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So you’ve lost weight and you are feeling 100% better – now what, right? This is the phase of the Amino Acid diet where we work to keep our weight down. We know what foods to eat and how much to eat – now we just have to keep that in mind and add in some exercise!

During this time, you want to make sure that you are able to keep the weight off. You will need to remember some of the things that you learned on the diet such as eating smaller food portions more often through the day, drinking lots of water, and consuming “real foods” – mostly fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients of something you are buying, don’t eat it!

This is a good time to begin incorporating some sort of exercise into your daily routine. The times that I have completed the diet, I chose to walk or walk/run for at least a mile 3 times a week. I also like to do some stretching and light weight lifting to keep flexible and toned.

Whether you like bike riding, hiking, Zumba, yoga, walking, or anything else, this is a great time to find ways to incorporate activity into your daily routine.

Make sure that you are keeping track of your weight each day. The scale is now your friend! This is the best way to catch any weight gain before it adds up. You could write the information in a journal or there are several apps that can help you track weight and other health options such as calories or carbs for the day.

If you do gain 1-2 pounds, complete a steak day. During a steak day, you will eat nothing all day. However, you can drink as much water, coffee, or unsweetened tea as you like. For dinner, eat a large steak (10-14 oz.) and follow that with a raw tomato or apple. That should help put you back at the weight that you were when your hCG round ended.

Don’t fall back into the same habits that you had before you started the Amino Acid diet. Drinking soda and eating too many processed foods are some of the biggest culprits.

Think of some rewards that you can “give” yourself for keeping the weight off or for exercising each day. This could be a massage, a new outfit, camping trip, healthy dinner with friends. . . the possibilities are endless!

I liked to write possible rewards on sticky notes and place them on my bulletin board to keep track of them. As I earned the reward, I would take down a sticky note with a reward on it and treat myself to whatever the reward was! The most recent reward I "won" was an hour long facial - pampering myself keeps me motivated!

We hope this ideas help keep you on track!


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