Here are some HCG diet questions regarding the diet protocol which include certain things you should and shouldn't do while on the diet.
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The bottle says to take the drops 20 minutes before each meal, but, can I spread my food throughout the day?
You can break your food up throughout the day. It does not change the recommended dosage or the fact that it should be taken 3 times a day, 20 minutes before eating.

Why do I need take the drops 3 times a day and could I take 15 drops twice a day instead?
It is recommended that you maintain a constant dosage and by taking it three times a day it helps to keep your body form hitting any highs or lows.

Can I skip breakfast while taking the hcg drops?

It’s always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I am surprised to see breakfast is only coffee or tea, why is this?
Per Dr Simeons, it is recommended to not to eat anything. We can tell you that some of our Doctors that we supply have their patients eat one of their fruits for breakfast. People have had wonderful results doing it both ways.

While on the program, should I continue to take my colon cleanse formula and acai berry?
The colon cleanse in not needed during the diet. You want to be careful that you are not over stimulating your bowels or intestinal track during the diet. You need to be able to absorb as many of the nutrients as possible.

What is phase 4?
Per Dr Simeons, there is no phase 4 on his program. Kevin Trudeau a few years ago came out with a book that modified the original protocol from Dr Simeons and made his own version of it. He added a phase to it that became his phase 1 which called for several weeks of cleanse and a regimented diet prior to you load days. Although, having a pre-diet cleanse is great and we endorse that, it is not required and is not part of Dr Simeons’ original protocol.

How does sodium affect the protocol and how much should you have a day?
Sodium is very important to overall health and balance. That being said, too much causes your body to retain excess water and can impair your weight loss. Use salt sparingly and watch your foods that you eat to make sure that they are not saturated in sodium.

Is sitting in a sauna a couple days a week safe?
Sitting in a sauna during the diet can be safe so long as there are no underlying health problems and you are not in there for prolonged periods of time.

Is there any information regarding the use of tanning beds while using the HCG Drops?

There is no information on the use of tanning beds while on HCG. We do know that the use of tanning beds is discouraged overall due to the health hazards associated with them.

When is the earliest I can have lunch, or does it matter?
There is no set time for lunch. You will have to be the best judge for that base on your schedule.

With my schedule, I can only take the drops 1 hour before eating, so can I take the drops 20 minutes after a meal, would this be better?
The optimal time to take the drops is at minimum 20 minutes before you eat or drink so that it is completely absorbed through the blood capillaries in your mouth. By doing this, it is allowing the body ample time for it work prior to any food or water going into your system. In your situation, taking the drops 20+ minutes after you eat, will still work, but it may not be as effective overall. If you find that you are not losing the weight that you expect, we would encourage you to try and find a way to adjust, if possible.

How long after I color my hair before I can start the drops?
You can begin your load days (phase 1) after 5 days.

Does ice tea count towards my daily water intake, or do I still need to drink 100% of my water on top of the ice tea I drink?
All liquids count toward your daily intake.

I'm getting ready to start the HCG diet and wanted to know if I stay within 500 calories and eat only from the provided list of foods. Is it allowed to eat more than 7 oz of protein a day? For example, if I eat 3.5 oz of shrimp verses 3.5 oz of beef my caloric amount would be different ,does it matter as long as I don’t go over 500 calories and eat only from the list?
The calories are the most important and on several occasions people have modified their diets based upon their lifestyle and level of activity. There are some people who have had to modify their the calories to 700 a day because their work is so strenuous. Use your best judgment. If the pounds are not coming off, then you will need to look at your diet and daily routine and make some adjustments.

The HGC diet says to pick one vegetable to eat, but different recipes include lots of different vegetables in the menu. How is this possible?
Dr Simeons original protocol developed back in the 1950's state that only one veggie per meal and not to mix. With more recent nutritional information, it has been found that mixing some veggies is actually beneficial and that the overall caloric value of those veggies has greater impact on weight loss than the mixing of them.

How many vegetables do I take with the 2 meals?
Depending on the veggie, you should be 1-2 cups per serving. Look at the caloric values of the veggies.

The drops make me feel better and curb my appetite but I’m interested to know how damaging it is to overeat while taking HCG?
HCG is working directly with your hypothalamus which is where your metabolism is controlled. By over-eating, you stand the chance of confusing your metabolism and could have a harder time stabilizing at the optimum level. Know that it is only temporary and that 3-6 weeks goes by quickly and it is definitely worth the sacrifice.

Will the HCG drops still be somewhat effective if I eat extra fruit and vegetables, but still avoid all starches and processed sugars?
Yes it will. It will be important to watch your overall caloric intake. Many people have had to modify their calories because of their lifestyle.