Here are some HCG diet questions regarding calorie intake during phase 2 of the diet.
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How long is the phase where you only take in 500 calories?

As far as the 500 calories, the answer is 21 or 40 days, depending on whether you are doing the 21 or the 40 day plan.

What is most important, serving size or getting the exact 500 calories?

The calories are the most important.

I am confused about the vegetables; I thought I could make a salad but the diet guide says to choose one from the listed vegetables, is that all?
Dr Simeons after years of research and study found that the approved list of foods have the best overall benefit and results with the diet. That having been said, many people still mix some of the veggies into a salad and they still have outstanding success. If you chose to mix, please be sure that you do it carefully and not over extend your calorie limit.

When I ordered the HCG I did not know that I need to go down to 500 calories per day. I am unwilling to do this, what are my options?
You have a few options. Some of our doctors that we supply product to have adjusted their program for the patients to between 700-1200 calories a day. They have also modified their exercise and lifestyle. You can certainly do the same and have great results. Just be aware that the weight will not come off as quickly as 500 calories will. Still eat the approved foods and drink plenty of water. As mentioned on our site.

Can I eat eggs for dinner and if so how many eggs?

As far as eggs, Dr Simeons allowed you to eat 3 egg whites with 1 whole egg as one of your proteins when people could not eat fish or find the other approved proteins.

If I break each meal into 250 calories, the meat, toast and fruit comes to 200 calories. Do I eat 50 calories in spinach? At 6.6 oz per cup I would need to eat 7.5 cups correct?
Average serving size is 1 cup for all veggies, spinach included. 1 cup of spinach only contains 7 calories. No one ever gets fat on eating raw spinach (or lettuce or other leafy veggies). Assuming your scenario, the answer to your question would be yes. However, we would recommend that you break up the 500 calories into two main meals and then your snacks during the day. This will help you to keep your metabolism burning at a more consistent level throughout the day.

I started the loading diet and am pretty sick of food at the moment. Can't wait to start the 500 calories! I'm wondering about the amount of veggies I can have per meal. The manual says I can only pick 1 type of veggie (i.e. lettuce, spinach etc.) per meal. There is a recipe for a turkey burger that has lettuce and tomato. Can you have more than one veggie as long as the total doesn't exceed the 500 calorie limit?

Although we do our best to follow Dr Simeons' original protocol (which established the 1 veggie only rule) modern nutrition places a greater emphasis on the calorie count (assuming that you are fueling your body with the right foods). This also applies to the query about "other" veggies like broccoli. Again we try to stay as true to his original protocol as possible, but some modifications have proven very effective. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I am having troubles with the 500 calories. I eat my meat and my apple but that isn’t even close to 500 calories, it’s more like 230. I cannot imagine that a lot of the veggies can come close to making them up if I eat them. That would be 270 calories in veggies and I hate veggies. Any advice?
If you cannot stomach any veggies, then you will need to make some substitutions. You can increase the amount of fruit and add an additional ounce of protein to help. Be sure that you are taking a quality multi-vitamin every day.

I am on my fourth day and am not sure that I am reading the diet correctly. Do I have 3 cups of one vegetable only? Also, do I only eat one vegetable per meal.
Yes, one veggie per meal. Serving size is 1-1.5 cups for the veggie. You can read the caloric value of each approved food in the Weight Loss Manual. That will help you stay at the 500 calorie limit.

I increased my protein to 8 oz. a day and I am still short on calories after adding more veggies. I seem to stall on days when I don't eat around 530. What would you recommend?
Stay away from red meat and try to eat fish and chicken for your protein. Red meat is harder for your body to digest. Stay as close to the 500 calories a day as possible. Watch your sodium intake and drink as much water as possible.

Is eating 585 calories bad? When most of the calories are approved veggies?

Dr Simeons recommended 500 a day. Depending on your level of activity, 585 calories is not going to impede your weight loss. A few of our doctors that we supply product to have adjusted their patients caloric intake up depending on their health, lifestyle and level of activity.

I am calculating my calorie intake for day 1 and it is only 436.2. How do I get to the 500 daily if I don't add something?
Increase your lunch and dinner protein by.5 ounce. That should get you to 500 calories and give your body more protein to use.

What happens if I don't reach the 500 calories in a day? I was in a weird mood today and ate all the food groups but only consumed 389 calories.
You should really be hitting the 500 calories a day. Your body will hold onto everything more if you are not getting your 500 calories. It can also cause issues with your organs and body if you are not getting enough food.

I can't get 500 calories in by eating the protein 7oz/day, 2 fruits, 2 Wasa bread and 2 vegetables. If you count 1 c. of veggies = 1 serving. Do I eat more vegetables or stick to the strict 1 cup serving. I have no problem with protein or fruit, but the vegetables are confusing me. If I weigh the food according to the amounts i.e. 1cup veggie = 1 serving, then I'm way under 500 calories. What should I do?
You are right that the calorie count varies from veggie to veggie. For this purpose, in the manual we have added in the caloric food vaules chart.