Weight Loss Roller Coaster

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If you are like me, weight loss has been a constant roller coaster. I would lose weight and be able to keep it off, but it would slowly creep back on. Maybe I was stressed or just not taking care of myself.

So, like almost any other girls out there, I looked into any diet that was popular at the time. The South Beach diet, Atkins, a myriad of home work out videos and I was still looking for a way to lose weight and keep the weight off. I finally heard about the hCG diet and thought I would give it a try.

First, I spent time researching the diet and the reasons behind why it worked. All of the information I read said that I could lose a pound to a pound and a half each day! The diet is based on information from a British researched named Dr. A. Simeons who noticed that patients who were given hCG would often become less hungry and still maintain a healthy energy level. This caused weight loss and through trial and error, Dr. Simeons developed a protocol that included a low calorie diet and a phase to stabilize the weight once the goal weight had been reached.

I followed the 21 day diet and lost 26 pounds. The most common questions I got were if I was hungry and if there were other side effects. While there were times that I was hungry, I tried to have something to do to keep busy – taking a walk, going to a movie, window shopping, anything to keep myself occupied!

The only other side effects I experienced were occasional headaches. I made sure to up my water intake and get some more rest.

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I also always planned my meals. The days that I had skimped on meal planning were the days that I was most tempted to cheat. Keeping a diary of meals, caloric intake, weight, and any symptoms that you may experience will help you stay on track.

The obvious question still looms – does the weight stay off? For me, most of it has. I will admit I have gained back about 10 pounds. I attribute it to working full time at a desk job and completing a Master’s degree. Lots of time spent sitting, reading, and typing term papers. Overall, I feel like I kept up with healthy eating habits. I try to eat mostly protein and vegetables and I eat small portions often through my day. My biggest downfall is soda – I feel like I need it to help keep me awake enough to read and type papers late into the night

Once I finish my degree, my goal is to focus on my body again (the past 2 years has been a focus on my mind and career). I would love to kick my soda habit, go to yoga classes, and learn to meditate. Setting simple goals helps me to stay motivated and moving in a forward direction.

As you focus on your goals, be gentle with yourself, but expect great things!

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