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When you are a teacher, your time off is marked by Fall break, Thanksgiving, Winter break, Spring break, and summer! During these breaks from work, I am often traveling and not in my usual routine. This can affect not only weight loss, but also exercise regimens, water intake, etc. 

Having my Amino Acids with me helps to keep me on track! They are easy to pack in my purse or suitcase!

I wanted to hang out at Spring Training games and soak up the sun and enjoy time with my friends. Or I would travel to somewhere cold and indulge in hot chocolate and other treats.

So if you plan to travel this spring or summer, here are some hints on how to keep the weight off.

  • 1.Don’t drink too much alcohol. This was never an issue for me, but I know some of my friends consumed just as many, if not more, calories from alcohol than actual food. Having a drink or two is fine – more than that can often lead to lowered inhibitions that lead to drinking more and eating both more food and foods that aren’t that great for you.
  • 2.Walk new places! Even if you are not traveling, go out into your neighborhood and take a walk. Breathe in some fresh air, get to know someone new, or stop by a dog park to watch some frolicking pups.
  • The community that I live in recently expanded a walkway down by the river. Now that it is starting to warm up, I am excited to explore the new parts of the walkway! See if there are any new or updated spots to explore near your home or office!
  • If you are traveling, take some time to ask the hotel or locals some places that are near enough to walk to. It might be a restaurant, museum, or park, or anything else, but WALK!
  • 3.Stay hydrated! From the airport to your hotel and while you are out and about, make sure that you have fresh, cold water with you. I typically buy 2 bottles of water at the airport – one to drink while I wait and one to drink on the plane and while I gather my luggage. As soon as I get to my hotel, I fill them up so I always have them available. If you have a mini fridge in your room = even better! If not, you can fill the ice bucket with ice and add the bottled water to chill.
  • 4.Don’t eat out for every meal. Not only does this save you some cash, but you can make more informed choices. Stop by the local grocery store and grab some fruit, nuts, granola, cheese, or other healthy foods. You can then have a simple breakfast on your way to see something new!
  • 5.Indulge without overindulging – I seem to always want ice cream when I am traveling – especially if it has been a warm day. Rather than deprive myself, I allow myself to have a small scoop of ice cream as a treat. This way I still feel like I got to indulge, but I’m not making choices that will come with results that upset me later.

What are some travel trips that have helped you?!

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