Here are some HCG diet questions regarding the HCG hormone.
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How are sublingual HCG drops different that prescriptions grade HCG in terms of the actual HCG hormone?

HCG Amino Plus is manufactured using the same raw materials as the prescription grade hcg. After rigorous testing, it is taken through a process known as "succussion". Succussion is a process of cutting or diluting the raw materials with water or alcohol and taking an "imprint" of the raw material that is suspended in the water or alcohol solution. That imprint is what your body reads and is able to draw out of the body the same results as the full strength version without the side effects.

Does HCG build to extreme levels in your bloodstream?
For HCG injections, that is what happens. That is why you must stop the injections after 6 weeks. Sublingual HCG drops do not carry that risk.