General HCG diet questions and scenarios that should help you determine if the diet will work for you.
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After losing weight, am I required to remain on the diet and drops to maintain the weight?

No, but if you go back to lifestyle of greasy fast food and unhealthy choices, you will gain it back. If you make good, healthy choices in what you eat and exercise, you will maintain your weight

I'm very interested towards taking on this die, but I am a trucker and my schedule is so unpredictable. I live on the road for 4 weeks at a time. My eating habits aren't the best. These truck stops barely have any healthy alternatives. Can I do the diet and what would you suggest?
For people who travel, the best option is a Subway Salad and lots of apples. You will want to avoid breads and sugars. Many of our doctors that we supply product to have made modifications from the base diet to help accommodate traveling professionals and even people with specific health issues. To most common adjustment from these doctors is to increase the caloric intake of food from 500 calories to 800-900. But with that increase, they are also having people on the diet for longer periods of time and with a steady balance of activity/exercise for 30 minutes a day. Fatigue would be our biggest concern for you on the road. You can drink as much coffee or tea as you like, but try and stay away from sodas (even diet).You can achieve the weight loss you desire, you may need to be on the modified diet for a few extra weeks though. Let us know if you have any questions.

What are the general pros and cons of the HCG drops and diet?
Pros would be simple to take, no injections, portable, no expensive doctors visits each day/week, simple diet plan to follow and fast results. Plus, no heavy exercise.
Cons include a low calorie diet that some people find hard mentally to stick to 500 calories, although hunger subsides some people feel hunger during the first week as their bodies adjust.

Is it true that after certain age it is hard to lose weight even after exercise and diet?
Although there are many opinions about this due to so many variables, a general answer is yes, due to the bodies naturally slowing metabolism. Having said that, we have had people of all ages successfully lose weight using our product. As always, we recommend consulting your physician prior to beginning this or any other diet.

I’m concerned that I’m going to mess up my daily plan by not being fully prepared (the recipes require some preparation) and having the approved different ingredients on hand. I really want to do this, but how do I overcome being stressed about what to eat?
We appreciate your concern over being prepared with the right foods. Making certain that you do have them in your fridge, ready to go will help. Take the time to prepare food ahead of time whenever possible. When you are preparing food, make extra for another meal. Don’t stress too much. Once you begin, you will find that it is actually very simple. We constantly hear from our customers how much they really enjoy the food and how satisfying it is. Good luck, don't stress and it will all be fine.

Besides weight loss, does HCG aid in the "resetting" of the hypothalamus, such as blood pressure, body temperature, fluid and electrolyte balance?
Yes, it does.

I just had a baby three months ago, and am breast/formula feeding. Is this safe with my baby?
We encourage you to wait until you are done breastfeeding.

I’m having a cat scan next week, can I use hcg drops?
Yes, it is just fine, unless your doctor advises you differently due to a health issue that we are not aware of.

I found comments about this diet saying that HCG has been debunked as an effective weight loss aid and that I’m losing weight because of the starvation diet and not the hormone. Plus, there are risks to people who may become pregnant, who may have cancer or thyroid problems. Here is a list of some of the side effects I’ve read:

Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
Arterial Thromboembolism
Blood clots
Risk of multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.)
Abnormal enlargement of breasts in men (gynaecomastia)
Over stimulation of the ovaries causing production of many ova (eggs) in women
Changes in mood
Irritation in area of use
Excessive fluid retention in the body tissues, resulting in swelling (edema)
Hair loss
Prostate hypertrophy

So, how safe is the HCG diet?
Most of these are similar things one would experience if pregnant. There are some valid points made of over stimulation of ovaries, but these are all to do with the prescription grade injectable hcg. sublingual hcg drops has no known or documented side effects. The comments you read are also right in stating that it is the low calorie diet that causes weight loss. However, they are not fully explaining that hcg releases the stored fat in the body versus your body pulling from the muscle mass in your body. Eating a low calorie diet without hcg will still cause weight loss, but it will be from muscle mass and not stored fat. It will also put stress on your organs. Having hcg combined with animo acids gives your body support that it needs during a low calorie diet and tells your body to pull from fats instead of muscles and alleviates the stress on the organs.

I'm going on a 7-day cruise. Do I continue taking HCG while on the cruise, as I probably won’t eat right, or should I stop the HCG until I return from the Cruise? If I need to stop, how long before the cruise should I stop taking the HCG?
If you know that you will be overly tempted, we would recommend stopping phase 2 right now and try to complete as much of phase 3 as possible before you go on the trip. You will have to load again when you start back up. Perhaps loading the last couple days of the cruise would work for you in preparation for starting another round.

I was told that if you have any fractures not to take HCG until it is healed. I have a fractured elbow, will it hurt to start the program or should I wait?
It would be best to wait. You body needs as many nutrients as possible. Something that you may consider is our HGH Complete. This speeds healing, builds lean muscle mass and helps with bone density. You may want to do that while you are recovering from the fracture before doing the hcg diet.

Can I have a flu shot while taking the HCG drops?
Yes, no problem.

I already eat fruits, veggies, and drink plenty of water, (everyday to flush out my toxins). I try to only eat about 300 calories in 6 hours. Will I see a quicker increase of body fat melting away since I don’t eat a lot of junk food?
Yes, because the hcg will tell your body to release it's stored fats.

I think Dr Simeons said vegetarians can substitute the skim milk or fat free curds instead of meat. I am not a meat eater, so can you verify if the drops will be fine with the vegetarian version of the HCG diet?
Yes, you will be just fine substituting the proteins.

I have blood work scheduled to be done for a upcoming surgery, will the hcg drops somehow affect this?
It should not affect your blood work. However, it may show you as having lower blood sugar.

I had two or three days of about 500 calories and dropped 4 pounds. I really don’t want to do 500 calories as a rule. Can I do a few days of 500-600 calories and then up it to 800-900 calories for a few days and then back again, or will that mess things up for me?
It is better not to "yo-yo" too much. Depending on your level of activity and your job, you may find it easier to set you calorie count at 600-700 every day and just know that the weight will not come off as quickly, but you will still get there. In fact one of our Doctors that we supply product to has their patients on 700 calories a day and tells them that it will take them twice as long to achieve their goals, but they prefer it this way so that they can exercise a little more.

I am a massage therapist and also do manicures and pedicures, will this stop my weight loss with the hcg and will hand-washing right after each service help?
It could interfere. We would recommend trying and seeing how your body reacts, since it is already used to having all of the additional lotions everyday anyway.

I’m really interested in doing this but I don’t eat any of the vegetables on the list, is doing the diet out of the question?
No, it is not out of the question. These are the approved vegetables from Dr Simeons who created this diet plan. Many people have substituted broccoli, cauliflower and other veggies and they have done very well. You will need to be sure to count your calories though to make sure that you are reaching 500 calories a day.

I’ve heard of an increase of cavities while on hcg, is that true?
There is no history of cavities. It can have an effect on some people, just like hcg does to those who are naturally producing it during pregnancy. Each person's body reacts a little differently based upon their body chemistry

How many drops do I need if I want to lose 80 lbs and will this affect my liver, heart or life?
You will need a minimum of (2) 40 day supplies of hcg. That would total a minimum of 4 oz of our HCG Amino Plus. To address your question about your organs, yes this diet puts some stress on your organs. For this reason, we have blended 7 specific amino acids in with the hcg to help support your liver, kidneys and heart. It also helps boost your metabolism. As far as your sex life, most people report an increased libido while on the diet.