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While our best seller is definitely our Amino Acid drops, we have some other unique products that will help you with your overall health and fitness goals!

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. HGH helps repair tissues in the body, replace old or dying cells, control brain functions, maintains bone density and helps sustain body weights. HGH has also been found to help with restful sleep and in stabilizing moods. It is considered one of the best anti-aging breakthroughs around!

Optimal levels of HGH are often found in individuals 15-30 years old with the amounts of HGH falling as we age. This means that as we age, the levels of HGH decrease leaving us more susceptible to broken bones, weight gain, and dementia.

By adding HGH to our diets, we are able to overcome some of these deficiencies and maintain a healthy weight.

Here are some of the benefits of adding HGH to your weight loss routine.

* HGH can help keep unwanted fat away and lower body weight. At the same time, it encourages lean muscle mass and muscle strength.

*HGH increases our immune system functions leading us to more resistance against diseases associated with older age and life style.

*HGH has been shown to increase bone density and studies have shown that adding HGH to your daily routine can aid in calcium and osteocalcin – two types of collagen- which help with bone formation and strength.

*Increased collagen can help with smoother, more full skin, healthier nails, and thicker, healthier hair.

*HGH can improve libido. As we age, our libido can be affected. HGH helps maintain high levels of hormones that keep our libidos in a healthy range.

* HGH has proven that it can slow down the aging process. As it replaces old or dying cells, HGH encourages new cell growth leading to healthy cells that encourage younger looking skin.

*HGH is shown to improve overall mental capabilities.

Many people support their hCG diet protocol with HGH. Once you have completed the hCG diet and lost the desired amount of weight, you can take HGH to help keep unwanted weight at bay and help your body develop lean muscle mass.

Adding Vitamin B to your diet can help provide extra protection for your brain as well. Studies have shown that consistent use of Vitamin B can help avoid brain atrophy and may provide protection against Alzheimer’s, confusion, or dementia.

Studies have also shown that in addition to providing brain support and energy, Vitamin B is also great for boosting your mood, concentration, immune system support and slows the aging process! It can also assist in alleviating allergy symptoms, preventing eye disease, and is helpful in preventing cervical and other cancers as well as some skin infections such as vitiligo.

There are plenty of benefits to adding meal replacement shakes to your daily routine and we’ll talk about some of the most popular here!

They’re full of nutritious supplements.

These shakes are designed to replace a meal. So they contain the calories, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that will keep you spunky and feeling great! They are a “perfect” complete meal so there is no guess work needed at all.

They’re easy to make and take.

We all know that eating healthy takes extra time and planning. Adding a meal replacement shake to your daily routine can help combat some of that time and energy.

Shakes help to eliminate food cravings.

If you want a sure fire way to help say “NO” to cravings, meal replacement shakes are just the ticket for you. B helping you to feel full and satisfied, you won’t want to reach for foods that will negate all your hard work.

They have high protein content.

Our shakes have lots of added protein. This helps you to feel full for longer and helps to keep muscles and organs strong and healthy while you diet. 

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