Here are some HCG diet questions regarding getting sick while on the diet and what you should do.
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I have been on HCG for 2 weeks now and I have a head cold, nasal congestion, stuffy nose, and sore throat. What product can I purchase over the counter for this cold?
Look at the ingredients. Pill forms of medications are best because they do not have fructose syrup. They may contain some starch, but it should not interfere too much with your weight loss. Drink lots of fluids.

I still have 9 more days of drops, however, I’m coming down with a cold. Should I stay on the drops or should I stop them and start my p3 for now and in the 6 weeks start another 40 days?

Either way, you will be fine. Listen to your body. If you feel that you need the break right now, by all means do it and you can begin another round soon.

I have the stomach flu and cannot keep anything down what should I do? Should I keep taking my drops and not eat?

Keep taking the drops. Try and drink as many fluids as possible. You can also try chicken broth that is warmed up and cut a few green onions into it as well.