this diet. I have never been so motivated by any other program before.

    247. 17 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Sherry H. on 1st Mar 2011

      I was simply amazed. The 500 calorie diet was not as hard as I first expected and the results we outstanding. I have gone from a 42 pant size to 38 and am wearing shirts I have not been able to wear in years.

    248. 24 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Gary J. on 28th Feb 2011

      I have seen incredible results in such a short period of time yes, I have lost the weight I did not feel hungry but most importantly the inches that I have lost are incredible. I have lost 41/2 inches off my stomach area alone not to mention 1 ½ off my upper arms.

    249. Everyone needs to try this!

      Posted by Maria A. on 28th Feb 2011

      Such an amazing diet!! I ordered in the beginning of this year with a goal in mind of losing 15-20 pounds and 2 dress sizes at least. The 21 days I was on this diet were not very difficult especially because the weight loss was constant. I lost 19 pounds and 15 inches by the time I finished! This simply works!

    250. 21 LBS in 21 days

      Posted by Heather B. on 25th Feb 2011

      I will only do the 21 day one from now on because my friends and I that have done the 40 day one have found you lose the most weight in the first couple of weeks then it is very slow. I will certainly do another round in 6 weeks I have already recommended this product to many many people of whom 4 have ordered.

    251. The pounds dropped fast

      Posted by Anna G. on 25th Feb 2011

      I lost 20.4 pounds in 21 days and now I am much more active and take pride in my body! This can help so many people get rid of fat!

    252. 18 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Ann O. on 25th Feb 2011

      My girlfriend told me about your website and this diet. I was very disappointed with the Atkins diet as it did not help one bit but I lost 18 pounds on HCG. What a difference!

    253. Great results and experience!

      Posted by Keisha D. on 25th Feb 2011

      I lost 21 pounds on the diet. Almost every day I lost exactly one pound and some days a little less but then other days I lost more. My husband is thrilled and so am I. This was weight I could not lose since our first baby was born. Thanks!!

    254. 20 pounds lost

      Posted by Cindi H. on 25th Feb 2011

      It was a good decision to do the HCG diet. I will do it again in the next couple of weeks. I saw big results around my belly and waist area. It works, I didn't feel hungry and it felt good to see fast results. Today, 2 weeks after completing my drops I haven't gained ANY weight back.

    255. 16 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Vicky H. on 25th Feb 2011

      Very good diet I did not believe in until I tried it! Now I am 16 pounds less and a totally happy camper. My friends and family can't believe their eyes.

    256. 18 pounds lost in 3 weeks

      Posted by Kimberly J. on 25th Feb 2011

      I loved this diet! I just loved it. It wasn't magic or anything but science so I know exactly what I lost weight from and what helps me keep the weight off now. Best diet I have ever done!

    257. This kit was great!

      Posted by Joyce C. on 25th Feb 2011

      I ordered the kit bc I didn't know much about the HCG diet in the first place and the diet manual gave me all the information I needed to succeed. This is what I would recommend to people who are unsure about how to do this diet properly. The other thing I really really loved was the B vitamin complexx that gave me more energy than 2 redbulls. In the end I lost 19 pounds total and I can't wait for summer to come so I can show my friends how much progress I have made.

    258. 20 LBS lost in 21 days

      Posted by Tammy S. on 16th Feb 2011

      I did the shots last year Sept and lost 25 lbs and wanted to get to my goal of 155 I didn't get their on the shots needed to lose 5 more lbs. The the holidays came and I gained more weight 8 lbs just from eating all the holiday goodies that contained mostly SUGAR. That is why I went on HGC again. Very happy with my results!!

    259. Weight came off rapidly

      Posted by Brianna G. on 16th Feb 2011

      My friends at the gym all were talking about HCG and how well it works so I had to see for myself if it could help me lose the weight I didn't think I could ever lose. It worked!! The manual was very useful and I loved the vitamins too.

    260. Weight dropping off

      Posted by Jen G. on 8th Feb 2011

      I began phase 1 a week ago and have already lost 4.5 lbs. Unbelievable. A bit hungry still, but totally motivated by results. I don't know how, but this really works!

    261. 5.5 lbs in a week

      Posted by Cheryl on 7th Feb 2011

      I lost 5.5 lbs the first week and looking forward to the next few weeks of weight loss. I too was surprised that I did not have any feelings of hunger while taking the drops and with the addition of the B supplement drops, had plenty of energy to enjoy the things I do regularly.

    262. 20 LBS in 21 days

      Posted by Bonni D. on 3rd Feb 2011

      I was amazed at the results! I have been sleeping better than I have in a long time and have plenty of energy. Each morning I wake up and am amazed by the results I have had!

    263. 25 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by M.L. on 3rd Feb 2011

      I am glad I ordered from your company; another person I know bought a $20 bottle somewhere else and developed sores under her tongue within a couple of days. I had no side effects, other than slight hunger the first 3 days. Now I have to make a conscious effort to remember meals, I've never experienced "forgetting to eat" before. It is fabulous!! I have lots more energy, probably because I am not lugging around an extra 25 lbs everywhere I go.

    264. 19 pounds lost quickly

      Posted by Stacie S. on 3rd Feb 2011

      The 3 weeks went by very fast, I didn't even notice. You can really get into the routine of taking the drops on a daily basis so that wasn't a problem. The meals suggested in the manual are actually very good and filling. I am very happy I heard about HCG and I had the courage to try it.

    265. 22 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Kerry B. on 3rd Feb 2011

      This is the easiest way to lose weight I've ever experienced. When I followed the diet exactly, the weight came off. I was very pleased. I am a dedicated follower. I have told my friends about this fantastic diet. It works! And it's so easy.

    266. 21 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by M.T. on 3rd Feb 2011

      I literally lost one pound every day of this diet program. It kept me so motivated to see weight come off every day... For $97 I bought myself a heck of a lot of health!

    267. 19.4 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Mary H. on 3rd Feb 2011

      Just like most dieters here, I can say that HCG really did what it claims it does: HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT. I don't have one negative thing to say about the product or the 5 star treatment I have gotten here as a customer.

    268. Amazing

      Posted by Austyne on 27th Jan 2011

      I love this product. This is the one and only product that I was able to lose weight on, I have tried everything else. A MUST USE PRODUCT!!!!
      Went from a 42" to a 36" in a couple months.
      29yrs old

    269. Lost 15.2 Lbs after 21 days and will continue to the 40 Day Program

      Posted by Girl from Texas on 25th Jan 2011

      I've been struggling with my weight since I got married, tried all the diet pills, slim fast and all but the most I could loose was 5-8 lbs. I'm so happy that someone shared the information about this diet and I could not be happier to see the results. I'm going to continue until I complete the 40 day program and I hope to loose 20-25 more lbs. I started at 174.8 and now I weigh 159.6. This diet is a miracle!

    270. 20+ pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Jany T. on 25th Jan 2011

      I feel FANTASTIC! I am down almost 21 pounds and 24.25 inches overall in 21 days. I would totally recommend this to any and everyone. The results come quickly, making it easier everyday!

    271. Lost 23 pounds

      Posted by Chris B. on 25th Jan 2011

      This was my second time using HCG Amino Plus and it worked like a charm. The excess weight comes off with ease in a short time. I may do another 21 day round but for now I celebrate the 23 pounds I just lost.

    272. Good deal 16 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Francisca on 25th Jan 2011

      I would have had better results if it wasn't for the holidays and if I wasn't traveling. I have no doubt that I probably would have lost at least 3 to 4 more pounds. I have recommended it to a few people. I'm going to have my daughter and mom try it.

    273. Best Diet Ever

      Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2011

      I am on day 14 and have lost 9 pounds and 4 inches. It was so hard trying to lose weight after having twins. I am finally getting close to my weight before I got pregnant. I love this diet.

    274. My loss

      Posted by Patricia S on 23rd Jan 2011


    275. Best diet ever!

      Posted by Erica on 21st Jan 2011

      I'm young and losing weight was always a struggle for me! Since I have found this diet, I am able to lose the weight and keep it off! I am now able to keep up with my 16 month old, no matter how long she plays! :)

    276. Best 21 day diet I've ever tried!!

      Posted by Juana R. on 19th Jan 2011

      This is the best decision I have ever made! I saw it work for a co-worker and decided I will only keep my motivation if the weight loss is quick and constant. I lost 22 pounds. I think part of my success was that the diet is so restrictive. I look forward to the stabilization and maintenance phases and have a lot of faith that it will be easy! This is by far the best diet I have ever been on. I am not eating boxed processed foods, I have control over the flavors I can give my food, and the weight loss is rapid which is the best motivation any diet can give a dieter!

    277. 23 pounds in 21 days...

      Posted by V.A. on 17th Jan 2011

      Most successful diet that I have ever tried. Being diabetic my sugars have never been as stable as they are now. And while working with my doctor I'm on a third of the insulin I was before. It was a jump start to my eating habits and I wish I had done this years ago. I am now more mentally stronger on not giving in to temptation and snacks! If you want lose weight, change your eating habits, and just want to be a little healthier use this diet plan to completely change your way of life! It does take a some mental strength to get through the lows but the end result is worth it. It's worth every penny you pay!

    278. Best diet I've ever tried!!

      Posted by Heidi F. on 17th Jan 2011

      I'd like to join the other dieters who have had outstanding results on the 21 day kit. The B vitamins are the best as they helped me through the low calorie diet. I lost pounds every day which kept me very motivated not to cheat and do the diet properly. I feel energetic and rejuvenated and I am happy to be 21 pounds lighter now!

    279. 20 pounds and 25 inches AWESOME!

      Posted by Christi W. on 17th Jan 2011

      This diet kit most certainly deserves 5 stars! I went on it thinking that it would just be one of the hundreds of mediocre diets but the results blew me away... I was never starving and even when I was craving something, I just had a healthy snack that didn't conflict with the diet. In the end I lost 20 pounds and approx. 25 inches!!! FIVE STARS and TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

    280. Lost 29 lbs

      Posted by Keith, Texas on 15th Jan 2011

      Easy to follow diet. I lost 29 lbs in three weeks and referred it to my friends. Never felt better.

    281. keep shedding the lbs

      Posted by Janet J on 15th Jan 2011

      Down 2 lbs today yea!!


      Posted by Cyndi on 14th Jan 2011

      I was excited to try HCG Drops after hearing about other peoples success. I am 49 years old and need to easily lose 20-25 pounds. In week 1, even with the loading, I lost 10 lbs which is great. However, it has been awful constantly feeling hungry and basically, I have no energy, even with the B12 energy drops. I hope the next 2 weeks are better.

    283. Easier than I thought

      Posted by JDJ on 8th Jan 2011

      Just started on the 1st.. started at 164.. i am now 156...

    284. 20.6 pounds and 25 inches in 21 days!!!

      Posted by Sarah B. on 7th Jan 2011

      Easy, effective, quality; that's how I would sum up this diet kit. I was new to HCG so I thought I better get the complete deal and I am glad I did. There are a lot of silly rules to this diet but boy it works magic!! Make sure you follow thru with it and keep all the rules and the fat will melt off.

    285. Wow - 9 lbs the first 2 days!!!!

      Posted by Christine on 5th Jan 2011

      I am amazed that the weight is coming off so quickly! I can't to keep losing and tell everyone my final weight!!!!

    286. 27.3 pounds in 21 days!!!

      Posted by Margarida on 4th Jan 2011

      Superb results from an easy to follow, but disciplined regimen of HCG drops plus well-defined meal choices. Weight loss was steady usually: around 1.5 pounds per day. Was never hungry! Bored perhaps with the range of choices, not the size of meals, but worth the result. For the disciplined who want quick and visible results, this is the diet to follow.

    287. Wow! Incredible 21 pounds!

      Posted by Maria C. on 4th Jan 2011

      My cousin and I were very excited but also skeptical about the drops but we gave it a try regardless. Reading all the testimonials helped us make the decision to give HCG a try. The diet book in the kit was very helpful and I will continue to take the B vitamins. It's sufficient to say that I am now 20.3 pounds less and ecstatic about it :)

    288. 24 LBS in 3 weeks

      Posted by Tom S. on 3rd Jan 2011

      Results were over 1 pound a day loss, pretty incredible! Great website - good instructions. HCG diet works!

    289. 19 pounds less by wedding day

      Posted by Beth R. on 3rd Jan 2011

      I am a first time customer who is totally satisfied with the diet and the effectiveness thereof. I needed to lose weight for a wedding that I attended recently and HCG helped! Many of my friends will learn about your company and product through me.

    290. 20 pounds lost in 21 days

      Posted by Cheryl S. on 3rd Jan 2011

      I learn about your company and this diet through a friend who has done the diet with great success. I needed to lose about 15 pounds but I ended up losing close to 20 pounds. Wonderful!! I am now excited to see the weight stay off.

    291. Never had so much success

      Posted by Jamie B. on 3rd Jan 2011

      I am so happy I made the decision to do the HCG diet; it was the easiest and most successful diet I have ever done. I feel great and have lost 22 pounds. I have recommended several people already, and they too have had great results.

    292. Very impressive results!

      Posted by Amy G. on 30th Dec 2010

      I lost a lot of inches and pounds. My pants were baggy after 3 weeks and I felt great! This HCG diet is definitely the real deal.

    293. Lost about 20 LBS

      Posted by David O. on 30th Dec 2010

      Awesome diet program for the willing and self disciplined. It was not easy but I lost enough weight that makes it worthwhile. Good customer care too.

    294. This diet worked!

      Posted by C.B. on 30th Dec 2010

      I have been looking for the 'perfect diet' forever but nothing really worked for me until I came across HCG. I did a lot of research and decided to order from you for your good reputation. The drops worked extremely well: I lost almost 22 pounds. The B vitamin is very potent and I think it sped up the process of weight loss.

    295. It works

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd Dec 2010

      I losted twelve pounds without exercise. If had exercise at least 30 minutes a day i would lost more.I was hungry at first thean after the third day i was fine.The B-12 is wonderful it works better than the shot.

    296. 19 pounds down in 21 day period

      Posted by Linda R. on 21st Dec 2010

      I am very pleased with the results and will do a second round after this one. I would love to meet my goal weight and I believe this is the way I am going to accomplish that goal. I feel so much better without the extra weight and my husband likes it too. Being 19 pounds lighter does not go unnoticed. Friends ask me all the time about my visible results which isn't easy to explain so I just give them some information and send them to the website.

    297. Absolutely loved this diet...

      Posted by Rachelle on 21st Dec 2010

      I had no problem with this diet, I never got hungry. I really needed to drop some weight for several reasons: to help my blood pressure because up until this year I never took medication for anything. Also with my knees, the excess weight used to put so much pressure on my knees. My end result was 20 pounds. I have recommended this to some of my family and they lost weight quick were very excited about it.

    298. Lost 19.9 pounds and haven't gained it back

      Posted by Jennifer E. on 21st Dec 2010

      I am impressed with the results. There is no one more skeptical than me. I was skeptical all the way through until the end. "Yeah, I lost 5lb, but will I lose any more?" And I did. "Yeah, I lost 15lb, but I will probably plane out and lose no more." But I did. Very impressive. I ended up losing 20 pounds roughly. If you follow the directions strictly, you will lose weight.

    299. lost 10lbs,was hoping would loose more

      Posted by irine on 19th Dec 2010

      i used product for 21 day program. i lost 10 lbs'i was strict almost whole time except a couple days at the end when i start being disappointed cause cant loose more

    300. Lost 10 lbs and have not gained it back.

      Posted by Heidi on 17th Dec 2010

      I used this product for the 21 day program. I lost 10 lbs, even though I was not as strict on the diet as I should have been, which is why I don't think I lost as much as I could have. But I have been off the program for over a month and I still have not put the weight back on. I just ordered the 40 day program and plan on starting as soon as it comes in. I have tried many different weight loss programs and this is the best one!

    301. hcg has helped change my lifestyle

      Posted by Debbie M. on 16th Dec 2010

      I have lost about 25 since Nov 20 kinda on hold at moment . Sick and haven't been drinking my water. Hcg has got me off soda. I rarely have 1 and seems that I have lost the taste. I started losing inches n places that r hard like upper arms. Yes I would reccomend people to at least give it a try. U would b amazed at how ur eating habits change. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the word

    302. Love the product

      Posted by Wendy n. on 16th Dec 2010

      Started 11/17. Start weight 285. Now 260. In P3. Will start again after Christmas on P2 again. 1st goal is to lose 100 pounds and years of bad eating habits. Love love love HCG. Thank you ;)

    303. 20 lbs is gone now

      Posted by NancyS on 16th Dec 2010

      Very potent drops and great diet program! Lost about 20 pounds and looking forward to starting another 21 day program next year.

    304. 16 pounds down

      Posted by Amber B. on 16th Dec 2010

      I have been overweight for many many years due to poor eating habits and I think it kind of runs in our family too. I have tried several different diets that I do not want to name here but honestly, I've experimented with a lot of them and they either did not work or I gained the weight back... Hcg helped me shed 16 pounds which I am very very happy about. I have completed the diet weeks ago and still no gain! Seems to have worked very well!

    305. 18 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Mabel H. on 16th Dec 2010

      I needed to lose weight for a wedding that took place in our family. I didn't have much time so out of desperation I decided to try HCG. In the 3 weeks I lost 18 pounds which totally 'saved' me. I would recommend this company to everyone who reads this. This is a good, honest company with a super good product.

    306. 21 days equal 21 pounds!

      Posted by Dominica V. on 16th Dec 2010

      This really did work which I totally didn't expect. So many diet programs have already let me down but this one rocks! I am so excited about the 21 pounds I lost. Now I will fit in my NYE dress :)

    307. Only thing that has ever worked for me!

      Posted by Kate B. on 15th Dec 2010

      Lost 24lbs in 26 day's want to lost 10 more before the new year.Then after that praying another 20lbs....HCG work's......the only thing that has ever worked for me.......

    308. so excited to lose weight

      Posted by Patrick N. on 15th Dec 2010

      well I just started 12/12/2010 and today was my VLCD DAY 1.... I am at 202 and would like to get down to 180

    309. Lost 14 lbs!!!

      Posted by Maha A. on 15th Dec 2010

      starting weight 169 i lost 14lbs so far and i wana lose another 6 by the end of the year

    310. Lost 9 lbs and it just fell off!

      Posted by Nicole D. on 15th Dec 2010

      My starting weight was 183.8 and I've lost 9.4lbs so far. I hope to be at 160lbs by year end.

    311. Lost 14 lbs already

      Posted by Patricia M. on 15th Dec 2010

      My starting weight was 240. ive lost 14 pounds and i hope i can get to 200 by the end of the year.

    312. Halfway to my goal weight!

      Posted by Staci B. on 15th Dec 2010

      My starting weight was 252. I have lost 22 pounds. I would like to be down down to 205 by the end of the year! Whoo-Hoo!

    313. Lost a pound a day!

      Posted by Desiree P. on 14th Dec 2010

      After my first round of 21 days, I'm going back tomorrow for 21 more days!!!! My first round went amazing 20 pounds on 21 days!!! I'm looking forward for 20 more pounds!!!

    314. 19.8 LBS in 21 days

      Posted by Janine on 14th Dec 2010

      I had really good results: lost about 19 pounds. The weight came off really fast at first and then slowed to about half to a pound a day. I also found that the combination of foods was important. I lost more when I ate the fruit as opposed to when I didn't. I will be doing another round in about 6 weeks and look forward to good results then, too.

    315. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Jessica D. on 14th Dec 2010

      The most amazing thing about this diet, besides the fact that I have lost 20 pounds so quickly, is that I did it without feeling hungry! Also, I felt great. Not tired or sluggish. I have more energy and feel so much better. It's one of the best things I have ever done for myself. If you are serious about losing weight and feeling better, this is the diet for you. Don't think it's easy; Nothing is. But the results are worth it!

    316. Lost 19.2 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Amanda R. on 14th Dec 2010

      Best plan for weight loss that doesn't involve prescription drugs or surgical procedures. Just took some discipline and the drops to do what my doctor suggested for my health. I have already recommended the plan to several of my friends.

    317. lost 21.5 pounds and 19 inches in 21 days

      Posted by Tania R. on 8th Dec 2010

      I am more than pleased with the results of my HCG diet. I went through Thanksgiving without any major change in weight and I ate pretty much what I wanted. I felt full quicker and the sweets were too sweet to have too much of. Although I was able to enjoy some of the extras I knew when to say enough. I have recommended this diet to many people and most have started the protocol, purchasing the drops from your company.

    318. 16 pounds on 21 day diet kit

      Posted by A.K. on 8th Dec 2010

      I purchased the drops for my wife due to her fear of needles. She did "cheat" a few days out of her 21 day course, but still managed to lose 16 pounds. It is truly a remarkable diet program. I even tried some of the recipes from the diet manual and they were surprisingly tasty! I don't see how anyone can not lose weight on this program.

    319. 22 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Holly M. on 8th Dec 2010

      I wasted so much money on injections last year and I only lost 16 pounds in like 3 months. I was still happy about the 16 pounds but poking myself for 3 months was more than enough. Recently, I decided to give homeopathic HCG a try and see if it is as powerful as the injectables. I actually lost 22 pounds on this 3 week program without needles and so forth. Not to mention that the injections were nearly a $1,000 for the 3 months and this diet was only $97... Extremely good product and the diet manual was very helpful. I am beyond satisfied.

    320. lost 21 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Carolin W. on 6th Dec 2010

      Homeopathic HCG not only worked in removing my oversized core but educated me about how much fat I was putting in my body. People told me there was no way I could survive on a 500 calorie diet but I did and for the first time in 15 years I had to replace my pants because of the fit, I went from a 36 waist to a 30.

    321. 23 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Josh P. on 6th Dec 2010

      I was extremely impressed with the 3 weeks of not feeling hungry. Currently on the maintenance plan and I plan to resume the program again with the conclusion of stabilization. I am glad I started out with the kit because without the manual I would have been lost. Friendly advice: Get the kit if you are new at this; this is an advanced diet with advanced rules.

    322. 21 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Jill on 6th Dec 2010

      I am so pleased with the results that I am actually contemplating doing another 21-day plan to see if I can get down to my WBM (Weight Before Marriage)! I should also note that my husband lost 24 pounds in the same time frame. He does not have the luxury of exercising because he has been confined to using crutches for the past 2 years as the result of an injury. We are both very pleased with the results.

    323. 20 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Courtney C. on 4th Dec 2010

      Outstanding diet program. I don't understand why people still spend money on injections when the drops work even better and it's painless. I tried both and I lost more on these HCG drops. I lost a total of 20 pounds.

    324. I weigh 19.7 pounds less...

      Posted by Ashley S. on 4th Dec 2010

      I lost inches and even more pounds. I feel very good physically after the diet. I am going to do it again in January which should help me get down to my target weight. I have recommended HCG to several of my friends who seem to be happy with the initial results as well.

      P.S. The diet manual and the B vitamins are awesome and an important part of the diet.

    325. Finished strong! Lost 22.1 pounds!!

      Posted by Theresa P. on 4th Dec 2010

      This company promises a typical average weight-loss of 16-25 LBS on the 21 day program. IT WORKS!! I lost 22.1 pounds in 21 days and am super happy and enjoying Phase 3 of maintenance. I recommend this diet as the only diet that truly does what it claims.

    326. About to start!!

      Posted by Nikki on 4th Dec 2010

      Well I'm about to start the program...still waiting to receive it and I'm so excited and pumped to start the diet. I've read so many reviews and saw so many success stories I cant wait to start shedding the pounds myself...look out for me in the near future to see how much weight I've lost!!!!

    327. 22 pounds in just 3 weeks

      Posted by Trisha on 2nd Dec 2010

      The results were awesome, but I have had trouble sticking with in on the maintenance phase. Once I got a taste of sugar, it's been very difficult to stop. But I feel better and more energetic, and since I have some more to go, I'll be getting back on the plan after 6 weeks. It was not that hard, and the results were nearly immediate. I lost a total of 22 pounds in the 3 weeks.

    328. Lost 20.2 pounds and 23 inches in 3 weeks:

      Posted by Kristy B. on 2nd Dec 2010

      This is the first diet that I have been on that
      I wasn't actually hungry. Before, I was absolutely ravenous, all the time!!! Now that I am off of the drops, I have been hungry again but have learned to practice portion control and the weight that I have lost thus far is still stable. I plan to do another round in the future as I have more to lose as you can see. I certainly recommend the HCG diet to others as I have tried and failed with every other weight loss program but this one has kept my appetite under control and the weight has been coming off steadily.

    329. Lost 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Beverly W. on 2nd Dec 2010

      I have a friend who has done the HCG diet and recommended your website for your good reputation and good quality HCG drops. She lost a lot of weight which gave me hope to do it as well. I only had about 15-16 pounds to lose so I went with this 21 day program. I actually lost 20 pounds and 18 inches!! It is amazing what this little bottle of HCG is capable of doing. Most definitely a 5 star product and company!

    330. Good little diet - lost 22 pounds easy

      Posted by Michael C. on 29th Nov 2010

      Glad I got the kit because I wouldn't have had a clue how to do this diet. I'm not even sure how it really works but it does! I lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks basically and my cholesterol level has gone down!

    331. Lost 20 pounds in 21 days time

      Posted by Jamie W. on 25th Nov 2010

      I am extremely happy that I started this diet. I am almost to my goal weight in a tenth of the time of other diets. I haven't been in the 170's in over 10 years...and I have been on at least a dozen diets in that time. Yes I would recommend it and I have! The B vitamins rock btw.

    332. lost 21 pounds with ease

      Posted by Shelby B. on 22nd Nov 2010

      It has been an amazing process. I lost 21 pounds and I am looking to lose another 20. Thank you for the support. Everyone should give their 100%, just don't cheat or you will only cheating yourself.

    333. Lost 15 pounds in 21 day while on thyroid medication

      Posted by Anne L. on 22nd Nov 2010

      This was by far the best diet I have ever done. I lost 15 lbs and 19". I never felt hungry until toward the end and I had tons of energy. I tried to go off my thyroid medication but after two days decided it wasn't worth it and went back on them. I highly recommend this site for purchasing your high quality products, pricing and fast shipping. I especially liked the package which included the supplements I needed to take during the diet. I didn't have to go out searching for vitamins without sugar. I have recommended this site to several already and they are on their way to significant weight-loss as well.

    334. Lost over 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Karla E. on 22nd Nov 2010

      This was such a good diet program! The weeks flew by really quick and the diet wasn't really difficult either. Time to time when I was in company and we were having dinner, I wished I could have cheated but I'm glad I didn't. I lost 20.3 pounds in the end which is absolutely amazing.

    335. I couldn't believe the scale...

      Posted by G.L. on 19th Nov 2010

      By the time I finished with the drops, I had lost nearly 22 pounds!! My wife is super happy and so am I. The only thing I gained was lots of self-confidence!

    336. 21 pounds lost in 21 days

      Posted by Martha S. on 19th Nov 2010

      I think my favorite thing about this diet was the B vitamins I used every day. It helped me get through the diet much easier and prevented me from being tempted to cheat due to hunger or cravings. I am a size 5 now and 21 pounds lighter!! Amazing!

    337. 21 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by T.S. on 19th Nov 2010

      I tried other HCG products before but this one has truly been the most effective one out of all. I don't know what the difference is but something must be different in the formula since it works like a charm. This 21 day program helped me reach my goal of 21 pounds. Eating small portions wasn't very difficult however, I missed my red wine :)

    338. lost 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Patricia A. on 17th Nov 2010

      I am glad I ordered the kit because I had no clue about this diet when I started it. I've been off of the HCG drops for 3 weeks now and I haven't gained an ounce back from the 20 pounds I lost! It is a really good diet that finally gives women hope to look healthy again.

    339. over 19 pounds of loss in 21 days

      Posted by Mary S. on 15th Nov 2010

      The protocol worked very well. 500 cal per day was no problem at all. I've done several different diets with varying results. The HCG protocol has rebooted my system. I don't need to over eat to feel satisfied. The healthy food that I do eat tastes better than ever. I continue to use B vitamins and a good multi vitamin.

    340. Overall Awesome Program!!! 20 pounds less!

      Posted by Patricia R. on 15th Nov 2010

      I am thrilled at how 20 pounds have dropped since beginning this diet! I just finished it. I have so much more energy now and feel so much better already. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at weight loss on a variety of diets, I have found that the HCG diet is the one for me. The well defined eating regimen makes it easy to follow and the quick results keep me motivated!

    341. 17.7 pounds on 21 day kit

      Posted by Kristen M. on 15th Nov 2010

      The best part of this diet was the B vitamins I took every day! It tastes really good and it only took a few minutes to work and give me energy. The diet went pretty well with some minor hiccups when I deviated but I still lost 17.7 pounds and about 20 inches.

    342. Life is good - 21 pounds lighter!

      Posted by Brandie B. on 15th Nov 2010

      I was very happy with the results I had during my 21 day cycle of the HCG. I was amazed that I was able to stick to the VLCD so well. It was tough at times but I stuck to it and was amazed with the 21 pounds!! This is a life-changing program and I'm happy that I found it. After my cycle, I have been eating mostly low carb and it seems to be working okay. I feel so much better by not eating a lot of sugar. It keeps my body and mind so much healthier!!

    343. Love this program!!

      Posted by Courtney on 14th Nov 2010

      11 pounds in 14 days, amazing!!! can not wait to do the 40 days kit


      Posted by LESLIE on 13th Nov 2010


    345. Best diet on Earth! 20 pound down!

      Posted by Thersa R. on 12th Nov 2010

      The results are amazing - 20 pounds amazing! I was concerned about eating only 500 calories but after two days it was easy to see how it really is achievable. It was the best decision I've made on choosing an awesome diet. I feel so much more confident in myself. This was very easy to follow, I would highly recommend HCG Amino Plus to anyone.

    346. 20 pounds in 21 days WOOHOO

      Posted by Margareth T. on 12th Nov 2010

      I am so excited with my weight loss, it was remarkable to see weight dropping off daily. I finished strong at 20 pounds. Couldn't have done it on my own; I am glad I purchased your weight loss product!!!!! If you struggle with weight loss like I did, this is the last diet plan you want to succeed. It's everything they say it is.

    347. Good results! 16 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Hailey D. on 12th Nov 2010

      I plan on doing a second round, my results are not what they should be because I didn't stick to the diet. I am still very happy with my results though. And I will do better this next round as I will be better prepared. I highly recommend this to my friends. It's safe and my body was changing every other day. I feel great.

    348. 20 LBS - 21 day program

      Posted by Brenda M. on 11th Nov 2010

      I ordered the 21 day kit because it included everything I needed to succeed at the diet. The diet manual was really good to have otherwise I wouldn't have known what to do and probably wouldn't have lost 20 pounds in 21 days. The recipes are really awesome. I didn't feel like I was sacrificing much at all. I continue to use the B vitamins to maintain energy.

    349. Super results! 21 pounds weight loss in 21 days.

      Posted by Kathrina P. on 11th Nov 2010

      I am overwhelmed with the results. I lost a total of 21 pounds and 35 inches. It was very easy to follow program. The first and last week were hard mentally. This was the easiest thing I've done (besides getting pregnant!). The cost was definitely worth the results. I am now in the 3rd week of maintanence and not having any difficulty with regain.

    350. 19.6 pounds lost

      Posted by Kara M. on 11th Nov 2010

      It is an amazing, quick diet if you are disciplined and have the right food ready to go at all meals. I followed the rules and lost almost 20 pounds. I would recommend this diet to anyone who has a clean bill of health from their doctor. It is great if you are healthy and disciplined.

    351. 15 pounds in 21 day

      Posted by Kim M. on 11th Nov 2010

      I have seen very good results. I should have taken advantage of the support from you guys because sometimes I found myself not following the protocol. And because of that have not seen the weight loss that I could have. I'm sure I could have done better. If you are unable to exercise, this is the solution for you. It is doable!

    352. 1 week down and feeling great!

      Posted by Acton on 11th Nov 2010

      My wife and I have been on the diet for 1 week now. I am already down 12 lbs and she is down 10 lbs! It was hard the first few days but there have not been any hunger pains. Cant wait to see the end results!

    353. Losing nearly 2 lbs a day!

      Posted by Jamie W. on 10th Nov 2010

      Day 12 and down 21 lbs!!!!!!!

    354. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by C. H. on 9th Nov 2010

      A great decision to purchase the HCG Diet drops and stay as close to the program as possible. It worked and I am really happy about the visible change - 20 pounds loss. It worked for me and I have a few more pounds to go but it will be easy and quick to lose those last pounds.

    355. Total loss over 16 pounds!!!

      Posted by Kyle J. on 6th Nov 2010

      I did really well in the beginning of the HCG diet, then due to summer vacation and family and friend get-togethers deviated from the 500 calorie a day plan. The drops helped with cravings, but I got to get back in the game and back on the 500 calorie a day diet. The drops really do work they reduce cravings and give you energy without jitters or keeping you up at night.

    356. 20 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Raquel P. on 6th Nov 2010

      This is the 2nd time this year I have tried HCG! I lost about 15 lbs the first time but I did not do it properly. Over the months I gained some of it back. This is a very strict diet at first but it sure pays off. I lost fat in places I haven't been able to in the past. Going to Vegas and I'm going to look good! It worked great this time.

    357. 21 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Angela L. on 6th Nov 2010

      My doctor had concern over my health and I was completely embarrassed. I said "no more" and I was desperate to find something that would give me results fast so I could stay motivated. That was 4 weeks ago. I have lost 21 pounds since that day in just 21 days. I am back to my premarital weight, I feel great, I'm not self conscious anymore. You will be so excited to weigh yourself every morning!

    358. Lost 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Lisa J. on 6th Nov 2010

      I have seen great results, and must say it was not easy. I work in the food industry and now can see how much I was eating. Because I am a chef I would taste many of my dishes. That was adding to my daily calories. Now that I have eliminated all fat I see how much oil is used in cooking. I lost 20 pounds on this program. I would still like to lose 10 more pounds to feel like I am at a good weight for my size 5'3". I would recommend it to others, but with the warning that they must be willing to follow the plan exactly as the outline.

    359. My jeans are getting loose!!!

      Posted by Unknown on 5th Nov 2010

      I won't lie, the first few days were VERY HARD!! But if you can make it throught the fist 3 or 4 it gets alot easier...I am thrilled that my clothes are fitting better!

    360. Lost 15 pounds and 15 inches

      Posted by Erin K. on 4th Nov 2010

      I've lost 15 pounds and 15 inches! my goal weight is right around the corner.. excited for the holidays!

    361. 21 pounds in just 21 days

      Posted by Donna L. on 4th Nov 2010

      Outstanding results. I'm happy I purchased your HCG product! I would recommend this product to a very self-disciplined person! The scale everyday really kept me motivated and in the end I lost the 21 pounds I wanted to get rid of!

    362. 37 pounds less now!

      Posted by Madhu S. on 3rd Nov 2010

      Best diet I have ever tried! It is easy to use, doesn't have a nasty side taste, and you see results in just a few days. This little bottle basically solved all my weight issues and even my cholesterol and blood pressure lowered. My doctor is amazed by these positive changes in my health. I'm happy to be 37 pounds lighter now!

    363. 18 pounds in 21 days, Great!!

      Posted by Odete I. on 3rd Nov 2010

      I am completely satisfied with my results from HCG. I felt the diet was comparable to a body cleanse which I was definitely in need of. I enjoy eating healthy foods but it was enlightening to learn more specifically how little food/portions that we actually need for our daily consumption. I felt a little tired but more importantly my weight loss was encouraging and I felt better in my clothes and about what I was putting in my body. Now I am 18 pounds lighter :)

    364. 21 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Courtney on 3rd Nov 2010

      Finally a diet that helped me lose a lot of weight. 21 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing. I love it. I would recommend this and have recommended it to two more people.

    365. 20 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Kevin P. on 3rd Nov 2010

      I really liked the HCG diet. It was a little difficult to stay in the 500 calories but, since I lost so much so fast I was very motivated. I also saw great results with my friends. I would recommend it to others. I needed to to take a break because of vacations etc. I am planning on starting it up again after 4 weeks.


      Posted by Kacie D on 3rd Nov 2010

      Received product within a few days so I can get started right away!! Love the facebook site so you can chat with other people about tips and menu options!!

    367. Great customer service

      Posted by Harpreet B. on 3rd Nov 2010

      Just started! but cannot stop myself informing that you guys have really great customer service skills , my package was delayed by UPS but with the follow up UPS has to make a special trip to deliver it.Looking forward for great results as well!!!!!!Stay tuned.

    368. 14 pounds in 15 days

      Posted by Natalie L. on 2nd Nov 2010

      15 days into the program and I have lost about 14 pounds so far. I really hope I will continue to lose a pound a day as long as I'm on the program. 5 star product and customer service!

    369. 19 LBS - 21 DAYS

      Posted by Pam B. on 2nd Nov 2010

      I am so thrilled with my results that I am already looking forward to starting another round after my 6 week break! I am glad I decided to try HCG. It is the only thing that has worked for me! I would 100% recommend trying this product. You will have great results and with a little self discipline it's pretty easy.

    370. 19 Pounds in 21 Days

      Posted by Jill L. on 2nd Nov 2010

      After having been on several other types of diets with little success, I decided to try this HCG diet. I'm quite surprised with the results. I'm only occasionally hungry, usually right before meals. Otherwise, it's been rather easy. I was hoping to get down to a reasonable weight by between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I did. If you've tried them all and have not had success or feel like a failure, just try HCG.

    371. 19 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Bailey R. on 2nd Nov 2010

      I lost close to twenty pounds on the 21 day diet. It was quite easy for me. Now I have more discipline with my eating, more aware of what goes into my body, and best of all I'm maintaining the weight I lost!

    372. 19 pounds down now...

      Posted by Sara S. on 1st Nov 2010

      UPDATE: Day 22, 1.5LBS down! Week started real good:P:P:P So that makes a total of 19 pounds so far...

    373. Great product, great service

      Posted by Dawn K. on 1st Nov 2010

      I'm losing weight and it's easy! Thank you so much! You guys are really great to work with!!

    374. Lost 14 pounds in two weeks

      Posted by Jennifer on 31st Oct 2010

      My husband and I are on it and it is working great so far. We have got used to the diet now, and excited about losing more weight. Many people say this form of HCG does not work, but it does for us

    375. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Martha B. on 30th Oct 2010

      Awesome diet program - I just finished it and thrilled about the lost weight. My family has no clue how I did it but they can all tell that I am now 20 pounds less.

    376. fitting into old jeans!

      Posted by Brandi N. on 30th Oct 2010

      I dont know how much I've lost so far but I do notice results...my jeans are starting to fit differently. I can't wait to go shopping for smaller clothes : )

    377. Lost 16.5 lbs so far...

      Posted by Sara S. on 30th Oct 2010

      Update: Day 20..Total loss so far 16.5 lbs

      Morning to my Hcg family....Finally this morning had a great results ....Lost two pounds this morning after four days of stalling: P: P Happy about my results!!!

    378. 18 pounds in 3 weeks

      Posted by Bonni W. on 29th Oct 2010

      This was surprisingly a much better diet program than I thought. It worked really well for me and I ended up losing 18 pounds. The kit included everything I needed to succeed.

    379. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Christine L. on 29th Oct 2010

      This product deserves like 10 stars! I love to go to the gym so it was a bit difficult not being able to exercise but it was worth it. I lost 20 pounds and the B vitamins really 'saved my life' as it gave me energy to get through the days. The recipes in the manual are tasty and so it wasn't a pain to complete this diet. I'd do it again any day!

    380. Lost 17 lbs - easy!

      Posted by Michelle D. on 27th Oct 2010

      Down 17 pounds. I am pressing forward for another 15 pounds. Then I will go to phase 3. It's not difficult at all and am so surprised how quickly 21 days went by!

    381. Great product

      Posted by Linda W. on 27th Oct 2010

      Lost 13 pounds on this diet! I know if I drank more water I would of lost more. I'm happy! Thank you hcg for help me get a boost on being healthy for life! I'll start my second round thanksgiving! Super excited!

    382. 13 pounds in 14 days

      Posted by Janice on 26th Oct 2010

      I heard about this diet a few weeks back and then I came across your company. I read a lot of good reviews so I decided to give this a try. I've already lost 13 pounds and I hope I'll lose more!

    383. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Amanda C. on 26th Oct 2010

      This supplement works like a charm. In just 3 weeks I became 4 sizes smaller and 20 pounds less. Awesome deal!

    384. 20 pounds lost

      Posted by Donald on 25th Oct 2010

      Lost 20 pounds on the program and I really loved the B vitamin drops. That gave me a lot of energy while I was at work. Overall 5 star product.

    385. lost 12.5 lbs so far!

      Posted by Sara S. on 23rd Oct 2010

      Day 13: lost 1.5 pounds this morning and that makes a total of 12.5 pounds so far:))))) Very happy about my results

    386. 18 pounds down in 21 days

      Posted by Shelly C. on 22nd Oct 2010

      I guess I didn't lose exactly 1 pound a day but I am still very satisfied with the results. Without this HCG drop, I would still be 18 pounds heavier. Now all my girlfriends want to try it :)

    387. 18 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Teresa A. on 21st Oct 2010

      I've finally completed my diet and despite the fact that I cheated here and there a little bit, I came out on top. I lost a little over 18 pounds in 21 days. Great program!!

    388. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by G.G. on 21st Oct 2010

      What a huge difference it is living without 20 pounds. I love the results and would do this diet all over again in a heartbeat even though it is not an easy one.

    389. Down 12.5 lbs and 8 inches already!

      Posted by Stormie B. on 20th Oct 2010

      Day 7 and lost 12 1/2 lbs and 8 inches so far

    390. much more focused!

      Posted by Tangi P. on 20th Oct 2010


    391. Dropped 13 pounds in 15 days

      Posted by A.L. on 20th Oct 2010

      My sister talked me into trying this diet after she's lost a good amount of weight on it. For me nothing ever worked so I was a little leery about this. Now, I am about 2 weeks into the program and am already 13 pounds lighter. I'm so thrilled!

    392. I lost weight and kept it off!

      Posted by Linda K. on 19th Oct 2010

      My favorite thing about HCG is that it really does reset your metabolism. I have been off the drops for several weeks and was on vacation for three. Only gained 1 pound!!! Am starting another 21 day bottle, and am looking forward to great success.

    393. Lost 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Gina R. on 19th Oct 2010

      I used to think of HCG as a scam and only believed in physical exercise. Now I know that I was way wrong as it has helped me lose 20 solid pounds in just 3 weeks. I still exercise but without HCG, I'm not sure if I could have reached my goal.

    394. Lost 7 lbs in 4 days!

      Posted by Mina F. on 18th Oct 2010

      I've already lost 7 lbs in 4 days. Easy.

    395. I was so skeptical

      Posted by Brenda M. on 18th Oct 2010

      I was hesitant, thought all these posts were kinda made up.....SO NOT TRUE! I'm much heavier and mine is coming off slowly, all the thoughts of skepticism are now behind me and so is 9 1/2 lbs!!!.....metabolism problems as well.

    396. Lost 7.5 lbs in first 5 days!

      Posted by Sara on 18th Oct 2010

      day 5 and down 7.5 pounds:) Somehow i don't miss sugar or oil and no headaches so far which is good.

    397. 20 LBS in 21 Days

      Posted by Katie on 18th Oct 2010

      The best thing about this diet is that it is really easy to use and without exercise, one can shed pounds quickly. I love the kit as it contained everything I needed to succeed at the diet. Now I am 20 pounds lighter and it's an amazing feeling!

    398. Down 19 pounds in 3 Weeks

      Posted by Kristin M. on 18th Oct 2010

      I had some extra pounds I have been wanting to get rid of for a long time and HCG was what did it for me. This is really a remarkable diet and I'm telling all my friends about it!

    399. 21 day miracle kit

      Posted by Michelle on 16th Oct 2010

      I lost exactly 1 pound a day on this diet program! Now I am 21 pounds less and about 3 or 4 sizes smaller as well. It is insane that HCG is so effective.

    400. Lost 6 lbs in 4 days!

      Posted by Sara S. on 14th Oct 2010

      day 4 and down 6 pounds

    401. Lost 11.4 lbs!!

      Posted by Lauren S. on 14th Oct 2010

      Lost 11.4 lbs and 7cms of my waist - so far :)

    402. Lost 18.,8 lbs and dropped sizes

      Posted by Tanis V. on 14th Oct 2010

      I have lost 18.8lbs and 12.5 inches...

    403. 27 lbs gone!

      Posted by Danielle Y. on 14th Oct 2010

      Lost 27 lbs by following the diet plan.

    404. liked it to go again!

      Posted by Denise C on 14th Oct 2010

      This is the supply for my second round thats how much I liked it!! thanks!!

    405. 20 pounds in 21 days time

      Posted by Amber on 14th Oct 2010

      Finished the diet about a week ago and I feel amazing! It's so nice to be slim again and to know that I won't gain this weight back. I loved it!

    406. I lost 13-14 pounds in 14 days

      Posted by Brandy on 14th Oct 2010

      I can only say good things about this HGC diet. It isn't a product that gives you false hope; the HCG diet pays off and makes a huge difference. It even lowered my blood pressure. 5 stars!!!

    407. Losing a pound a day!

      Posted by Brenda M. on 13th Oct 2010

      Day 9 today and down 7 3/4 pounds.....yay!!!!

    408. lost 8 lbs already

      Posted by Amanda W. on 13th Oct 2010

      On day 9 weighed myself last night and lost 8 lbs :)

    409. one more week to go... Lost 12 so far

      Posted by Theresa on 12th Oct 2010

      This is not an easy diet but I am super thrilled about the results I got so far. Looking forward to finish strong on this! My goal is to lose another 9-10 pounds.

    410. 11 lbs in 14 days

      Posted by Tiffany on 12th Oct 2010

      I would have never expected this diet to work for me as it has so far. I am so happy with the 11 pounds I have already lost.

    411. 12 pounds lost in 14 days

      Posted by Wendy O. on 12th Oct 2010

      I am feeling great on this diet and have already lost 12 pounds. Can't wait to finish the diet and wear new clothes I could not before.

    412. 7.2 lbs gone!

      Posted by Danielle Y. on 12th Oct 2010

      Completed 7 days of vlcd wtih 7.2 lbs gone!

    413. Already losing weight... fast!

      Posted by Denise C. on 12th Oct 2010

      day 7, lost 4 lbs!

    414. Down 15 lbs in 18 days

      Posted by Stacey G. on 12th Oct 2010

      on day 18 and down 15lbs :)

    415. Great Results!

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2010

      I love this stuff! This product actually worked to get the weight off and it has stayed off!

    416. 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Amy M. on 11th Oct 2010

      I would give this product 4 and half stars for being a little time consuming and difficult at times but it works so well, I will just give it 5 stars. I am so happy with my 'new' body!

    417. 13 pounds so far...

      Posted by Georgine P. on 11th Oct 2010

      I have been on the diet for almost 2 weeks and have already lost about 1 pound a day! This really works!

    418. 18 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Cathy on 8th Oct 2010

      I have heard amazing things about this diet from friends who have tried it so I had to give it a try too. I am no longer skeptical of its potency! I lost 18 pounds in 21 days!

    419. Lost nearly 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Tracy P. on 8th Oct 2010

      I have been off the diet for almost 2 weeks now and the weight I have lost seems to stay off just like it was described. I am so happy.

    420. 19-20 LBS over 3 weeks

      Posted by Tina H. on 8th Oct 2010

      This has been the only diet that's worked for me! Thank you HCG!!

    421. Lost 4.5 lbs already

      Posted by Teri L. on 6th Oct 2010

      Day 8 and down 4.5 lbs

    422. Lost 29 lbs!

      Posted by Sandy S. on 6th Oct 2010

      I lost 29 lbs doing it twice. Could have lost more but I didn't go the full 26 days on either round.

    423. Losing a pound a day

      Posted by Dee Dee P. on 6th Oct 2010

      11th day, 10.8 lbs gone..... 13 more to go!

    424. Losing weight quickly - 8 pounds in 9 days

      Posted by Erica on 6th Oct 2010

      Have lost about 8 pounds in 9 days so far and it doesn't seem to stop which is amazing. Looking forward to finishing this with great results.

    425. Weight Loss at its Best - 20 pounds in 21 days

      Posted by Robin F. on 6th Oct 2010

      This is weight loss at its best. I love how this diet helped me become 3 sizes smaller!!

    426. Update: lost a total of 20 pounds

      Posted by Robin A. on 5th Oct 2010

      This HCG product speaks for itself! It helped me reach my fitness goals and I'm thrilled that I will be able to keep all this weight off. I'm joining your Facebook fan page!

    427. 21 days = 21 pounds CHECK!

      Posted by Robin on 5th Oct 2010

      The title speaks for itself! I have done the shots before I tried this product and I must say it is much nicer to use drops and still lose a lot of weight. HCG delivers again!

    428. 9 pounds in 10 days!

      Posted by Lisa J. on 5th Oct 2010

      I am still on the diet but wanted to share my success with everyone. I'm very excited to continue losing weight on the remainder of the cycle.

    429. Down 14 lbs in 20 days

      Posted by Elizabeth V. on 5th Oct 2010

      14 lbs in 20 days!!!!!! I have 20 more lbs to go!!!!! Love this diet!

    430. down 6 lbs already

      Posted by Marty F. on 5th Oct 2010

      down 6 pounds!! Very excited about this!! I am glad to be back at work where I have a set routine!! The weekend was brutal!! I need to find a new hobby....

    431. Down 23 pounds!!!

      Posted by Susan K. on 4th Oct 2010

      I still cannot believe that I lost more than a pounds a day on this! Two thumbs up!

    432. 21 POUNDS - 21 DAYS!

      Posted by Cherryl H on 4th Oct 2010

      Amazing diet program! I absolutely love my new body and enjoy fitting in my old jeans. I'm way happy!

    433. Have been losing a pound a day! 14 pounds so far!

      Posted by Venica K. on 4th Oct 2010

      I am super happy with this diet and I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support. So far, this diet has helped me a great deal towards reaching my weight-loss goals. It also taught me how to eat and live healthier! Thanks a bunch again!!

    434. Lost 8 lbs in 5 days!

      Posted by Pms on 1st Oct 2010

      I'm new to this and its my 5th day on the protocal of a 21 day program and ive lost 8lbs myself. a little rough because im hungry but its worth it so far!

    435. Lost 7 lbs of body fat!

      Posted by Teri K. on 1st Oct 2010

      Day 4 of my 21 Day Program ~ Down 4.6 pounds / Down 7 pounds of Body Fat / Reduced Body Fat % 4.3%) I LOVE THIS!!

    436. Lost 22 lbs!

      Posted by Adrian P. on 1st Oct 2010

      -22lbs in 25 days. On phase 3 and still loosing.

    437. Already lost 4 lbs!

      Posted by D. R. on 1st Oct 2010

      Just started and already lost 4 lbs. Drinking lots of water!

    438. 18 pounds lost on the program!

      Posted by Mary J. S. on 30th Sep 2010

      I never would have expected this to work so well for me. The amount of weight I have lost is unreal! 18 pounds lighter now!

    439. Another week to go but I've already lost 12 pounds

      Posted by Bailey on 30th Sep 2010

      It is a pretty rigorous diet and you must be committed to see results but it is worth every penny. 12 pounds down and I am hoping to lose another 6-7 by the time I finish with this program.

    440. Lost 20 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Adrian P. on 29th Sep 2010

      Phase 2 is over and I lost 20lbs in 21 days! I went from a size 9-10 to a 6!!! If you follow it, it will come off.

    441. Lost 3.2 lbs and down 3.3% body fat!

      Posted by Teri K. on 29th Sep 2010

      Began my 21 Day Plan on Monday - 9/27/2010! I am down 3.2 pounds - Down 3.3% Body Fat - Lost 5 pounds of Body Fat!! YYAAAYYYY!!!!

    442. Lost 23 lbs and 13 inches!

      Posted by Jane S. on 28th Sep 2010

      I've lost 23 lbs and 13 inches in just over 3 weeks. Time to go clothes shopping!!!!

    443. Lost 7.4 lbs in 5 days

      Posted by Dana W. on 27th Sep 2010

      I have lost 7.4lbs in 5 days...loving it!

    444. Lost 25 lbs

      Posted by Carol P. on 24th Sep 2010

      I've lost 25 lbs with the 21-day kit. The meals were easy to do and i will be doing a second round in a month.

    445. Getting Started

      Posted by Teri K on 23rd Sep 2010

      I am just getting started with my 21-day Program and I am excited to experience body changing results!
      I really enjoy the Sublingual Total and already feel a bit "leaner" from the HCG!

      I will keep you all posted on the final results!

      Thank You!

    446. Lost 17 lbs before going on cruise!

      Posted by Joyce D. on 20th Sep 2010

      Lost 17 lbs, Was going on cruise so went on phase III, gained 2 lbs before cruise, became stable with those 2 lbs. Gained 4 lbs on cruise. Since food is 24/7 and loaded last two days of cruise, thought this was good! Back from cruise, starting HCG again, hoping to lose rest of weight. Yea!

    447. Lost 21 lbs

      Posted by Jennifer T. on 20th Sep 2010

      I lost 21 lbs in 23 days on my first round and am wanting to start another round.

    448. Had to see for myself

      Posted by dc on 20th Sep 2010

      Wow, today is day 20 of the 21 Day Program, I have lost a total of 11 lbs. It is not the pounds lost that has impressed me as much as the BMI decrease (-7.2), I am feeling so much better about the way I look. The dimpling on my thighs has decreased considerably. Can't wait for my reorder to get here. The only negative comment is the amount of time it took to receive my initial order. I ordered on a Saturday and did not receive the product until well over a week later.

    449. Lost 14 lbs

      Posted by Koree C. on 17th Sep 2010

      Today is day 21 Im down 14 pounds, after a 6 day plateau. It was worth the Wait!

    450. Lost 22 lbs and keeping it off!

      Posted by Kerri K. on 17th Sep 2010

      I lost 22 pounds in about 35 days and am now on maintenance and it is staying off!

    451. Lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks

      Posted by Gina P. on 17th Sep 2010

      Ive lost 10 pounds in 2 wks and thats good!

    452. Lost 20 lbs in 10 days

      Posted by M. Grace on 17th Sep 2010

      I lost 20 lbs in 10 days!!

    453. Lost 16 lbs in two weeks

      Posted by Patti A. on 15th Sep 2010

      I've lost 16 lbs in two weeks and haven't felt this good in a long time. Thank you.

    454. Lost 10 lbs in a week!

      Posted by Caroline C. on 13th Sep 2010

      I just got started. Haven't really tried many diet plans but everyone was raving about hcg and i can't believe how easy it is! I have already lost 10 lbs in my first week.

    455. Lost 14 lbs

      Posted by Laura F. on 13th Sep 2010

      Just finished my first 21 day round - lost 14 lbs! Not as much as I would have liked, but will most likely do a second round in a few weeks!

    456. Lost 12 lbs in 10 days!

      Posted by Eva T. on 13th Sep 2010

      I have lost 12 lbs in 10 days and love this diet. All i do is follow the plan. Sure it's not always easy, but that's cause i miss chocolate. I'm actually not hungry and don't crave food.

    457. kit is worth it

      Posted by Kathy S. on 10th Sep 2010

      was unsure if i should get a kit or not, so many recipes, and most places send ebooks, this is a proper manual and they send a ebook version to read while waiting for it in the mail. love it!

    458. Lost 8 lbs in 9 days!

      Posted by Nancy T. on 10th Sep 2010

      Hello again. I am on day 9 and lost 8 pounds ! Love it. People are marveled, when I come to work everyday

    459. Much easier than i thought

      Posted by Teresa S. on 9th Sep 2010

      I have some health issues and i knew this wouldn't work as good as it would for normal people, but i've still lost 8 lbs in 13 days which i'm really excited about!

    460. Lost 15 pounds in 10 days

      Posted by Vivian C. on 9th Sep 2010

      Lovin hcg! I've lost 15 pounds in 10 days and i have tried so many other things - this is the only thing that has worked! and there's no exercise!

    461. Lost 22 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Don on 9th Sep 2010

      I did the 21 day an lost 22lb ,have been off 2wks going to start another 21day cyle shortly. It working for me

    462. I'm loving HCG!

      Posted by Jenny T. on 29th Aug 2010

      Lost 18 lbs in 25 days and I'm loving HCG.

    463. Weightloss with no hunger!

      Posted by Joyce Davis on 25th Aug 2010

      This product is wonderful! I'm losing weight yet have plenty of energy and no hunger. With every weight-loss program before I was always hungry and craving foods I shouldn't eat. With HCG the hunger and cravings are not there. I hope others try this product!!

    464. Loosing Together!

      Posted by Lisa on 22nd Aug 2010

      My husband I decided to do this together. It has been pretty easy. We are on day 13 and I am down 13 pounds and he is down 19 pounds. Wearing smaller clothes is wonderful. I have two friends at work on it now!

    465. Lost 25 lbs!!!!!!!

      Posted by Heidi T. on 18th Aug 2010

      I can't believe how much i've lost. I'd be over-the-moon if i put half of it back on! but i am pretty confident i'll keep it off.


    466. Love the recipes and the diet!

      Posted by Dianne D. on 14th Aug 2010

      The manual is so helpful! I love the recipes and i don't ever feel hungry.

      I have lost 14 lbs in 10 days. If you have discipline, it's easier than anything and the results are awesome.

    467. Feeling great

      Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2010

      I am on day 8 and doing great. I gained 4 pounds on the three load days but it is day 5 on the 500 cal diet and i have lost the 4 pounds plus 6.4 more lbs. It is easy.

    468. Great Way To Lose Weight

      Posted by Peggy S on 3rd Aug 2010

      I am now on day 6 of my HCG diet. I am steadily losing weight and have plenty of energy during the day. I am so excited about this product.

    469. 60 yr old lost 13 lbs in two weeks

      Posted by Kathy M. on 2nd Aug 2010

      I am so thrilled to have lost 13 pounds in two weeks. I am 60, and have tried everything, but nothing worked until now! It is amazing!

    470. Quickly losing

      Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2010

      I was having problems loosing baby fat after the birth of my son 10 months ago. I would loose some and then it would come right back. I decided to try this because I had heard good things about how it works. Ive already lost a few pounds and I cant wait to see the end results.

    471. I lost 12 lbs in first week!

      Posted by Tammy C. on 29th Jul 2010

      I recommend reading the manual before you start. I feel like an expert now on this diet. It's simple and it works. I've lost 12 lbs in my first week and now i'm explaining it all to my friends at work.

    472. Lost 8 lbs in 6 days

      Posted by Kathy M. on 28th Jul 2010

      I am thrilled with this program! I lost 8 pounds in 6 days, and it is really difficult for me to lose any weight at all. I am not too hungry and my energy level is good. I bought an electronic scale for accuracy and always weigh first thing in the morning. I am sticking faithfully to the 500 calorie program, and am walking 30 minutes each day, but my scale is stuck! Thanks for your help!

    473. Real easy - no injections!

      Posted by Leslie R. on 28th Jul 2010

      I don’t miss going to the doctor’s office every morning to get injected. It's so easy to put the drops under your tongue!

    474. Love this product

      Posted by Kelley on 26th Jul 2010

      When i purchased, i dreamed of being a success like the ones i'd read and two weeks into my diet, i've lost 19 lbs!

    475. Excellent way to lose baby weight

      Posted by Kdawg on 25th Jul 2010

      I just had my second child and wanted to lose the baby weight from both of them. I did one 21 day round of HCG and lost 17 pounds without being hungry. I'm now preparing to start my second round of 21 days and can't wait to get back into clothes I haven't worn in years! My coworkers and family have noticed the change and four of my friends have done the diet after seeing my results!

    476. 8 lbs in eight days

      Posted by Janet on 21st Jul 2010

      This is the best product I've ever tried to lose weight. I feel great and my clothes are already fitting better. I'm now more motivated than I've been in a long time to stay on program until I meet my goal weight. I started out as a skeptic and am now a believer. Thanks!

    477. lost 23 lbs

      Posted by Michele on 20th Jul 2010

      I lost 23 lbs and am wearing clothes i haven't worn in years.

    478. Lost 20 lbs in 21 days

      Posted by Jane T. on 16th Jul 2010

      can't remember feeling this good. The diet part wasn't easy but when you see results like this, I don't care! 20 lbs lighter!

    479. Best weight loss product ever

      Posted by Joanne on 12th Jul 2010

      All my girl friends are asking how i'm losing weight and i've only been doing it for 11 days and i've lost 10 lbs! Awesome.

    480. SoFar Going Great

      Posted by L on 11th Jul 2010

      First week finished and I survived. Had a little trouble on day 3 and 4 but just kept busy. Lost 10 pounds and looking forward to losing more!!!

    481. Lost 19 lbs and feel great

      Posted by Sandra M. on 5th Jul 2010

      This probably sounds cheesy, but I can't ever remember feeling this great! I've lost 19 lbs and will do it again in a couple months.

    482. I lost 23 lbs and now i'm getting dates easier!

      Posted by Carolyne S. on 30th Jun 2010

      I've not been the best with my eating habits for the last few years and have put some weight on. Now I've lost 23 lbs in 3 weeks and you can tell just by looking at my face - fewer wrinkles and the guys wanna date me again!

    483. I lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks

      Posted by Sherrie on 29th Jun 2010

      I so happy! due to my health conditions, I knew I wasn't going to lose the pound a day, but i'm really excited I lost 14 lbs and I will definitely be doing another round. Thank you.

    484. Great customer relations

      Posted by Dagmar K. on 23rd Jun 2010

      Always quick to answer my questions!

    485. 20 lbs lighter

      Posted by Liz S. on 19th Jun 2010

      Today I'm 20 lbs lighter. Feels so wonderful. I am so amazed with this product and everyone is asking what I've done, my friends can't believe how much I've lost with such ease.

    486. Day 17 and have lost 13 lbs!!

      Posted by Kristen on 18th Jun 2010

      I am on day 17 and have lost 13 lbs!!

    487. My brother lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks

      Posted by Nathan A. on 16th Jun 2010

      Just ordered last week and waiting for my drops to arrive! Very excited! My brother has been on the drops for 3 weeks now and has lost 15 lbs!!! Now it's MY turn! lol

    488. This products ROCKS!!

      Posted by Bentonville AR on 8th Jun 2010

      I didn't think this would work. I thought it was just one of those diets you waste your money on. Well I was wrong I did give it a try and I am on day 14 and have lost 15 pounds.. I have not felt hungry and have lots of energy.. I am looking forward to my next round.

    489. Haven't felt this good in years!

      Posted by Nicole J. on 2nd Jun 2010

      Perfect! Thanks so much! Love your product! Haven’t felt this good in years!

    490. Good Start

      Posted by T. Moyles on 1st Jun 2010

      I have been through this program one full round. Lost 22 lbs just as the site says :) I am now going to go on a second round and lose even more!

    491. I have tried everything and this works!

      Posted by Vanessa J. on 30th May 2010

      I have tried just about everything and although this was tough at times, it really works - I lost 22 lbs in 21 days. Awesome. I have referred all my friends to this site.

    492. Thrilled with the product

      Posted by Ann on 29th Apr 2010

      I have lost 10 lbs so far even with a short interruption in 16 days and am thrilled with the product!

    493. I am a believer

      Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2010

      I am one of those people that if I straved for 30days I might lose 1oz. I started this diet and followed every word to the tee 14 days ago and have lost 10lbs. THANK YOU, I thought I would feel uncomfortable in my skin for the rest of my life. Now to see how much more will come off in the remaining days. I got my monies worth.

    494. Lost 18 lbs... and I didn't think it would work!

      Posted by Rebecca H. on 2nd Apr 2010

      I only really purchased because there was a money back guarantee which I was certain I'd be using, but I did promise to follow the diet and I have lost 18 lbs in 21 days. Incredible. I'd say it's the best diet results I've ever had, but what I'd seen before weren't even results! Thank you very much.

    495. It works!

      Posted by Melissa Y. on 17th Mar 2010

      I wasn't to sure if this would work but after completing the diet and losing over 25 lbs (I say over because I forgot to weigh myself till 5 days in) I am a believer! Was a little disappointed that the manual was a ebook but other than that I have no complaints whatsoever.

    496. Unbeleivable!

      Posted by Gemma Maycock on 25th Feb 2010

      I started the diet 9 days ago, I have currently lost 21 lbs. I can't believe how effective HCG is. I have always been able to lose 1 - 2 lbs on teh diets I have done but this is out of this world!

    497. Lost 7 lbs in first 6 Days!

      Posted by Carl W. on 23rd Feb 2010

      I honestly didn't think this would work, it's a last resort for me and I am loving it. I've already lost 7 lbs in 6 days. It's fantastic, the weight is falling off me... and I still have two weeks left - aiming for 25 lbs.

    498. I Feel More Confidant!

      Posted by Michael B. on 17th Feb 2010

      I have just completed the 21 day program and I am thrilled with the results!

      Not only have I lost nearly 30 lbs but I also am a lot more confidant. I would recommend this product to everyone!

    499. Lost 12 lbs in 6 Days

      Posted by Greg S. on 8th Feb 2010

      I have only been on the diet for about 6 days and I have lost 12 lbs. Much easier than I thought. I cannot wait for final results.