What Are Amino Acids?

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The term Amino Acid is not well known and has only recently come to light as a supplement with multiple health benefits. What are those health benefits and could they help you?

Simply put, Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. When ingested, your body breaks down the Amino Acid proteins and then uses them as needed. It is for this reason that we recommend taking the Amino Acid drops on an empty stomach 20 minutes before meals.

This allows your body time to absorb the nutrients and begin using them as needed before food enters the digestive system.

Our formula offers all of the Amino Acids at an exceptional level of quality to ensure that you are getting the very best!

Here are just a few of the incredible benefits of Amino Acids!

Strengthens Immunity – When our bodies are functioning just as they should and have extra support in the form of protein, our immune systems are improved. Since Amino Acids also help improve lung and liver function, our bodies are better able to rid themselves of toxins which helps to increase our immunity even more!

Stress Relief – In today’s society, who isn’t looking for some relief from the daily stressors we face?! Between work, family commitments, traffic, money issues, and everything else, stress takes a toll on our bodies. Amino Acids can help by boosting our brain’s alpha waves which in turn can reduce the anxiety we may feel. This can also help reduce stress eating! When our bodies are satisfied and happy, we are less likely to eat things we should avoid.

Mood Enhancer – It makes perfect sense that if Amino Acids help us to feel less stress then one of the results would be uplifted moods – and that is just the case! As our bodies are protected against anxiety and other stressful feelings such as depression or loneliness, our moods are lifted and we feel better! When we feel better, we are more inclined to eat better and MOVE! Getting some exercise in our daily routines is another way to boost our moods.

Muscle Protectant – As we age, our muscles begin to decline and it becomes more difficult to keep those muscles toned and in shape. Exercise and healthy eating can counter some of that muscle loss but adding Amino Acids to your diet can help even more! That extra boost of protein not only helps retain muscles but helps in building new muscle as well!

Collagen Enhancement – Collagen is something we hear more and more about. Collagen helps with full, healthy skin, soft, thick hair, and improved elasticity for both. Many people add collagen supplements to their daily diet. By taking Amino Acids, this is taken care of for you! Your body will break down the Amino Acids and use them to help with collagen enhancement.

Honestly, after reading the list of benefits, is there any question that adding Amino Acids is a win-win? Of course, we always recommend checking with your physician just to make sure (and we can’t provide any medical advice) but we are sure that you will love the way you look and feel after using our Amino Acid Diet drops!

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