Here are some HCG diet questions regarding vegetarians and how the diet can work for them.
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Can this diet be conformed for a vegetarian?
Yes. There are many vegans that do extremely well on this diet.

I do not eat fish, chicken or turkey. Would Tofu be able to be substituted for something like this?
Yes. Tofu will work well for you for a protein. There are also several other recipes for vegetarians online.

I know that with the injections, vegetarians have the option to use 1 cup of skim milk or curds for the protein part of the diet, is this still ok when using the drops?
It is not one of the approved foods with Dr Simeons and so we discourage it. However, many people have incorporated substitute foods like skim milk or broccoli and have been very successful. If you do chose to use it, we simple recommend doing so sparingly.