Here are some HCG diet questions regarding exercise while on the diet.
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What is the reason for mild or no exercise?
When you are on a VLDC (Very Low Calorie Diet) of only 500 calories with HCG, your body pulls from its abnormal fat stores. If you over exert yourself by exercising and burning an extra large amount of calories, your body goes into starvation mode and stops releasing the stored fats like it would without dropping into a starvation mode. It is a delicate balance. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I have lost a total of 5 pounds this week but I have not lost any inches. Is this normal? Should I do some more exercise?
Dr Simeons called his manuscript Pounds & Inches for a reason. Your body handles it's weight loss in its own unique way. You will lose weight and it will come off from all places on your body. At first, a lot of the initial weight loss is from excess water. As you progress further into the diet, your body is pulling excess fat from all over the body where it stores it until it is needed. There are times when your weight loss will slow down, but the inches will still continue shrink, even though you may not be showing much loss on the scales. Don't be discouraged. You can so low impact exercise for 20-3 minutes a day. Do not do strenuous exercise because that through you body into starvation mode and you will not lose any weight. Don't be discouraged. Your body is going through the process as it should.

I plan on exercising daily while I am off from work the next few weeks. I like walking 3-4 miles daily and lifting weights. Is there need to increase the amount of protein from 3 1/2 oz to 5 -6 oz? Most 30-45 min walks/elliptical/ burns between 300-450 calories. If I don’t increase the protein will I be tired or loose less weight?
Following the hcg protocol that was established by Dr Simeons discourages more than 20-30 minute low impact exercise. Doing more than that can cause your body to retain more water as it works to repair the muscles. If you do plan to continue with a higher impact exercise program, you can increase the protein intake, but be careful not to overdo it and impede your weight loss.

We are going on vacation to climb Mt. Carleton (there is a trail going up it, so it's not like rock climbing) and it happens to fall on the 3 days when we will have been done the drops but are still on the 500 calorie diet. I'm a little worried that we will not have enough calories to make the climb. What should we do?
You could certainly stop the diet a few days prior so that you have time to build up some of the calories that you need to climb. The foods that you should eat would be complex carbs like whole grains or course fruits & veggies as well as increased proteins. We would encourage you to continue taking the B-Vitamin Complex and your daily multi-vitamin as well. Good Luck with your climb.

Just finished drops so can I exercise more?
Once you enter P3 of the diet, be sure that you are eating the right foods and slowly introduce the fats, carbs and at the end, sugars and starches. We encourage you to begin a good exercise regiment. You may want to consider one of our other products, HGH Complete. This new formula was designed to help people rebuild lean muscle mass after losing the weight with the HCG Diet. It is another sublingual drop that is taken 3 times a day and you are encouraged to work out at the gym to help attain the optimum results.

I am in the military and have always worked out - can I continue to workout while on the diet, and should I do anything differently?
Having an intense work out is discouraged while on the diet. It can actually work against you. Subsiding on only 500 calories of food and then having an intense workout will through your body into a starvation mode. It is recommended that you have 20-30 minutes of low impact exercise every day. That having been said, being in the military, you may have requirements for drills or other exercises. If you need to do a higher impact drill or program, listen to your body and make some adjustments to your caloric intake. You may need to be eating 800 calories of the right foods. If you do increase the caloric intake because of exercise, I would double the amount of lean proteins that you eat. We have others who have modified the diet with their doctor to meet their physical and medical needs. They range from 800 calories to 1300 calories a day. The best advise is to listen to your body if in fact you are needing to increase your caloric intake do to the physical demands on your body. Watch the scale though. If your weight is not dropping, make another adjustment. Be sure to take the B-Vitamin Complex. This will help with energy levels and mental focus. You may need to take it more than once a day if you are working out alot.