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Aminos and Alcohol

I know it can be difficult to imagine a summer BBQ without a cold one. Or a Friday Happy Hour without the extra happy! Keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum while on the Amino Acid diet can help you in more ways than one!

Let’s talk about the effects that alcohol has on the body. Alcohol inhibits and stresses the liver which is the organ that helps to metabolize fat. If you consume alcohol, your liver will first focus to cleanse your body of the alcohol that is consumed and will then work to metabolize fat. In essence, if you drink while using Amino Acids, your body will not be able to burn fat effectively and you will diminish diet your results.

By drinking alcohol, you are also adding empty calories to your daily caloric intake that will impair your results and since alcohol depresses our bodily functions, your body will not be able to burn the extra calories as efficiently.

The Amino Acids that we offer has the added benefit of cleansing and detox properties. If you consume alcohol, these properties will be negated and your results will suffer.

Exercise and Aminos

We get questions from customers that are on their feet all day or those who simply don’t want to sit all day to avoid being “too active”. We get it! That is one thing that is slightly different than the hCG diet. On the Amino Acid diet, light exercise is recommended.

It does seem counterproductive to be on a diet and not exercising. However, if you are someone who has a busy job and you are on your feet a good portion of the day, you may consider eating more than the 500 allotted calories. You don’t want to eat so few calories that your body goes into starvation mode and your weight loss stalls. Just make sure that the extra calories you are adding are worthy of being added!

While on the Amino diet, I feel better if I am getting in some kind of movement each day. Whether it be a light walk, some stretching, or sometime in the pool, it just feels better to me moving and burning some extra calories.

Oils and Aminos

If you are familiar with the hCG protocol, you know that oils are bad for the results. With the Amino Acid diet, there is a little more wiggle room. You don’t have to be quite as cautious about the make-up or lotions that you use. We still recommend limiting or excluding oils in your cooking to ensure great results!

We hope that you’ll find our new improve formula to have all of the fantastic benefits of the hCG diet while allowing a little more freedom and flexibility.

Be sure to check out our free meal plans and recipes to help you with a smooth start on the diet and simple mean planning while on the diet! The best part is these recipes are easy and quick and taste so great that you will likely want to keep them as part of your meal planning even when you have finished the diet!

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