Here are some HCG diet questions regarding phase 1 of the diet, also know as the loading days. Remember, you can always email us your questions (, ask them on Facebook or give us a call on 1-888-689-3777.

How do you number the days on the diet, I of course started my drops on the first day of the "load" days. Does that account for it being the 1st day of the 40?
Yes. The first day of the diet is your first loading day, which is also the first day you take the drops.

Can you drink on loading days?
Drinking on load days it absolutely fine, but your primary focus should be on eating fatty foods.

What happens if I didn't do the drops on the fat loading days in phase 1?
People who do not load properly with the drops will still lose weight, but not as well as those who do. You may consider waiting a week and starting over.

After I started I got a little sick (nauseous) so I am worried I did not load enough the last 3 days. Do you recommend doing an additional load day?
Yes, you can. It will not hurt you to load for an extra day. Just keep track of your progress daily.

I heard that when you load, you are supposed to gain weight. I finished my load yesterday and this morning I have lost 2.8 pounds. I have been eating everything donuts, pizza, cookies, regular soda which I haven't had in over 2 years, you name it. Is this normal?
Most people do gain anywhere from 2-5 lbs, but you are part of a small percentage of people who lose weight during the load phase. Nothing to worry about though. Simply, continue on with P2 and be sure that you follow everything closely in both P2 & P3 for optimal results.

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