Here are some HCG diet questions regarding pregnancy.
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If I am planning on getting pregnant in the next few months, will HCG drops affect me getting pregnant?
HCG is approved for infertility. That is its primary usage. It should not interfere with you getting pregnant.

I have been taking the sublingual HCG drops and I missed a period (7 days late) and took a home pregnancy test which showed positive. Can the HCG drops generate a false-positive pregnancy test result on a home test?
No it cannot. We would recommend checking with your doctor to have them conduct their test.

I was recently lightheaded and nearly fell over. Since then, I have not been able to really eat anything and the things that I do eat, I do not hold down. Is this still something I can do?
Are these the same type of symptoms that you experience when you are pregnant? If you are, you should come of the diet.