Here are some HCG diet questions regarding a second round, what to do and what to expect.
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Is the second time around just as affective?
Yes. With regard to your personal weight loss on subsequent rounds, keep in mind that the close you get to your optimal weight, the more stubborn the pounds will become. We have many people on their 3rd and 4th rounds and they have lost 80-100 lbs and they are still going strong.

Can I order just the B12 drops during the wait period before starting another round?
Yes. You can still take the b-vitamin between rounds, and it’s very effective as it
turns the food you eat into energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose.

After I finish the drops this round, do I need to do another 3 load days again, or do I go right to phase 2 and start with the 500 calorie diet?
Anytime you begin a new round, you need to start phase 1 and load again.

In three weeks, I am starting a second round of the diet. Can I do a detox between rounds or can I start after day three of 500 calories?
Yes, a detox is just fine between rounds. We do not recommend doing a detox during your phase 2 of your diet. It is best to complete your Detox before dropping into phase 2 and the VLCD of 500 calories.

I have met my 35 lb weight loss goal. Have you heard of cases going longer than the 40 days and how long is the minimum time to wait before starting phase one again to try to lose another 10 more pounds?
There are many people who have been on the diet for over 60 days straight. Those folks have significant amounts of weight to lose and most are working with their doctors. The minimum time to begin another round is 4 weeks after you stop using the drops, to give you time to do phase 3 and then 1 extra week to rest you body before beginning to load again.

I took HCG several times last year and became immune to it. I don't think I took the proper breaks. I want to try it as soon as possible, but I don't have too much more to lose. When do you think it will be ok to try it again?
You are asking a tough question. Whereas you have done it so many times and your body has gotten used to it, you do need to give your body more of a break. We would recommend waiting for one more month so that you can stabilize a little more and give your body a little more time.
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