Here are some HCG diet questions regarding pre-existing health conditions and whether the diet could work for you.
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Does the HCG diet work if I’ve had a gastric bypass in the past?
Yes, it does. The whole HCG diet it based upon restricted caloric intake and pulling from your abnormal fat stores. If you have any underlying health concerns, please consult your doctor.

Can I take HCG if I have glaucoma?
As far as the glaucoma is concerned, we insist that you consult your physician. They know your overall health better and can advise you on specific health concerns.

I was thrilled that I lost 10 lbs in a week, but a friend told me they had read an article that the HCG diet could cause a heart attack and that when on it, you are dropping ketones. Is this true?
Although we cannot comment on the article, we can address your concern of ketones and heart attacks. Ketones are created when the body draws on its stored fats to burn in absence of glucose in diet which normally comes from the carbohydrates that you eat. Ketosis the process of burning the fats. This is a normal part of every weight loss program. You want to burn ketones (fats).As far as heart attacks are concerned, we always insist that you consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other diet program. Anytime that you begin any program, it can place extra stress on your body and heart. If you are already suffering from heart disease, beginning any diet can cause problems. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns. The long term health benefits achieved by losing excess weight can include healthier heart, lower cholesterol levels, lower chance of diabetes as well as a lower chance of suffering from a countless list of illnesses.

I have well-controlled diabetes and have been on the HCG diet for a few days. My blood sugar has been extremely high since starting. Is this usual?
No, it is not typical to have your blood sugar level high. Please watch it carefully and if you need to adjust the diet with your doctor, they can adjust the calories that you eat and or your dosage for your medications.

I had kidney cancer and now only have one kidney. Will the HCG drops do any damage to me?
HCG drops will not do any damage to your kidney, however, going on to a low calorie diet will put some additional stress on your kidney. We insist that you consult your doctor before beginning this or any other diet. If you chose to do this diet, your doctor should adjust the amount of calories that you eat so that you are eating more than the 500 calories that Dr Simeons advocated in his diet. Your doctor may also make other recommendation for lifestyle and exercise changes as well. We do appreciate your interest in HCG Amino Plus. We hope that with your doctor’s help, you can achieve your weight loss goals. We are happy to help and answer any questions that you or your doctor may have.

I am a 58 year old male and I’ve been on dialysis for a year. Can I do the HCG diet?
Yes, but only if your doctor approves it and monitors your progress throughout the whole diet.

I have FVL (factor V Leiden) and am wondering if I can take the HCG drops for weight loss. Are they safe with this blood clotting disorder?
You must consult your physician first as know your overall health and they can advise you on this specific health condition.

I have had breast cancer twice and both were hormone receptive. My doctors have told me not to take anything with hormones. Are sublingual HCG drops safe to take, or should I consult my doctor first?
We have had many different type of cancer survivors that have taken our HCG drops with Amino Acids, but we always insist that you consult your physician. If they have any questions, we are happy to speak with them as well if they need more information about our product.

Is the HCG diet recommended for people with High Blood pressure?
It is recommended that if you have any underlying health issue that you consult your attending physician. Your doctor can adjust the diet protocol to meet your health needs by increasing the calories. If your doctor tells you not to do it, then you need to follow their advice because they know you and your health history. We have had several customers whose doctors are absolute fans of the HCG diet because it has changed their blood pressure and taken them out of a high risk classification for both heart disease and diabetes.

Has any cancer or other deadly diseases been associated with this product?
No cancer or deadly disease has had any association with the use of hcg. Infact, one of the studies found that hcg could be associated with lower breast cancer rates.