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Amino Acids – have you heard more about them lately? With the Amino Acid diet protocol, you will follow similar protocol as the hCG diet.

There are 3 Phases to the diet and today we’ll learn more about Phase 1. Phase 1 is commonly known as the "loading" phase and it is 2 days long. During these days, you will take the 10 drops of the hCG diet 3 times a day before each of your meals. The goal during this Phase of the diet is to consume as much high calorie, carbohydrate rich food as possible.

I know what you are thinking, "WAIT! Aren't I starting this process to help me eat better and lose weight?" I know, I KNOW! The first time I started, eating all those foods that I try to stay away from seemed wrong and counterproductive. The goal for this phase is to fill up your fat stores. This will trigger the brain to release the hormones that are necessary to begin the weight loss process. This helps to ensure that your body starts the initial weight loss process on its own as it begins to provide a metabolic increase to deal with the extra calories that you are consuming.

This is your chance to eat whatever you want whenever you want for two whole days!! Pizza, fried food, dessert, breads, pasta - nothing is off limits right now. My advice would be to eat the foods that you will most miss once you begin the more strict hCG protocol. The first time I went through Phase 1, I ate lots of carbs and kept myself full throughout the day. I was never hungry for these first 2 days.

What I missed most during Phase 2 and Phase 3 was sweets! So the second time I went through Phase 1, I tried to eat as many sweets as I could. Cupcakes, pie, extra frosting, chocolate covered fruit. . . all of it was delicious! And it kept me going stronger through the remaining phases that time around.

You will have to see what works best for you and your body. The suggestions given here are based off of my very own experience and will be different than what you may experience.


The Holiday season is a great time to start the diet! I would suggest using Thanksgiving as part of your loading days for Phase 1 and then completing the 21-day protocol in time for the winter holidays! You will be slimmer and have more energy as you begin the fast-paced holiday season!

Here are some tips to help you get started:

*Day one of the diet is when you begin taking your drops and begin Phase 1 – the Loading Phase.

*If you have been sick, do not begin the diet until you are feeling 100%. You want your body’s resources to be focused on weight loss rather than healing itself after being sick.

*Phase 1 should be focused on developing a routine for taking the drops with your meals and eating as many high calorie foods as possible. You should eat enough to feel full and satisfied throughout the day.

*High calorie food ideas include French fries, fried chicken, bagels, cheesecake, ice cream, bacon, cheese, butter, nuts, avocados, and mayonnaise. There are no limitations at this time – enjoy it!

*Alcohol is also permitted during Phase 1. However, you still want your caloric intake to be focused on the high calorie foods.

*It takes a few days (typically 2-3) for the Amino Acid drops to become fully integrated into your system. That is what taking the drops and properly loading sets you up for success with the diet. Failure to load properly can lead to irritability, weakness, excessive hunger, tiredness, and nausea when completing the remaining phases of the diet.

Loading properly will leave you feeling satiated and ready to move through Phase 2 of the diet – the Very Low Calorie Diet phase (VLCD). Completing the phases as directed will help set you on your way to achieving the body and healthy lifestyle that you are looking for!

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