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If you think of lucky numbers, which ones come to mind? I bet the number 7 was one that you thought of even if it is not one you consider your own personal lucky number. Let us tell you why the number 7 is about to become your new lucky number!

The biggest difference in our product (and it is only found here!), is the special blend of 7 amino acids. These acids have so many benefits and the best part? You use our Amino Acid drops just as you would have used the hCG drops that we used to offer. Follow the same hCG protocol using our new drops and you will lose weight and feel better!

The Amino Acids protocol will help you to lose the extra weight quickly. However, losing weight this quickly and on low calorie diets can place additional amounts of stress on your heart, liver, kidneys and system.

All of the amino acids that we have blended were chosen for specific health benefits. They help boost your metabolism to burn fat more effectively, support your liver, heart and kidneys and help expel the excess ammonia, nitrogen and other harmful substances and toxins from your body.

The Amino Acids will also improve your energy levels, provide clarity of thought and stamina, and improve sleep. Many of the cravings people get stem from the deficiencies that their organs are experiencing – either from lack of minerals and vitamins or other nutrient deficiencies. Without this support, people have a harder time stabilizing their metabolisms after the diet and some customers gain the weight back. 

Having proper support from these amino acids, you will be more successful in not just losing the weight, but in keeping if off long term. It is much easier to do when your body has not been stressed out from lack of proper nutrition. By providing your body the nutrients that it needs, it will begin to recognize the improvements and you will look and feel better than you ever have!

We hope that this information helps explain why HCG Amino Plus Drops are the only product that we will carry and sell. There are cheaper brands of Amino Acid drops out there, but none of them support your organs like HCG Amino Plus. That is how we can offer our 30-day money back guarantee.

We are also the only company that imports our amino acids from New Zealand which has the richest volcanic soils and the highest quality raw materials.

We are confident that you will lose weight, have higher energy levels, sleep better, and be able to keep the weight off long-term. We even offer a money back guarantee on our 21-day supply of Amino Acid drops for this reason. (See our terms here.)

We hope this information helps you in deciding to make a purchase with us! We would love to answer any questions that you may have and our contact information is located here. 

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