Here are some HCG diet questions regarding  Apple Day.
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What is an Apple Day?
It is the technique used to help to break a plateau. When your weight loss has stalled for 3-4 days, you should consider an apple day, which can effectively deal with such situation ensuring significant weight reduction on the next day. On an apple day, you only eat up to 6 apples. No other food is permitted during the day. The apples contains enough fluid so you won't need to drink a lot of much water. Many have reported around 2 pounds weight loss on the day following an apple day.

How often can I do an apple day?
There is no set limit. I concern is that if you are not losing what you feel you should and this is causing the need for several apple days, we may need to look at adjusting the amount of drops that you are taking every day. Some people need to increase their drops from 10 drops (.35ml) 3 times p to 15 drops (.52ml) 3 times a day. This often times helps people get past a plateau or helps get their metabolism burning more. Hopefully this helps you and you won't feel a need to do an apple day too often.

What is the apple day and when I should do it can I buy the pre cut apple and can I eat any kind of apple?
An apple day is used when you have hit a "stall" or "plateau" with your weight loss for several days. On an apple day, you can eat up to 6 standard size apples, and nothing else. Increase your water intake. Be sure that you are taking your measurements as well as your weight. Dr Simeons called his book "Pounds & Inches" for a reason. You may be loose inches even when you may not see the scale drop at all.

Is it okay to take Fiber on an Apple day if you are still hungry?

Yes, that can act as a great filler as well as help you to "move" things along in GI tract.

Regarding the apple day, do I continue eating the same (4) four choices at lunch and dinner as I have been doing so far, or just eat nothing but apples?

An apple day is just apples only. Drink as much water as you can as well.

How many apples do you eat on an apple day and should I increase my drops to 15 to help break the plateau, if so, for how long?

You can eat up to 6 normal size apples. Typically, when people increase the dosage to 15 drops, they stay there for the remainder of the diet.