Here are some HCG diet questions regarding birth control.
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Should I go off birth control pills while on HCG?

No need to go off of birth control.

I read that HCG is sometimes used as a fertility drug. Is this true and does it mean that I am more likely to become pregnant if I am not on birth control?
Yes it is true. HCG is primarily used for fertility treatments.

I am on the NuvaRing birth control; I am very interested in doing the HCG drops but am very worried it will affect it?
We always insist that you have your OB/GYN check prior to beginning this diet program. In rare cases some doctors have adjusted the birth control.

Can I use the emergency contraceptive pill if I use the drops, and if so, will it affect my diet?
We have not had any experience with that pill and we would advise you to consult your prescribing physician.