Here are some HCG diet questions regarding vitamins and supplements you can take while on the diet.
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Can I drink whey protein from GNC?
Whey Protein Powder is great, you just need to be careful to read the ingredients. Many of them have sweeteners/sugar that will impede weight loss.

What multi vitamin do you recommend?
Costco has their Kirkland brand multi-vitamin that is a very complete vitamin and is available to most people. Another brand that is excellent is Bio-35, which you can order online.

Do I have to use the B-vitamin drops, as I can’t have B3 which is in them, and will I still lose the weight without them?
You do not have to use the B-Vitamin complex. We do recommend take a quality daily multi-vitamin.


I usually take a water pill but have not since starting drops. I am still retaining fluid in my ankles. Can I take one while on the diet plan?
Yes, you can take the water pills.


Is there any over the counter diet pills that could be taken in addition to the drops to help with self control and hunger?
The B-Total vitamin complex that we offer is a complete b-vitamin complex that when taken as recommended is better than a simple B-12 injection. This is a full range of the b-vitamins (excluding B-1). As far as an over the counter appetite control product, many people have used a fiber pill or psyllium husk fiber powder that not only helps regulate your digestive track, but it also gives you a sense of fullness as the fiber expands.

I have a friend who actually went to a weight loss clinic for the HCG injections. In addition to the HCG, she was given a weekly vitamin B12 shot and prescribed Phentermine diet pills to take in addition to help curb appetite. Can I take these in addition too?
The Phentermine pills that your friend is taking are very effective in controlling your appetite, but once you stop taking them, many people report having an overwhelming appetite. You can ask your doctor about getting a prescription for those pills if you are interested in them.

Can I take a prenatal vitamin? It does contain fish oil, so do I need to find a different vitamin?
Yes, prenatal vitamins are fine. If it contains fish oil, it will interfere with your ability to achieve your maximum results.

I think the B12 vitamin is acting as an appetite depressant? If so, is there a harm in taking an extra dose at like 1 pm or so? I don't want to do so if that will give me some sleep issues.
You should be fine. The only thing we would caution you on is the B-Total Complex has a full serving of the other b-vitamins and as such, it opens up the capillaries in your skin and if you have too much, (even though your body will expel it in your urine) some people can have a small rash or redness of skin that can develop. If you are sensitive like that, simply stop taking it for a couple of days and the redness goes away immediately.

Can I continue with vitamins I’m already taking like B-vitamin, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D?
Yes, you can continue with those supplements.

Must the amino acid drops be taken or can we take a Vitamin B supplement on our own without ordering?
Our sublingual hcg drops are combined with 7 additional amino acids in the same formula. The B-Vitamin is a separate drop that helps to support you during the diet. Although it is not required, we do encourage you to take good B-Vitamin complex even if you do not buy it from us.

I presently take supplements geared to my DNA, determined by a lab. I do not want to stop taking these supplements, as they have helped my arthritis tremendously. What are my weight loss chances, if I adhere to the rest of the program?
HCG Amino Plus works very well with other medications. Continue taking them and listen to your body. If you have other questions, we recommend consulting your doctor or the lab that assisted you with your supplements.

Because I do not eat seafood, I take Omega 3 capsules, are these allowed since it is an oil?
We encourage people to take a good quality multi-vitamin as well as a good B-Complex during the diet. Taking any fish oil vitamins does impede your fat loss. Try and abstain from taking those and see if you can find another daily multi-vitamin that will help you without the oils.

When can the omegas, EPA and DHA be added?
You are getting very limited amounts of them if you are eating seafood (white fish, crab, shrimp, etc). Once you are on P3 of the diet, you can incorporate it completely with the fish oil supplements.

Can I take Women's Ultra Mega from GNC?
As long as it does not have a fish oil pill in the vitamin packet, that would work fine.

I’m using the HCG drops I bought at my local pharmacy. I'm having trouble staying on task with it because of cravings. Is there anything I can do or take to help with this?
One key difference that helps people on our HCG Amino Plus drops are the amino acids. The help boost your metabolism as well as support your liver, kidneys heart and adrenals. Many of the cravings people get emanate from the deficiencies that their organs are experiencing, this is why you want to make sure your product has amino acids in it.