Phase 2 Guide (VLCD)

Welcome to Phase 2 VLCD of the HCG Diet! It is important to follow this guide precisely. When doing so, the average weight loss is just less than one pound per day overall. But eating anything that is not listed here, even the most seemingly innocent food, can stop your weight loss altogether.

Lunch & Dinner: Each meal, choose one item from each of the following sections:
Protein, Vegetable, Fruit, & Carbs
The HCG Protocol is written to allow two meals each day, typically lunch and dinner. However, feel free to split your lunch in half and eat half for breakfast. You can also split your dinner in half and have 4 smaller meals throughout the day if you’d like. As long as you do not eat more than our allotted food each day, then WHEN you eat it is not important.

Listed below are the allowed protein choices. It is important for each protein serving to be 3.5 ounces (100 grams) weighed raw, skinless, and boneless with all visible fat removed.

Ground Beef (95% Lean) 137 calories
Chicken Breast 110 calories
Roast Beef 140 calories
Whey Protein Shake 80-100 calories
Tilapia 95 calories
Halibut 110 calories
Cod 95 calories
Sea bass, flounder, & sole 91 calories
Shrimp or prawns 105 calories
Lobster 90 calories
Crawfish 74 calories
Buffalo 100 calories
Veal 120 calories
Steak 192 calories
Occasionally allowed protein no more than a few times per week) :Egg (1 whole + 3 egg whites) - 95 calories Fat free cottage cheese (½) cup - 75 calories

Listed below are the allowed vegetables. Feel free to eat more, or less of the vegetables if you’d like, just don’t go over 500 calories total for the day.  Caloric values listed are for 2 cups, uncooked.

Celery 32 calories
Asparagus 54 calories
Lettuce, any type 15 calories
Spinach 14 calories
Cucumbers 32 calories
Cabbage 44 calories
Tomatoes 40 calories
Onions 128 calories
Chard 14 calories
Beet Greens 16 calories
Radishes 40 calories
Fennel 50 calories
Chicory 15 calories

Listed below are the allowed fruits. Caloric values listed are for medium sized fruits.

Apple 95 calories
Orange 70 calories
10 strawberries 40 calories
½ grapefruit 52 calories

Listed below are the allowed carb choices. Each serving should be 20-25 calories

Grissini Breadsticks (1 regular or 2 thin) 20-25 calories
Melba Toast (1 rectangular or 2 rounds) 20-25 calories
Wasa Crackers (1/2 slice) 20-25 calories


  • You may drink water, tea, and coffee in any amount. Drink at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of non-caffeinated beverages each day.
  • One tablespoon of milk (11 calories) and the juice of one lemon (12 calories) are allowed each day.
  • Spices are great to use to spice-up your food, just make sure there are no additional ingredients added (ie. Sugar, starch, oils, etc). Popular allowed seasonings and flavorings are: Frank’s Original Hot Sauce, Bragg’s Amino Acids (like soy sauce), SweetLeaf flavored stevia drops, mustard, and vinegar (no wine or rice vinegars).
  • Miracle Noodles (0 calories) are allowed. They are similar to rice noodles, but made from water and fiber only.  Fat-free Broth is allowed (about 15 calories per cup) watch the ingredients for sugar or starches. SPRY xylitol gum or mints (1.2 calories each) are also allowed.