Here are some HCG diet questions regarding medications.
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Can I take any sleep meds while on Hcg drops?
Yes, you can.

I'm currently taking Ativan (Lorazepam) 2mg/day, do you think that will affect my ability to successfully complete the 21 day program?
Although HCG Amino Plus works very well with many medications, we must insist that you consult your physician before beginning the HCG Diet. You may find that during the diet, your medication needs will change and therefore we encourage you to consult your doctor before beginning this diet or any other diet.

Should I discontinue taking Levothyroxin while on the HCG diet?
Before beginning the HCG diet, we must insist that you consult your doctor. Levothyroxin or T4 is used most typically to treat a hypothyroid. It is used to help boost the metabolism because you are not creating enough hormones in your thyroid. As with any medication or medical condition, you must consult your doctor before any changes are made.

I take Omega 3 for my dry eyes, which get really bad in the middle of the night, and wondered if I can continue or just take eye drops instead while on the HCG diet?
Omega 3 should not interfere with your diet. However, we always recommend speaking with your physician about your medical treatments. They know your medical history and your specific treatment plan.

I have had my complete thyroid taken out due to cancer, can I still do the HCG diet while on Synthroid?
We must insist that you do it under your doctor's supervision do to the nature of your past illness. That being said, there are several customers who have been on Synthroid (Levothyroxine)and with their doctors help, have had wonderful results. Your doctor can adjust the diet protocol as well as the dosage of your medications based upon your health and your needs. Please check with your physician prior to beginning your diet.

Can I take HCG drops if I currently am on Adderall?
(amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) is a highly prescribed drug in the US, used for many different reasons. We must encourage you consult with your doctor before beginning any diet because of the potential side effects of Adderall. Many of those side effects can be very serious.

Is it safe to start the HCG diet if I’m on anti-viral prescription medications?
We must advise you to consult your doctor. Although HCG Amino Plus works very well with prescription medications, your doctor knows your overall health, your illnesses and your lifestyle and can better advise you.

I am catching cold, have a sinus infection, or allergies and I also have a severe sore throat. The weight loss has been very slow this week too. What cold/allergy OTC medications can I take?
When you are fighting an illness, your body is prone to holding water. The weight loss will improve as you get over your illness. As far as OTC medications, it really depends on what your true illness is. You can certainly take OTC medication for allergies and even a decongestant. Any of them will work fine. As far as a cold or flu remedy, any of them that are not loaded with sugar or alcohol will work fine. Please be sure that you are drinking a significant amount of water and that you are taking a very good vitamin supplement.

Do I need my doctor’s approval to do the HCG diet if I take Synthroid?
Yes. With any underlying health issue, we always recommend consulting your physician. Your medication needs can change and it is always best to do any diet under your doctor’s care.

If I’m taking a thyroid supplement, do I need to stop taking it while using the HCG drops?
No. We encourage you to consult your doctor so that as you lose weight, they are can make any necessary adjustments to your medications.

I have had a hysterectomy, can I take the over the counter Estroven with the plan?
HCG Amino Plus drops work very well with other medications. Without knowing your overall health, we encourage you to consult your physician before beginning this or any other diet.

If I’m on Bisoprol or Ziac (blood pressure medication) and Metformin (medication to control blood sugar) can I take HCG drops? Are there any precautions that I should be aware of with OTC medications such as allergy medication, Ibuprofin, Prilosec or other acid reflux meds?
As with all medications (prescription or OTC) we always recommend that you consult your physician prior to beginning this diet or any other diet program. We strongly encourage you to do that, where there is a history of underlying health concerns. Your doctor can recommend any lifestyle changes as well as modify the HCG diet to help fit your exact health needs.

Can I still take HCG drops while on HRT (hormone replacement therapy)?
As with all drugs, we must refer you back to you physician. HCG Amino Plus works very well with most types of prescriptions; however, your physician can make whatever adjustments that they feel is best for your specific health conditions.

I would like to start the HCG drops and need to ask about estrogen. I had estrogen dominant breast cancer and I need to take Arimidex (anastrozole) daily for the next 5 years. It reduces estrogen production. Does HCG increase estrogen?
We understand the concern. Whenever there are underlying health concerns, we always default back to your doctor. We do currently have a pharmacist in California that is a breast cancer survivor and takes estrogen medication and she has completed two rounds of the HCG diet. She only loses about a half pound a day because of that. We do know that she has consulted her doctor (because she was also on Arimidex), and must recommend you also consult your doctor before starting the HCG or any other diet.