Summer Weight Loss

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I find that I lose the most weight in the summer and find that there may be a few reasons for that. First, I am just less hungry overall. I have found that eating a good breakfast and then some small fruit, vegetable, and cheese snacks through the day is really all I need to feel satisfied.

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Second, I am more active in the summer. I work a “desk job” as well as a part time job where I am able to be more active. The summers at my part time job are typically slower so I make it a goal to be active when there are not customers in the store. It would be REALLY easy to sit at the computer and surf the web; however, I have worked to challenge myself to stay active. I walk laps around the store, straightening as I go. I might even do lunges across the floor several times!

This summer, think of some ways that you can add extra activity to your days. Maybe this means taking a walk after dinner or early in the morning. Perhaps a hike on a Saturday would be fun!

And while you are on family vacations, make it a goal to see how you can incorporate activity! I just got back from Arizona and stayed at a nice resort. In the evenings, once it had cooled down some, I walked around the resort or over to the pool. I was able to see some beautiful sunsets, a few coyotes with their babies, and get in some extra steps!

For me, setting the expectation for myself that I will try to be active and then holding myself to that has helped with additional weight loss. Plus, I feel like it helps to strengthen my mind and help my overall emotional state as well. Multiple benefits for a well-rounded weight loss routine!

Another wonderful part of summer weight loss is that I find it so much easier to eat healthy. I find that I can quickly marinate some chicken and add some vegetables and grill up a tasty quick dinner in no time at all! I love to BBQ chicken and corn and then add a side of freshly sliced avocado. This way I am getting healthy protein and vegetables as well as a dose of heart healthy fats from the avocado.

Added benefit? Taking the leftovers to work! I can usually get 2-3 meals out of something like this which also helps me to save money.

It would be just as easy to grill some steak (I feel less comfortable grilling steak since I am still new to grilling!) and add some grilled summer squash or zucchini. Hamburgers are also a great choice! Just skip the bun to save on those pesky carbs. I just grill the burger and then top with lettuce and tomato and cheese.

See if you can make your own summer challenges for weight loss and healthy eating. Try a new recipe or make it a goal to add 5 extra minutes of activity to your days!

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