Here are some HCG diet questions regarding approved products you can use during the diet.
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Is there a limit to the amount of Stevia that can be used on the diet in one day?
There is no limit to the amount. We would simply say to use it in moderation.

I have seed oil in my tanning lotion is that okay because I’m not really getting it in my bloodstream?
The body still absorbs the fats through your skin. It can certainly impact your weight loss. We would encourage you not to use it.

I am going to Mexico soon and need to get a base tan. I use Lotion for tanning in the beds not oil, will this affect my weight loss?
Most lotions will slow your weight loss.

Can I wear sun screen? I take my kids to the pool daily and not to wear sunscreen can cause significant burns and possible skin cancer, what should I do?
You are right and you need to wear sunscreen. Neutrogena has the best one for hcg. Many of them have so many oils in them that they can seriously impede weight loss. We also recommend long sleeve swim shirts as well as long brimmed hats.

I’m just getting ready to start the diet and I use Blistex lip balm and a gel deodorant. Are either of these a problem with the diet protocol?
You should not have any problem with those products.

What hand lotion can I use?
Baby lotion is the easiest and usually the cheapest. It also seems to work the best as well.

I’m wondering how strong the recommendation is to use the ‘Crystal deodorant stick’ (which is very hard to find in my area) in comparison to usual brand? I’ve found some people who have continued with their same make-up and moisturizer and did fine. Will I be okay?
You will be fine to use your regular deodorant. Most people do not switch to the crystal type.

I use a natural cleansing product called Sculpt & Cleanse. It is an all natural product, but I'm not sure if it can be used while on the HCG Diet. What is your recommendation?
We haven’t had anyone report usage of this particular product. After some research, it appears to be a good product. It doesn’t look like it would interfere with the diet at all. If you have concerns, we would recommend consulting your doctor.

I color my hair frequently or touch up. What effect does coloring your hair have on the diet?
As for coloring your hair, without the normal consumption of oils/fats, your hair can become dried out and coloring or getting a perm puts extra stress on your hair follicles. We would again encourage you to do it before beginning your diet and waiting to do it again until you are at least in phase 3 of the diet.

Can I dye my hair while taking the drops? If not, what will happen if anything?
We recommend that you do not dye your hair during the phase 2 portion of the diet. Nothing bad will happen, but your hair follicles are more sensitive during this phase since you are no consuming any oils or fats.

Can I use Clotrimazol in cream?
Clotrimazol cream is used to treat fungi and yeast infections like thrush or ring worm and is known to have some minor side effects. Although HCG Amino Plus works safely with most medications, we encourage you to consult your doctor with regard to any underlying health issues and side effects from the cream or any interaction with using both at the same time.

Can I still use my same deodorant?
Most people continue to use their same deodorant or anti-prespirant. Most people have not had any problems lose weight while using their same deodorant.

What if I can’t find oil free products, what will that do?
It can interfere with your body release of fats into your system. Do the best that you can, you will still lose weight, but it may not be as much as it would be otherwise.

Can I use essential oils? I read somewhere that essential oils were ok to use as long as you weren't using a carrier oil, is this true?

Although known as 'oils' these essential oil compounds are chemically completely unrelated to fatty oils (such as olive oil etc.). Chemically they belong to the huge family of terpenes, which are ubiquitous in the plant world. Terpenes are very complex chemicals and some form enormously long chained molecules. Essential oils tend to consist of rather shorter sequences known as monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes or ring-like structures called 'benzene rings'. You may have noticed that if you get essential oils on your clothing that they don't leave a stain like a fatty oil would. So these are not a problem, as long as they haven't been mixed with a carrier oil that does contain fat such as olive or safflower oil. We recommend limiting the use of the oils. We have many customers that have continued use of the oils with minimal adverse effects on their weight loss.